Monday, 30 December 2013


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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Poem: sanwli se raat....

sanwli se raat ho
taraa maraa sath ho
dryia ka ik ghat ho
hawa  nami sa ho bhari
faza ho jugnoon sa bhari
jheel sa ik jul pari
chaand ki janib urhi
khamoshi k lafz hoo
dilo ma aa k sbt hoo
na tm kaho na ma kahoo
sanwlii se raat ho
tera mara sath ho.

ghazal:phir la aya...

phir la aya ha muqadar taraa dar par kia kijiaa
ha makan to moyasar milta nhi ghar kia kijiaa
raat baqi thi jab chand na holaa se kahaa
vo na ayaa ga nzr jao b ghar kia kijiaaa

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Nazm : khamoshi...

mujha khamoshi achi lagti ha
jahan taraa khyal ki hawa chalaa
jahan taraa naam ka dyia jalaa
jahan taira zkr pa  phool khilaa
jahan punchi aa aa tujh se milaa
jahan log chain ki neend soyaa
aur funkar qadar ko na royaa

Article:Hazrat Fatimah tul Zahra ..Khatoon e Janat

Hazrat Fatima Zahra was youngest and dearest Daughter of Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W and Hazrat Khadija RA.She was slim  and feeble in her childhood. Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w loved her very much and she too loved him very much. In Ramazan Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W went to Ghar e Hira for meditation for whole month. Hazrat Khadija RA left her luxurious home and came beneath Jal e Noor with her slaves and stayed in a tent for whole month. Her slaves took food and other things for Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. Fatimah insisted to take food for her baba but was denied because Jabl e Noor was quite steep and Ghar e Hira was at its top. Some times she insisted so much that Hazrat Khadija RA had to permit Fatimah to take food for her father.
  Hazrat Ali R.A asked her hand,Nabi Pak consented and suggested him to build a room for his family.When they got married Hazrat Muhammad was very happy as Ali R.A was not only his cousin but also like his son living in his home for years and the first child who embraced Islam. Once Fatima came to her father after a tension with her husband. Nabi Pak S.A.W did not like this and said ,"Look! Fatima husband and wife have conflicts.Don,t leave your home.Go to your husband and make me happy."
  Hazrat Imam Hassan R.A and Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A were her sons.Nabi Pak S.A.W called them Rehana(flower of heaven). One day he was playing and kissing them,a sihabi RA came to him and said,"I have nine sons,I have never kissed any one of them."Nabi Pak S.A.W said,"Who does not love others is not loved."
 When ever Hazrat Fatimah came to him, he stood for her,Took her hand in his hand, kissed her forehead and brought her in.
When Nabi Pak s.a.w was on death bed,Fatimah came to see him. Nabi Pak whispered in her ear she started weeping.  Again he whispered,she smiled. After death of Nabi Pak people asked her why she wept  and then smiled. She told that 1st time he told her that he is going to pass away so i wept, 2nd time he told me that i am going to company him soon in Jannat. She passed away after death of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W called Fatimah RA khatoon e jannat  and asked Muslim women to follow her character as an example.
 Majority of People accepted Hazrat Abu Bakar RA as their next khalifa after death of Nabi Pak. A group of sihaba gathered in house of  Hazrat Ali and pursuaded him to be next khalifa. When Hazrat Ali RA heard that majority of Sihaba has accepted Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A as their khalifa he denied to be a candidate of khalifa and came forward to welcome Abu Bakar R.A as khalifa.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Poem: jgmgati roshnia....

jagmgati roshnia tari aur bulati haa
lehlhati khatian tari aur bulati haa
 kasmsata chand taira naam laita haa
 nadi ki sharir lehrain tairi aur bulati haa

Friday, 20 December 2013

sheir: kya husn chupaa...

kya husn chupaa ha tara rukhe zaiba ma
maraaa alfaz esaa byaan kr  nhi sktaa
kitna pyaar ha mjha tari nrm rooh sa
tum es ka guman tk bhi kr nhi sktaa

taraa pyaar na...

tara pyar na dil ma bo de
taraa pyaar na sudh budh kho de
aur haasil mujh ko ho gyi

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ghazal: Yaa rab....

Yaa rab tari dniya ka ya nashaibo fraz
ya mohabbato k silsla hayae door o daraz
ya gulo lala ya nastran ya champa  glab
chupa na paya kbhi koi sar basta raaz
vadyia e shauq bhi goya  ik lutaira thi
k kat gira ha yaha sar burida shehbaaz
ana, hiras, ba eemani, chor bazaari
kaat  daiti ha ik qaum ko jaisa koi gaaz

Article: Molwi Abdul Qadir of Bangladesh

Bangladesh  Flag
Molwi Abdul Qadir was hanged on 12 December.It is internal matter of an independent country like Bangladesh but it has led Pakistan to a new tide of criticism and discussion. Jammat e Islami denies  the allegation on Abdul Qadir and their other workers that they were involved in thousands of Bengali's massacring. People Party says then who murdered those people. Imran Khan of PTI says that if Bengali had not announced of their independence Pakistan Army would had operated several times in Bangladesh(East Pakistan at that time) after the Big operation of 25th March 1971.
  Today media is free. Every body has access to the current news.So common man is worried about hanging a person of 92 years old after 42 years.
 We have to start our study from the freedom movement for United Pakistan(East and west Pakistan). The two wings were tied together on the base of religion. They were different linguistically and  geographically but people of both wings struggled for independence side by side. Hindu Muslim conflict was not only in west Pakistan areas but it was also keeping backward the Muslim of Bengal in all spheres of life. Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan of  Dhaka was great advocate of Muslim rights and he fully supported the plan for partition of Bengal. Due to his constant efforts, British Govt allowed to separate Bengal. He organized Muslim politically and struggled hard to promote them socially and economically.
 When Muslim of Pak India formed Muslim League, Many Bengali leaders struggled for Muslim rights. Mujib ur Rehman was an active member of Muslim League and he fought physically with Hindus  in 1947 and he stood by with Fatima Jinnah in the election of 1964. When Dictator Ayub Khan defeated Fatima Jinnah by rigging, Mujib supported Fatima Jinnah.
 In 1970 election Awami League won but instead of inviting it to form the govt Yahya Khan started Army Operation in East Pakistan on pressure of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Jamaat e Islami supported that Army Operation and  in form of Albadr and alshams groups fought with freedom fighters. This was a blunder  of Jamaat.  No doubt, it was Pakistan Army but their action  against their own   citizen was wrong so Jmmat should not follow them.Mukti Bahni(in raw form at that time) also killed many West Pakistanis and Bihari Jamaat's workers, even then military operation was not solution of the problem.In Pakistan,Jamaat Islami had repeated this mistake again and again. Instead of taking their own stance they had taken shelter of Army which had scattered its force and deprived it to establish its roots to public level.
 During signing Shimla treaty, both Pakistan and India had agreed that war criminals will not be charged in courts. International Human Associations are also protesting against hanging a person who was involved in war crimes with millions of other Mukti Bahni or Jamaat e Islami workers.The court which is called international tribunal is formed on  domestic basis.It has no connection with international laws.
  Many people say that protesters in Shahbagh were not so furious who could compel PM Mrs Hasina Wajid to hang Abdul Qadir. In fact, she is taking revenge of her family murder by Dictator Zia ur Rehman whom Jamaat e Islami was an ally. Some people say that Mrs Hasina belongs to secular group like her father who gradually went under influence of India and tried to convert Bangladeh into a secular state. People of Bangladesh are strongly associated with Islam so they got annoyed with Mujib at his secular modifications. Now a days election is near and she wants to create an issue to pressurize  Islamic powers to come in power again but as situation tells agitations are getting worse. Till now, about 16 people have been killed in protest rallies and about 18 opposition Parties have boycotted the Election. This situation h is not good for Hasina too.
  Pakistani Parliament has also passed  a resolution of condemnation in which it is said that Abdul Qadir was a Patriotic Pakistani and his action was not against Bangladesh because Bangladesh had not come into existence at that time. Bangladesh Govt has got annoyed at passing this resolution and has considered this action against the sovereignty of their country.
 Now a question raises. What is the solution of this problem?  Famous Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had said a ghazal at the time of separation of East Pakistan. Look at it :
Ham k thehraa ajnabi kitni mudaraton k baad
phir bnaa ga aashna kitni mulaqaton ka baad
kab nazr ayaa gi vo ba dagh sabzaa ki bahar
khoon k dhabaa dhulaa ga kitni barsaton k baad
 Like Faiz and many of us has spent a golden period of their youth or childhood in Bangladesh and many Bengali had given their precious time to Pakistan.We wish  to see Disney land of our childhood or youth. We want friendship with our religious sisters and brothers.It is duty of our young Leaders like Hasina Wajid, Nawaz Sharif and others to forget past and step forward with a new courage, enthusiasm,sincerity and respect of each other sovereignty.Pakisatn should not hesitate to apologize to Bangladesh. Germany had apologized to jews for halocaust committed by Hitler and British Govt apologized to public of Jalianwala for firing of British Police on them. This action can make a space in the heart of Bangladeshi people who are still hurt because of mental,spiritual and physical injuries by their own Army. If we can negotiate with India who was big player of this hurt ful game for trade and transport
then why we can not be in comfort with each other. Please ponder upon it and comment.... 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nazm: vo baat..

vo baat
vo mulaqat
vo lamho ki saughat
kia thi
yad nhi
pr itna yad ha
k jb tm aaya
to chand nikla tha
aur jb uth k chlaa
chand ki daiwi bi snehri anchal orha
surmyi ujalo ma gum honaa ko thi

Monday, 16 December 2013

Poem:Aa janoob ka makin...

Aa janoob k makin
kaisa taraa  pahar
kaisee tari zamin
  kaise tari nazar
  o maira ba khabr
   kaisee tairi jabin
          kr la kisi sa mail
          nhi acha dilo sa khail
             aa maira hm nashin

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Article: Hijab

Normally hijab is a  term which is used for a veil that  women wear when they have to go out.It covers their shoulders,chest and some times face too. No doubt, this is right but it does not covers the whole topic. Islam is the only religion which orders women as well as men to bow down their gazes so that our eyes may not be polluted by evil looks. For men Hijab is from navel to knees and for women their whole body should be covered except hands and feet. Islam prohibits  women from wearing too tight or too thin clothes so as to expose their curves.In fact, hiijaab does not mean just wearing a piece of cloth it guards our walk,our talk and total behavior. 
 Allaah says:
“And say to the believing women to lower their gazes, and to guard their private parts, and not to display their beauty (zeenah) except what is apparent of it, and to extend their head coverings (khimars) to cover their bosoms (jaybs refers neck slit), and not to display their beauty except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husband’s fathers, or their sons, or their husband’s sons, or their brothers, or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their womenfolk, or what their right hands rule (slaves), or the followers from the men who do not feel sexual desire, or the small children to whom the nakedness of women is not apparent, and not to strike their feet (on the ground) so as to make known what they hide of their adornments. And turn in repentance to Allah together, O you believers, in order that you are successful.” (Surat-un-Nur: 31).
   A dress which does not covers a body according the code of Islam is like a home which does not provide shelter and privacy. In these days, dress designers are designing such dresses which expose women in one way or the other. This is an action of satan who was the first cause of exposing Adam and hawwa.
Quraan says:
   "Oh Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness---that is the best." (Al-A'raf 7:26).
 Islam does not orders us to wear a specific type of turban or suggest us to  wear clothes of special design.It just instructs us to avoid such dress which gives others a signal of show off, arrogance, and self indulgence. Dress is also a sign of our identity as Muslim. Our dress should show others that we are respectable ladies not a thing to harass.
 Allaah tells us:
“And stay in your houses, and do not display yourselves like that of the times of ignorance…” (Sura e al-Ahzaab:32)
Nabi Pak said:
“In later (generations) of my ummah there will be women who will be dressed but naked. On top of their heads (what looks) like camel humps. They will not enter into paradise or (even) get a smell of it.” (Sahi Muslim)
Make up and perfume is not prohibited but it should be for husband and for ourselves.While going out gentle women are expected to avoid these things. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w says about a woman using these things while she is goning in public:
 “Any woman who puts on perfume and passes by people so that they can smell her fragrance, is an adulteress.” (al-Nasaa’i, Tirmidhi: hasan by Albaani)
 We, the all Muslim sisters and brothers should try our best to save us and our families from misguidance of satan and judge our selves according to the teaching of Allah Taala.When every body will take care of his family then blessing of Allah will shower upon us. For this we have to trust Allah not upon king makers of this world.  

Poem: Fairy

A fairy flew from the skies of my friend's thought,
landed over my palm
and is taking me to the Disney land
of my child hood

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Article: Winnie Mandela's second wife& Mother of nation

2nd wife of Nelson Mandela Winnie Mandela whom he married when he was 42 and she was in her early 20s.She was also an activist.They hardly lived together for one year and then Mandela had to go underground and then in jail for lifetime imprison for sabotaging Govt and leaving country without permission. He was released after 27 years and  was elected as a president.He announced reconciliation for all South Africans but his beloved wife Winnie was convicted by court for kidnapping and killing a party member and some other crimes and was sent in jail for 5 years.Mandela divorced him after28 years for  betraying him and loving an other young man. When she came out she went for parlimentary election and got  best % of votes in history.
2nd wife of Nelson Mandela Winnie Mandela whom he married when he was 42 and she was in her early 20s.She was also an activist.They hardly lived together for one year and then Mandela had to go underground and then in jail for lifetime imprison for sabotaging Govt and leaving country without permission. He was released after 27 years and  was elected as a president.He announced reconciliation for all South Africans but his beloved wife Winnie was convicted by court for kidnapping and killing a party member and some other crimes and was sent in jail for 5 years.Mandela divorced him after28 years for  betraying him and loving an other young man. When she came out she went for parlimentary election and got  best % of votes.

Friday, 13 December 2013

honeybee123: Ghazal:asa ajab mza ha

Asa ajab maza ha janoob ki hwa mein
jasa k ik nsha ha mahboob ki ada mein
wo ayia jab bi asa jasaa koi ghta ho
ya yad hi rha na k us sa thi khafa mein
vo ayay ab k aisa k phir na na laut payay
aisa asar ho ya rab meri kisi sada mein

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Article:Haj k mqasid aur rooh......

On the eve of Haj
.Aur ghor kijia k kya waja ha k aam halat ma to mrdo ko sr dhanpna ka hkm hua mgr  hj k doraan sr nnga rkhna ka hkm q hua  yhi nhi aurto ko bi mun dhanpna sa mnaa frmaya gyaa nbi pak   s.a.w ki hayat ko samnaa rkhaa to pta chlta ha k hj k kyee mqasid haa  es wja sa j ko Islam ka 5 bnyadi arkan ma jga mili  nbi pak joohi zra farigh huaa to umraa ka erada frmayaa  abi Macca ponchaa hi na tha k kuffr na rok lya ap k paas muslimano ki kafi taadad thi chahtaa to jang  krtaa aur Macca bi fateh hotaa aur umraa bi ada lrtaa lekin ap ki nzraa  elaqaa  sa zyad  dilo pr thee  chnachaa ap na sulha hudabia k nam  sa ak muahida kuffar sa kya jis ki zyad tr shrait kuffar k hq ma thi  zyada tr sihaba es muahidaa sa sbki mehsoos kr rha thaa khas tor pr Hazrat Omar  bohat azurda tha  yahan tk k wohee nazil hui k jis ma es moahidaa ko fateh mubeen yani wazeh fateh kaha gya tb Hazrat Omar ko qrar aya Es mhaida ki ak shrt ya thi k agr koi kaffir musliman ho jayaa aur Macca ma rhta ho us ko Madina jana ki ijazt nhi ho gi esee dpran Abu jndl jo musliman ho chkaa tha paon  ma barion kk sath ayaa aur ap k qdmo ma gr gyaa abi muaida likhna gya tha  mgr zbani shrait taa ho  gyi thi sihaba na kaha k jndl ko wapis na kraa lekin ap na waada khilafi sa inkar kya thoraa arsa k baad Macca k kuch no muslim Madina to na gyaa Macca aur Madina k drmian ak mqam pr  rhna lga  baqee no muslim bhi khse taadad ma edr hi aana lga  inno na shaam ki traf jaana walaa qafilon ko lootna  shroo kya a to kuffar na khud hi unna Madina janaa ki ijazt da de dus saal jng na krna k moahida na mulimano ko jng ki fkr sa azd kya aur vo zyda ahsn andaz ma tbleegh e Islam krna lgaa aur unna khud ko izyada organize aur prosper krna ka moqa mila  hijarat k 10wa saal ap  10,000 mslimano k sath madina sa  Macca  rstaa ma doosra elaqo sa b muliman shamil hota gya Macca k bahar hi Ap s.a.w na sihaba ko pahar  ki dahlan pr prao ka hkm dya  aur hr qabila ko apni aag alag roshan krna ka hkm dya taka kuffar pr muslimano ki habat taari ho jayaa abu sfian  Macca sa bahr ayaa to dr gya kahna lga  k aj hmaraa lya koi pnah nhi  sihaba us ko pkr kr Ap s.a.w k paas laya to ap na sfian ko moaaf kyaa aur us k ghr ko amman ki jga kaha  phir niahit aajzi k sath Macca dakhil hua  kisika b khun na bhahia  blka poocha k mj sa kya twaqo rkhta ho kuffar kehna lga k ap shrif ha aur shrif bap k baata ha ap na frmaya jao ma na tm sb ko moaaf kya Macca ayaa  usa bto sa paak kya khutba dya es doraan tqreebn sbhi kuffar eeman la ayaa  .......hj  aalania tor pr Allah sa mohabbat  ka ezhar ha  ..muslimano ki unity ka ezhar ha ..es baat ka ezhar k ma srf  zban aur jsm sa Allh ki ebadat nhi krta   ya krti  blk es k lya apna maal b khrchna aur  sfar ki saoobtaa jhalna k lya tyaar hoo...hj k doraan khuli identity mangi gyee ha ..k khul kr aao Allah ki janib aur apni hazri ka blnd awaz ma eqrar kro ak doosra sa awz milao  ..jasa ak geet ya trana ak bnda gayaa  to aur rang hota ha aur 10 ya 100 ya1000 log gayaa to us ka aur sman hota ha esee tra koi ak bnda khamoshi sa bndgi kra to us ka aur asr aur lakho log bbang e dohl apna rab ki rbboobiat ka eqrar kra to us ki aur hi jazbiat hoti ha  aur ya exposure k sr nnga rkhaa aur kndha bi yqeenn mulimano k josh ko  branaa ka lyaa ha aur na janaa es ki kya kya rmz ha jo hm nhi  smj sktaa  ...sufia kyee mqamaat pr btata ha k Allah k doston ko irfaan ki mnzilan taa krtna k doraan irfaan ka lmha nseeb hota ha vo es lmha sa mshabeh  hota ha jb ak mian aur bv pehli baar ak doosra sa milta ha ....aili zndgi ko Allah na society ki ikai kaha  aur ya ikai toot jaya us family ko  aur us society ko tootna sa koi nhi bcha sktaa ...ya sari ibadtaa insan ko hi jnjorna aur seedha rsta pr rkhna k lya ha ..Allah o aalamo biswab..glti ki nshan dhi kra..aur zra b naki ki baat  mari arz sa pta chla to dua da  

Nazm: HAwain baqrar ha ....

Hawain baqrar ha kuch btana ko
shabnmi  sbzazar ha phir rulana ko
jo tu nhi maraa ghamgusaar kuch b nhi
ya chandni ya chamanzar kuch bhi nahi
jo tu ho jalwa numa to hr shaa sa zndgi phoota
zraa zraa sa hwaidaa ho pyaar tabindgi phoota
agr tu ayaa to shrminda phir bahar na ho
mujha phiraur kisi ka bhi intzar na ho

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Geet : Aa pak watan.....

Aa pak watan ....
Aa pak watan....
abaad rha taraa dshto dman...
kbi khatm na ho taraa joban....
 koi maili ankh sa dakhaa na....
 ham na b nahi pehna kangn...
tu zinda rhaa painda rhaa.....
wadi wadi gulshan gulshan....
Aa sbhe noor tjha salam....
taron bhari raat tjhaa maraa salam...
Abad rha dilshad rha gosha gosha drpn drpn...

Article: Hazrat Yunis Ala salam

Hazrat Yunis ko Iraq ka shehar  Nainva ma Nabi bna kr baija gya.Sahi Bukhari k mutabiqhot ap Matta k bataa tha.Ap ko sahib ul hot(fish ka sathi) kaha gya. Ap na  Nainva k logo ko buton ki prastish sa baaz rehna aur ak Allah pr eeman laana ki taalim de lekin vo baaz na ayaa blka unna bura bhla kaha Hazrat Yunis na un ko Allah k azab sa draya pr un pa ap ki naseehat ka zra asr na hua.Mayus ho kr Hazrat Yunis na  vo shehar  chor dya.Ap ka shahar chorna tha k aasman ka rang tbdeel ho gya jasa usa  aag lag gyee ho  shehr k log dr kr paharo pr char gyaa   unna lga k un pr b Nooh ala isslam ki qaum  jasa azab utrna ko ha vo chikhna lgaa aur pahar un ki chikho sa goonjna lgaa aur pachtana lgaa k unno na Ak Allah ko q na mana. Un ki pashamani pr Allah na un sa azb hata dya. Toofan achanak tham gya aur asman ka rang  neela ho gyaa.
Udhar Hazrat Yunis Ak chota  ship pr swar hua sara din mosam saaf rha raat hotaa hi baada aaa gya  taaz hwaya chlna lgi aur ak jahaz dolna lga musafro sa kaha gya k apna saman phaink da asaa krna pr b jahaz dolta rha phir us wqt k rwaj k mutabiq qurrah niqala gya  jis ma Hazrat Yunis ka nam hi aya  chnacha Hazrat Yunis ko Samandar ma phaink dya gya ..........
sura e Alsiffat ma arshad hua
''aur yaqeenn Hazrat Yunis Allah k paghmbron ma sa tha..jb vo bahri jahaz ma swar hua...to quraa nikala giya aur jis ko samandar ma phainka gia vo ap(Yunis) hi tha ..''
Ap ko joonhi  smandar ma phainka giya ap ko ak whale na nigal liya  aur smandar ki gehraion ma chali gyee ap ko 3 tra ki andhaira dar pash tha ak smndar ki gehrayi,whale kia stomache ki gehrahiaur  raat ki tareeqi Hazrat Yunis ko yqeen tha k ya Allah k hukm sa bhagnaa ka shakhsana ha.Sura e alsiffat ma arshad hua(verse  142)
''machli na apko nigal liya.. aur ap na sara ilzaam apna sar liya..aur agr ap apna rab ki shaan na byaan krtaa...to vo yom e akhirat tk machli ka pait ma hi rehta..
  Ap sara waqt fish k paat ma ya ayat prta rhaa  La  illaha illa unta sbhanaka inni knto manazzlemin..akhir kar fish na ap ko sahil pa aa kr ugal dya ..Ap neem murda  thaa Allah na ap k oopar ungoor ki baal ka sayia kr dya..Allah na ap sa kaha ..k agr ap  moaafi na mangtaa to Allah ap ko yom e akhirat tk k lyaa whale k paat ma rkhta ..  .
Hazrat Yunis Ala salam fish ka stomach ma rehna ki waja sa acid ka asr sa flamed ho gya tha. Ahista ahista  thik huaa to apni qaum ki taraf gya   aur ya dakh kr haraan ho gya k log ap ko khushamdeed kehna  shehr sa bahar aya ha ...unno na btaya k vo ak Allah  ko mannaa lagaa ha ..Ap ya sun kr bohat khush huaa..Ap na apna logo k sath mil kr shukranaa ki nmaz ada ki...sb hnsi khushi rehna lga..Sura e alsiffat ma ayat 98 ma arshad hua
''jab vo  eman la aya to ham na un sa is dniya ma taqlif deh azab hata liya..aur unna kuch dair lutf uthana diya''
Hazrat Yunis kafi arsa apna logo k sath rhaa aur vo Allah ka tabeh farman hi rha..lekin akhir kaar dobara brayi ki traf mail hua aur tabah kr diya gyaa..
kehta ha k Hazrat Yunas ki qabar dria e furaat k kinaraa ha..Nabi pak s.a.w na frmayia ''koi shakhs ya na kaha k ma Yunas bin Matta sa behtar hoo''
.   Allah Aalam o bisswab...galti pr nishan dhi frmaya..duan ma yad rkhaa..

Monday, 9 December 2013

Ghazal: Aa dost laut aa....

Aa dost laut aa k tabiat udaas ha...
dheera sa muskra k tabiat udaas ha..
Aa rab tujha tari kareemi ka wasita..
phir barishon ki rut la tabiat udas ha...
kbi bar bar aana kbi bhool k na aana...
rasm e sitam barha na tabiat udaas ha..
tari har adaa ma  jana ik tazgi ka ansr..
zra phir sa khilkhla k tabiat udaas ha
vo purani dhun hi charo vhi geet gngnao
mari rooh k masiha tabiat udaas ha...
chbti ha qlb o jan ma sitaro ki roshni ...
aa chand doob ja k tabiat udaas ha...

Geet: sun sun ...

mari dharkno ko sun
hr lahza bj rahi ha
un main taree dhun
jhun  jhun jhun
jasaa jal parion ka nach
jasaa kirno ki kun mun

Article: Walidaan ......

Allama Iqbal says
zindgi ki auj gahon sa utr ataa ha hm
sohbte madar ma tifle sada rah jataa ha hm
  Walidaan wo hastian  ha jin ki waja sa hm jo b ha so ha  un ka ehsaan utarna na mmkin  walidaan vo pehla edara ha jahan hmari shakhsiat bnti aur shqal pkrtee ha  walidaan kasa b hoo vo dnya ma wahid asi hasti ha jo chahtaa ha k un ki aulad un sa behtar ho esee lya Quraan gga gga un sa achaa sluk krna ka hkm daata ha frmaya gya  k tmara  hsn e saluk ki sb sa pehli hqdar tmari man ha aur es k baad bap  aur es k baad  sb rishton ki darja bandi ki gyee Quraan ma kahin nhi zkr k kis  k walidaan na kitna khrch kya ya kis man na apna bcha k kitna naz nkhra uthaya  vo to bar bar ya ehsan yad dilata ha k tmhari man  tma no mahina pait maa la ka phirti rhi  bari tqlif sa tma jna  aur tma  2 saal tk dhood  pilaya   ya chund kaam asaa ha jo  hr man krti ha chaha vo ghrib ho ya amir   hshiar ho ya saada   aur esee nataa vo hsn e sluk ki hqdaar ha..phir arshad hua  k waldain bhooraa ho jaya to unha uf na kaho  dakhna ma aata ha k waldain  bhoora ho kr bohat demanding ho jataa ha ya yoo kahna chayia  k un sa vo kam b nhi hotaa jo ak jwan aulad ki nzr ma bahad aasan hotaa ha to aulad unnah dantti ha   kahawat ha  k  hm chotaa hotaa ha  too kehtaa ha  man maree ha  jb braa hota ha to kehta ha  man taree ha  taree ha ...israil ki ak bree company ka chairman kisi candidate ka interview krta to  zroor poochta k mazhab aur waldain k baraa ma kya khyalat ha  qk jo shkhs apna waldain sa mukhlis nhi  vo dnya k kisi shkhs sa mukhlis nhi ho skta..walidaan agr znda ha to hsn e saluk ka sath un k aram o skun ki dua kra aur faut ho jaya  to un ki maghfirat k lya dua kra ibadt kra sadqa da   naak kam kra tak un ki rooh ko skoon milaa.Alla
h qbool frmaya ..glti ki nshan dhi kraa..duaon ma yad rkha..Allah aalam o bisswab...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ghazl: Aasman par taarti...

Aasman par tairti ha badlion ki kashtian...
yad ati ha hamain jo ho gyee thi ghaltian...
dheera dheera mndmil ho jata ha sara zkham..
bhool jata ha huee thi kasee kasee skhtian

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Article: Hazrat Omar Farooq

 Hazrat Omar RA vo khsh naseeb sihabt ha jn ka islam lanaa ki Nabi pak na khud dua frmayi  aur uni k baara ma arshad hua k jo zman e jahliat ma acha tha vo zmana e islam ma b achaa ha Hazrat Omar r.a  Macca k in 17 afrad ma tha jna lkhna prna aata tha Ap ba hd khubsoort lmba phurtila aur broad thaa.Ap ki baat ko bra wzn dya jata tha.Fahm o frasat ma ap ka koi sani nhi tha bahad bahdur  aur bold tha.Kufr ki halt ma  Omar talwar hath ma lya Hazrat Mohammad ko marna k eradaa sa ja rha tha k kise na btaya k tmari bhn aur bhnooi musliman ho gya ha ap logo ko smjata ha  tazee sa bhn ka ghr gya  bahar hi tha k quraan ki tilawat ki awaz aaye andr ja kr bhn sa poocha vo dr gyee kaha hm mian bv baata kr rha thaa Omar na bhn ko zor ka thpr maraa un ka gaal sa khun bhna lga ya dakh kr Omar nrm pr ya aur bhn sa kahna lga k dkhao kya par rhi thi vo boli tm  ak napak btprst ho ma tma klam e Allah chunaa nhi doo gi Omar ja kr nhaya aur bhn k pas wapis aya aur klam e Allh la kr praa aur wahan sa Dare Arqam gya jahan Nabi Pak tshrif frma tha aur Ap S.A.W  k hath pr Islam qbool kr lya.ya nbwat ka 6ta saal thaa Nabi Pak  ap k Islam qbool krna pr ba had msroor hua ap ko glaa lgaya aur sihaba na itna zor sa Allah o Akbar ka naara lgaya k Macca ki fzayaa goonj uthi.Hazrat Omar ma qudrti tor pr khair aur shar ma tmiz ki slahiat payi jati thi ese lya nabi pak na ap ko Farooq(hq o batil ma frq krna wala) ka laqb ataa kya Ap s.a.w  har khas kam ma Omar sa mshwra krtaa.Omar ko Hazrat Abu bkar  r.a  k baad khalifa mntkhib kya gya.Omar ma khalifa bnna sa pahla bohat ghsa thaa lekin khalifa bnna k baad ap ma ba pnah tahamul aagya .Ap r.a hr wqt ummat ki zmadari k ghm ma dooba rhta aur frmataa qiamt k dn djla k kinara koi kta b piasa rha to Allh mja maaf na kra ga   Raato ko uth kr bhaas bdl kr logo ka haal driaft frmata aur un ki zroortaa poori krtaa  Ap ki khilafat k das saaalo ma islami sltnat Arab sa Misar sham palestine iraan aur Turkey k bra esaa tk phail gyi.
Omar bohat achaa administrator b thaa .Ap na Quraan o Sunnat ko mulk ka aaeen qrar dya ..Bacho aur hajat mndon k lya wazeefa jaree kyaa islami fauj k lya qilaa bnwaya islami culture k frogh k lya nya shehar taamir kyaa aur mzboot bnyado pr educational system bnaya.17_18 hijri ko Hijaz aur shaam ma bohatskht qaht pra Omar r.a  na Misa r sa ghlaa k 3 ship mngaya aur zroortmndo ma bant dyaa ap qaht ka dno ma achi khorak na khata ap ko kaha jata k apni sehat ki fqr kra to frmata ma tqlif nhi sahoo ga to nja logo ki tqlif ka ehsas kasa ho ga  qht zyda skht hua to logo ko jama kr k ijtmayi dua ki  dua khtm na huee ti k barish shroo ho gyee nbwat k 23 saal ap ko ak mjoosi Abu lolo na ap ko zaati ikhtlaf pr shaheed kr dya  ap na hzrat Aysha sa Nabi pak s.a.w k sath dfn hona ki khwash ki Aysha na vo gga apna lya rkhi thi lekin Omar ki khwaish pr una da di   ak western moarikh k mutabiq Aj b ummat e muslima ko ak oMAR BIN KHITAB MIL JAYA TO UNNA NISHAAT E SAANIA SA KOI ROK NHI SKTA  hq MGHFRAT kra ajb azad mrd tha....Allh qbool frmaya Amin  ghlti ki nshan dhi frmaya...

Ak sheir: juz taraa...

juz taraa koi khwab na janaa maraa
tu kahan ha aa dost puranaa maraa

Ak sheir:hm tjh pa mr mita....

ham tjh pa mar mitaa tu na ho saka hamara
tjha wahmon ma ghaara tjha wswson na mara

Why is Mandela loved so much?

With Michel Jackson whom he called his family member

winnie his 2nd wife,an activist herself and so called mother of nation
 I often ask myself a question. Why is Mandela so much loved through out the world? I get so many answers. Mandela was a person who told his people that there is a person who can fight for their rights till the end. He had great determination,passion and strength of body and mind which is essential for a freedom fighter. He had loving nature and had also firm belief on his cultural and family values which helped him very much to keep his morale very high during life time prison.
He struggled against inequality,injustice and for freedom of his people from his youth till his death. No pressure could suppress his determination and no obstacle could abstain him from  his mission.His body was detained in jail but no power could kept his long patience and determination behind the rods of jail.His friends and his diary took his spirit not only throughout his country but also beyond the world. After fifty years of struggle for freedom and 27 years of prison he succeeded in bringing real democracy in his country by election. Mandela was born in 1918 in a tiny village of Omtata district of South Africa.His father was to be confirmed by chief to be his councilor that he was involved in a dispute and had to deprive of  land,herds
and other privileges a counselor had at that time.Family had to move to Qune,   the native village of his mother.Here his father went for little jobs while her mother did her household.They lived in mud huts,slept  on rough rugs,graze goats but they were happy.Mandela remembers the days he enjoyed his childhood.He went with his cousins and sisters in fields.They played,sang songs,clapped and danced.
 He admits that lessons to forgive, to compete,to co operate and to love humanity were learnt in this natural atmosphere.His parents were illiterate but they managed to send him to school.

When he was nine years old his father got lung cancer  and died after a few weeks.He was main source of income so his mother was worried. She took him to another chief of Khosa tribe.He was good friend of his father.He promised to keep and educate the boy like his own son.He kept his words.Here Mandela got opportunity to get education in high standard institutions.He came to know about history of African  freedom fighters here. He took use of these opportunities.Till graduation, he was good in studies.He was good boxer and extra ordinary long distance runner.Due to some agitation he was dismissed from College with some other boys.When he reached home with Justice(chief's son ) chief informed both of them that they had to get married where he had engaged them.This was not acceptable for both of them so they sold two Oxen and reached Johannesburg.There he had to do little jobs with miserable living with shortage of food and cloths.He started studying Law and also completed his graduation in these circumstances.He was engaged in political activities in these years in Johannesburg. Discrimination between whites,black  and colored  kept him sad.There were tags on restaurants,hospitals and Parks ''Dogs and blacks are not allowed''. A black could not sit with whites in bus or in train. This behavior shocked him and other sensitive black young men. He met his political mentor  Oliver Walter here.He met his cousin Evelyn and got married with her.She was a serious and loyal lady.She thought that his political activism is a hobby of young age and will abolish with the time but his political activities were increasing with the passage of time so she was dejected and of her will he divorced her .At that time they had three children a son Thembi and two daughters.Mandela looked after them rest of his life.
Soon after divorce he married with a social worker Winnie in 1958 who was young,pretty and ambitious.They had lived lived together for just 20 months when Mandala had to go underground and then on exile and after that in prison for 27 years.She was a source of strength for her husband as his letters showed.She along with Mandala's co workers kept his mission alive.People of South Africa called her Mother of Nation.Unfortunately she went astray and was victim of gangsters.The lady who was dying for his people was ready to take their life.Mandela tried to control  her from prison but in vein.When Mandela became president and Winnie became first lady of country. She was charged for kidnapping, harassing and for killing a party member. Here a question raises? Mandela had announced a policy of reconciliation and forgiveness but this policy  did not worked for his  40   year partner.Was she  actually guilty or Mandela had taken revenge from her lover  betraying him during his long prison as she was flirting with a young man  for some time and he had found its proofs. In 1995 he divorced her and married third time with Garca 52 years widow of former president of Mozambique which lasted till death.
  Mandela had joined ANC for his political activism ,He strongly believed that it is necessary to free his people from apartheid which was pressing them as a whole economically,socially and legally.They in their own country were treated as inferior creature.They were not allowed to sit educate or  even to deliver in hospitals with whites.ANC was struggling for a non racial system of Government. Nelson joined it in 1950s.It was non violent in the beginning and sincerely striving for people's rights but their efforts were un fruitful. In 1960 Nelson and his friend Sislu  were concerned very firmly that if they want to take their people rights they have to go to military actions. After many discussion a military wing was eradicated.Nelson was its in charge. He was sent abroad to get military training and then to appeal for economic support.He returned in 1961 to his homeland.He was frequently meeting political Leaders he was arrested and sent io jail.He was charged to mobilizing people against current system and leaving country without permission.During trial he refused to call any witness and  spoke himself to explain ANC  plea against Apartheid. He was sent on life imprisonment which lasted for 27 years.
  After release he concentrated on organization and unity of his party ANC. He  also negotiated with other political leaders for reconciliation.He tried to harmonize people and to cool their anger and told them  that in actual no party workers are killing other party workers.There is a third power who is fueling to keep country men away from each other.He also prepared a task force for election and opened hundreds of offices  throughout the country.So ANC swept all parties and Nelson Mandela was elected president of new democratic South Africa.
His regime is considered golden period of South Africa.During his period all citizens black or white were privileged equally. Health and education were free for children.Three million people were housed.According to land reforms no one could evict a person who is living on a farm or growing a farm on it or keeping some life stock.
 After 5 years he retired from  office of Presidency and never went after this seat.He involved in social sector and struggled to lessen tortures of humanity. He had lung cancer which finally took him away to
 the next world.          

Friday, 6 December 2013

Article: Qiblataan

Macca ma qiam k  doraan Nabi Paak na 13 saal Baat ul Maqadis ki traf mun kr k nmaz pri hijrat k baad b 17 mahina Baat ul mqadis hi ki traf mun kr k nmaz prta rha yahudi kahta muslimano ko ibadaat ka tareeqa hi maloom nhi vo hmara qibla ki traf mun kr k namaz  prtaa ha Nabi Pak s.a.w in bato sa azrda hota ak dn Hazrat jibriel tashrif laya to ap s.a.w na arz ki Allah taala sa request kraa k vo khaana e kaaba ko hmara qibla bna da  vo kuch dno baad aya to ap s.a.w  nmaz praa rha tha  uno na ap ko khana kaaba ki traf mun krna ka hkm dya chnacha ap na nmaz k doraan hi khanna kaaba ki traf mun phair lya  siahaba na b bghair jjak k mun khana kaaba ki traf kr lya sath hi ayat nazal huee hm ap ka mun ka asman ki traf uthna dakh rha ha es lya hm tmara rukh us qibla ki traf kya jo hq ha tmara rab ki traf sa aur Allah sa kuch chupa nhi ha  jews phir tnkeed krna lga to Allah na frmaya Tmam smtaa Allah ki ha aur vo jisa chahta ha seedha rsta dkhata ha....jews ka ak group ap s.a.w  k pas aya aur kahna lga  ap 14 saal baat ul mqdas ki traf mun kr k nmaz prtaa rha  ya sahee tha lekin ab ap na mun  phair lya ha aur galat rsta pr chla gya ho es ka jwab Quraan ma dya gya.smta to Allah ki ha jb vo behtr smjta ha tma mashriq ki traf mun krna ka hkm data ha  aur jb behtr smjta ha mghrib ki traf mun krna ka hkm data ha  aur jb chaha ga in dono smto k ilawa teesre traf mun krna ka hkm b da ga ya us k kam ha tm apna eeman khrab na kro  Ap s.a.w  na khd b jews ko yoo smjaya k dakho k Allah  mind change nhi krta vo wqt ka mtabiq vo krta jo tmhara lya behtr ha  js tra doctor  patient ko hdayt krta ha to patient ko chaya k us hidayat pr dil sa amal kra chaya vo hdayat usa apni aql sa achi na lga tbi vo seht yab ho ga  aur Allah k kam us pr chor da us ma dkhl na da tnkeed na kra blka dil o jan sa manaa  Allah behtr janta ha jo mjha maaloom tha ma na byyan kya Allah qbool frmaya  aur khta huee ho to rehnmaee frmaya  ma na htulimkan sahi byan ki koshsh ki bat mkhtsr ki  is lya commas nhi lgaya  phir b glte ho to nshan dhi frmaya  ...

Article: Amn ki Asha......

MA ZYADA TO NHI JANTII pr yad ha qafi arsa pehla kuch jnooni hindu es masjid ko ag lga rha tha phir dakha k es pr char kr es ko toraa ja rha ha aur ya aalan bi ho rha tha k yahan srk bnani ha temple bnana ha  ya masjid to abi b apna shandar mazi ki mzboot nishani ha pr kise b mazhab k manna walon  ki dil aazaree k lya asa kam kya jataa ha Nabi pak s.a.w  asa kamo sa jang k dooraan bi mna frmataa tha ma Pidi ma rhtee hoo sadar ki traf jaya to wahan srak k beechon beech koi khanqah ha srk bnana walon na usa demolish nhi kiya blka srk ma turn dal kr usa barqrar rkha  Islamabad ma Shehnshah Jehangir k zmana k ak gao ko artistic shql ma preserve kr k tfreehgah bnaya gya ese gaon ma ak temple b ha templa ko b asli halat ma preserve kya gya ha aur us ko zroort k mtabiq repair kya gya us ki hifazt ka bndobst kya gya  us ko bhat saaf suthra rkha gya ha ya sb dakh kr Hindu zahiry baat ha khush hoataa ha hm muslim ko b ya
Hindu mandar preserved and enriched by  Pakistani Arists
humanity achi lgtee ha to kahna ya k amn ki Asha tbi poori ho gi jb bahasiat qaum hm  ak doosra k jazbaat ka ehtram karaa  aur ilaqaa jfateh krna k bjaya dil jeetna ki koshish kra  k ainda amn aur khushhali ese bniad pr flourish kra gi Inshallah

Thursday, 5 December 2013

2 sheir: Aj phir ghta...

Aj phir ghta ghoom k kahin sa ayi ha
taraa aana ki dhoom pari ho jasaa
qaus e qzah na rang bkhaira ha hwa ma
ya taree tasweer fazaon ma khari ho jasa

tjha dakh kr ....

Tjha dakh kr mosam ho gya shrabi sa
hr shaa pr rng chraa gulabi sa unabi sa
tjha dakh kr mara arman phrphrana laga
dil b hath sa nqlaa ho giya hababi sa

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Article: Hazrat Eisa

 Hazrat Eisa(A salam)eesaion k aur muslimano k paghmbar ap ka doosra nam christ ap k nam pr eiswe calender chalta ha.Ap Hazrat Mariam k bata ha .Mariam ki walida na mnat mani k Allah na aulad de to Allah ki nzar kroo gi Allah ki qudrat k batee huee aam tor pr us wqt baton ko nzr krta tha pr mnat thi lihaza una ibbadat gah baj dya Mariam boht pakiza shql aur aadat ki malik thi(un pr movie boht achi bnayi gye ha cd ma dakhi ma na ab net pr ho gi)un k ustad Hazrat Zakria un k Hujraa ma aata to dakhta wahan tra tra k phal pra ha vo poochtaa ya phal kahan sa aya vo kahtee Allah na baja ha.
Ak raat Mariam ko khwab aya Allah ki traf sa khushkhbre the k hm tma ak bataa da ga js ka nam Eisa ho ga jo godh ma hi bataa kra ga Mariam skht prashan ho kr kahna lgee k maraa bcha kasa ho gga mja to kise mrd na chooa tk nhi arshad hua ya Allah ki shan ha asa hi ho ga jb bastee walon ko pta chla to uno na Mariam ko boht bra bhla kaha aur usa zbrdstee shehr sa nikal dya Vo ak baphal khjoor k drkht k neecha aa khree huee bhooki piasee Allah ki traf sa awaz ayee Mariam es poda ko hilao uno na hilaya to Allah k hkm sa veeran drkht sa khjoora giri wahi Eisa paada huaa Mariam una la kr basti ki traf chali .Allah na una smjaya k tm na bolna ya bcha tmari shirafat ki gwahi da ga.Log ap ko dakh kr kahna laga tmara bap bra tha na man tm na q asa kya  Eisa jo nozaida tha bola mara  nam Eisa ha aur man ka nam Mariam ha ma Allah k izan sa hoo ma Allah ka nabi hoo ya mojiza dakh kr log dr gya aur Mariam ko ghr aana ki ejazat da di..Eisa (a salm) bra hua to ak Allah ki traf blana aur braion sa doore ki taalim dana lga ap ka pagham nojwano ma boht mqbool hona lga to badsha e wqt na ap ko mna kya  bar bar mna krna k bawjood ap baz na aya to ap ko ak bra tkhta k sath khra kr k hath paon pr keelan gar de gyee aur ap ko sooli pr chrahia gya lekin Allah na un ko sooli pr chrna nhi dya blka pahla hi utha lya sura e Aal e Imran ki ayat 54,55 ma likha k
'' yaad kro jb Allah na frmaya k aa eisa ma tujha poori umr tk ponchaoo ga aur tuja asman pr utha loo ga..aur tujha kafiron pr ghalba doo ga aur tera paroon ko qyamat tk teray mnkiron pr ghalba doo ga..''
sura e nisa ki ayat 157,158 ma ha
''ba shak unnoh na us ko qtal na kya na hi sooli chrhahia blka Allah na usa oopr utha lya''
 Allah ka waada ha k qiamat sa pehla Hazrat Eisa Imam Mehdi ki mdd ko asman sa utraa ga aur dijjal ko hlaq kraa ga kuffar ko Imam mehdi ka sath mil kr shikst da ga es k bad Imam mehdi 9 sal tk hkoomat kraa ga un ki wafat k bad Hzrat Isa hkomat kra ga poore dnya pr wo pigs ko mar da ga jazia moaaf kra ga un k ahd ma itni dolat ho gi k koi laina wal na ho ga .insan dostee ka dor dora ho ga.ya wqt qyamt sa kuch pehla ka ho ga .Hazrat Isa aur  Imam mehdi k zahoor k bara ma hadees ya kahti ha k ap akhire laraee JiS elaqa sa shroo kra ga vo Khrasan ka ilaqa ho ga purana zmana ma Khrasan ka ilaqa ma ajkl ka  Afghanistan  Pakistan Banglades aur kisee had tk India b shamil ha  yahan sa fateh k bad vo Arab ka rukh kra ga aur final jang Baat ul Muqadas pr ho gi Ap wahan Islam ka jhnda lahrain ga Alqaida walaa ya daawa krta ha k Imam mehdi  ka zahoor hona ko ha aur vo ese akhire lraee ki tyaree kr rha ha Wallah o Aalam bsswab es post ma ma na srf apni yaddasht ka sahara lya koi khta ho to maaf kra aur rehnmaee b kra    shqria Allah qbool farmaya Ameen

Ghazal: Man ka andr....

Man k andr rehna wala ki narazgi sa dr lga
us k  baghair ba masrf sara ya safar laga
tu gya to hr gga thi wahshtaa hi wahshtaa
dasht to dasht mj ko sehra b na apna ghr lga
tara jana sa a janan khizan dba paon aa gyee
daali daali pata pata mujh ko noha gar laga
doosron k kanto ma uljh k ik omrki tabah
apni janib ki nigah to daman tar ba tar lga
us ka bghair thahri se taron bhri hr shab lgi
phika phika sbha ka ropehla manzar laga

jhooti tslion sa ...

jhooti tslion sa hzar jugnoo phoota
kitni hi titlian dasht e jnoon ma ayin
taree nigah sa brson ka khmar toota
ya baneend ankha akhir skoon ma ayin
ya raat ha sawali kisee nya chand ki
taron ki tolian b hsne goona goo ma ayin

Ghazal: Jb chand ka jadoo...

Jb chand ka jadoo chmkaa
har shaa ma tu hi damkaa
mara saraa drd la jana ko
ik toota taraa lapkaa
yoo khtm huee wsl ki raat
jasa koi ankh ko jhpkaa
taraa hlka sa waada par
dil taree yad ma dhrka
apna hi mal apni aulad
is dahshat grdee ka sadqa

Poem: Ao wahan chlaa....

Ao wahan chlaa
jahan zmeen o asman milta ha
jahan subh o sham phool khilta ha
jahan hwa geet gatee ha hr gam
jahan jugnoo khram krtaa hain
jahan ttlian ghoomtee hain azad
jahan bhnwraa jam bhrtaa hain
jahan mohabbton ko zwal nhien
jahan mehboob saiban hota hain

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Nabi pak(s.a.w)k dant mubarak.........

jabl e romaat near koh e Ohad
Nabi Pak s.a.w k dant Ghazwae Ohad ma shaheed hua yani kufar ka hamla k nteeja ma toot gya ya ghzwa(jang) hijrat k teesra sal hua es ma srf 700 muslim sharik hua 300 mnafiq b shroo ma amada tha pr aan wqt pr peecha ht gya ap s.a.w na hkmt e amli ya ki k lines 100   100 bndo ki bnayee aur kufar sa pehla madan e jang ma poncha  phir sihaba sa frmaya k hmara peecha jo dra ha wahan 50 teerandaz khra ho jaya AUR UNA KHABARDAR KYA K  FATEH HO YA SHIKAST TM NA APNI JGA SA NHI HILNA BASHAQ TM DAKHO K PRINDAA HAMARE BOTIAN noch raha ha tb bi.  Pehla 2 hamlon ma hi mulmano na kufar ko bhga dya aur musliman dshman ka mal jama krna ma lg gya Khalid bin walid(great general) na madan chorta hua peecha dakha to dra khali Paya vo tb kafiro k sath tha goraa ko mora(turn kiya) aur pahar k peecha sa 500 gora swaro k sath teer ki tara Nabi Pak k pas poch gya Ap k pas srf 17 jannisar tha jo deewar bn kr ap k grd gara bna kr mqabila krna lga ini ma umme Ammara b thi jno na bghair hthiar k apna jsm nbi pak k aga dhal bna kr ap ki hifazt ki. Es doraan ak kafir k naza sa aps.a.w k dant toot kr gir gya khaud ki karian ap k galon ma khub gyee ap huhshiare sa ahista ahista peecha hta aur sihaba k sath ak ghar ma pnah li wahan kapra jila kr ap ka zakhmo ka khoon bnd kya gya log kehta ha es ghar(cave) sa aj tk ak khas khushboo aatee ha blkul maoo jasee.Esee doran musliman nabi pak ka es frman  pr k, ''kon ha jo mara pas aata ha ma Allah ka nabi hoo''.Dobara jam kr laraa aur kufar ko bgaya. 
Nabi pak k dant tootna ki khabar ak prwana e rasool Awais Qarni ko mile to uno na apna saraa dant tor dalaa ya kah kr k ap k dant tota to ma  dant rkh kr kya kroo ga aur ak nhi saraa ya sochta huaa k maloom nhi kon sa 2 dant shaheed hua.Esi lya aj tk hkm ha k dant ka drd ho to Awais Qarni k nam k 2 nafil praa inshallah drd jata rha ga.
Es ghazwa sa Itaat e Amir na krna k nqsanat ka b sabaq milta ha .Ghzwa e Badr ma es sa b km samani k bawjood muslimano na 70 kufar maraa aur srf 14 musliman shaheed hua lekin  Ghzwa e Ohad ma 50 bndon ki nafrmani ki waja sa 70 sihaba shaheed hua.Sham k wqt jb sooraj doob rhatha ap(s.a.w) na shohdaa ki nmaz e jinaza prhai aur udas Madina ki janib chlaa.  

Ghazal: Urti a kahin taan..

Urti ha kahin taan ya bjtee ha shehnai
khilta ha nya zakhm lau dati ha tanhayai
too dil ki dnya ka bataj shehnshah ha
ma tara shehro ki bachain se saudayai
kanton bhari raat kinaraa lagi akhir
khurshid nya ubhra k awaz tari ayai
es srsrati hawa ma tara hi aks janan
hay bazm ki bazm tanhayi ki tnhayai

Monday, 2 December 2013

ghazal hein trazoo..

hein trazoo vo dil mein chund lmhay
koi meri khatr mjh tk aya tha
jhoom uthay thay rooh kay baamo dr
hr soo ik sroor chaya thaa
kaif o ghum sa lbraiz vo thkaa chehra
kitni chaht say muskraya tha
bstion sa door ik veeranah
us ki sngat mein jhilmlaya tha
haan bkhsh kay mjhay  vo chnd lmhay
chal dya  jahan sa aya tha

Ghazal: hain dil ma..

ha dil ma trazoovo mahka hua dro bam
vo sohbte mehboob ma guzra huey ayam
shakhoon si lachakti hui deedar ki saat
woh dil sa dhrkta hua umid ka hngam
lo hijr bhari raat kinara lagi  akhir
lo ana lga phir mjha chaht bhara pagham

Friday, 29 November 2013

Aa k..

jhan jhan jhnkar ka mosam aya ha
Aa k taraa deedar ka mosam aya ha
maree sb duaya kya ho gyee qabool
ya abhi sirf intazar ka mosam aya ha
mari rat k hmsfro kuch to khbr kro
maut k tlabbgar ka bi mosam aya ha
dhartee sa flak tak hr shaa rang gyee
yad ha tjha tehwar ka mosam aya ha


Aarzoo to hotee ha
kise sa dil lgana ki
gham ma doob jana ki
kashtian jalana ki
kise k intazar ma
deep kuch jalana ki
jazeera sa basana ki
Aarzoo to hotee ha...

Arz ha.....

wahee kya ha janan bas bat hi to ha
aur bat kya ha janan mulaqat hi to ha
hoon barishein kahin aur sairab ho koi
ya kia ha janan ishq ki kramaat hi to ha

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Taree aarzoo ma uthta ha mara dil ma mdo jazr
kuch aur phalta ha maree soch kaa  samandar
is inshrah kaa sath bhartee hain maree banhain
latee hain es jahan ko ghaara ma maree banhain
har shaa ha tara husn har shaa ha mara ishq

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Poem: yadain..

kehkshain se sjna lgtee hain
bjlian se chmkna lgtee hain
yad krtee hoo jb vo sbhosham
jb aam tha taree nazar ka jaam
jab badal ghir ka aya thaa
sath cmpa k geet laya thaa
saraa lamha sirkna lagta hain
palkon par bikhrna lagta hain
ghncha hr soo chtkna lgta hain
   mehak uthta ha sara dshto ban
   rang bkhairta ha yoon taraa joban
dil trsta ha phir shabnmi ghas ko
khshboono sa alag ik taree bas ko
kash janaa tu us lamhaa ki pias ko 

Poem: kehkshan

ik kehkshan dakhi ma na
jnoob sa shumal tk aatee huee
bhool gya mjha sab  qyamo sjood
raiza raiza ho kr bikhar gya maraa wajood
rooh ka pnchi phrphra ka ura
peecha kbee na mra

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ghazal: nya nya saa...

nya nya sa zmeeno aasman lgtaa haa
ya saraalog mjaa imtihan lgtaa haa
milain jo dil to sb faslaa bi mit jaya
tba milaa na to zmino mkan lgtaa ha
mila jo moqa to nqb hi lga da gr ma
jo dakhna ma hma pasban lgtaa  haa

Monday, 25 November 2013

Ghazal:Tamana ka dar....

Tamana ka dar ab khula chahta ha
 ya dil ab kisee ka hua chahta ha
 mohabat ma mango na had koi  mjsa
 ya dil  us ko ba inteha chahta ha
 vo manaa na manaa, janaa na janaa
 koi us ko us saa siwa chahta ha
 kia mala dnya ki alaishon naa
 ya dil ishq ki ab jila chahta haa
 lahoo muslman ka bhaa hr traf q
 ya kon hr ghree karbla chahta ha  

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Article: Charity

Charity begins at home. No doubt it is correct but the question is what is charity. Mostly we give our Zakat, Fitrana and other sadqa to our Housemaids and think that justice is done.In fact,justice is not done properly. More deserving of this charity amount categorized in Quraan are Orphan children,Old people having no support,,passengers,widows and people who are helpless and needy but can not go after you for their needs.
When ever we see back in History we se Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) and his followers all were busiest persons in the world but they always tried their best to go ahead from their fellow men in helping some needy,poor, old or sick people.This behavior continued in different forms for hundred years after Hazrat Mohammad(SAW)'s death. Then Muslims were involved in lavish styles of life.Their own necessities multiplied so much that they had no time no money for needy people.Now this duty is performed by Governments
of developing countries like England where infants, jobless,old and needy people get allowance  from their  governments.Students of these countries have to opt a subject like baby care or social work.They don't only study these subjects but also practice them. Students are also encouraged to raise funds for social issues.
In our country a cyclone of schools college and University can be seen.We have got so much involved in mobile, computers and socializing that  we have no time to see what is happening to our next door neighbor or why an aunt who was seldom seen in street is compelled to sit beside the road for begging.
All religion condemn begging but just to condemn is not enough.It is duty of Govt to help and comfort helpless and needy people.Public sector should also come forward. In these days we spend so much in Restaurants like McDonald, KFC and on other luxuries.If we save a part of this expenditure and spend it to feed or comfort  some helpless and needy people we will enjoy true and ever lasting happiness which we can never experience in worldly comforts.    


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Poem: Maqtal sjaa q...

gali dr gali,shehr dr shehr,des dr des
mqtal sjaa qion ha
kbi mshriq kbi maghrib
maut itni asan qion ha
sirf muslim ka lahoo hi
yoo arzan qion ha
kaun ha jo jga da maraa dil ma
soz e siddique,Ghani ki haya
Omar ki soch,dil e Murtaza
ghariat ka parda gira ka hamainmak,kar da
ghair ki tqleed chraa da hamain naik kr da

Ghzal:etna to maraa piar...

itna to maraa piar ka jadoo nazar ayaa
ma nam na loo taraa aur taree khabar ayaa
ma na to chtkna tha taraa anaa ki khshi ma
ya kiya k ghuncho ma bhi taraa asar ayaa
es ishq k jazbaa na pagal kiaa rkhaa ....
go maraa b rstaa ma srsbz shajar ayaa

Monday, 18 November 2013

How to Up Lift...

In fact our family system,society and govt all institution are growing weaker.It is necessary for parents to sit with them from childhood and tell them importance of family relationship and create in them love for humanity and religion.Society should have such programs like sports,libraries,literary forums where our youth could express themselves.These activities will enhance their inner qualities too.Govt should give all people opportunities to learn a skill or to get a degree  and then provide them space to work.And the most important a sense of gharat(ego) is the urgent need of time.Public and govt will have to work at this topic together.Corrupt hand should be cut off so that other may never have  a courage to do such action and the man having an innovation should be uplifted without a discrimination(not sent to jail),We have to sacrifice for this mission. We need a sincere leader who can expose himself clean before his people.Then People will  have to stand with him have to sacrifice as well then change will come Inshallah.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Aa mil yaraa....

Aa mil yaraa
aa mil yaraa
    ya hawa ha geet sunatee
    mujha taree aur bulatee
            Badal bi tujha pukara
            aa mil,  aa mil yaraa
ya phool ha sbkumlaya
dil taree yad ma gayaa
             bin baas ha ma na dhara
              aa mil yaraa,aa mil yaraa
              aa mil yaraa,aa mil yaraa
An humble tribute to Buley Shah (famous punjabi sufi poet)poetry tried to say in his style      

Poem:Dil cchahta ha ...

maraa dil chahta ha
kar loo koi waada
chra loo
koi rung dhnak ka
hawa k kuch pagham
kar loo apnaa nam
kisee barkha rut ma
soondhee matee ki  khushboo
kisee par jan da doo
k kandho pr sar uthaya bree dar ho gyee ha

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Article: No to Blood Shedding...

Today I am so depressed.About 50 to 60   people were killed and about one hundred were  seriously injured in Mosque during Nmaz e Jumma in result of a clash between Shia and Sunni people.Inspite of negotiating at a minor problem a chemical fire was lit which burnt most of people praying in mosque. Many buildings and precious luggage of million rupees (as it was main market) was also burnt.Many students of 12,13,and 14 years old were deadly tortured and after that were slaughtered. Then firing started.Police and rangers were called and situation was controlled at some extent. Both parties were Muslims and I can't believe that a Muslim can be so cruel to his Muslim brothers specially during prayer.Before this accident we were listening news several times from different cities that these two sects are getting very sensitive and intolerant about each other but to see this terrorism in my own city at so high level is  very shocking.I couldn't sleep throughout the night well.Faces of little children wearing their new and clean dresses and caps splashing in blood flashed again and again before my eyes.When will we awake?Who will find and throw out the evil planner sitting in us in disguise.We need to seek more and more common things between Shia and Sunni groups and should keep reminding each other again and again that their real recognition is as Muslim. We need a Muslim leader who could unite us under the flag of Islam and Humanity and may guide us to a way of sense and knowledge so that we may be able to see a dawn of progress  and prosperity.Where we feel us safe from ignorant tribal type of blood shedding.May Allah bless the victims of accident with  Martyrdom and shower upon us calm and peace but mind it Allah helps those who help themselves so we need to be alert and active as a nation not just for our welfare but also for our countrymen.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ak dfaa phir....

sach kahnaa sa katranaa lagi hoo
tnha kahi jana sa gbranaa lagi hoo
hzoore chayea bus ik nazar ki mja
baree umid sa girgranaa lagi hoo
qalm tootaa  zuban gung ho jaya
doston ko phir azmanaa lgi hoo

Monday, 11 November 2013

Poem / Nazm: Svaraa mun andharaa...

Svaraa mun andharaa....
koi kali jb ksmsatee ha....
tmharee yad atee ha,tmharee yad atee ha...
jab sooraj nqalta ha....
hwa jab srsratee, gudgdatee ha.....
tmharee yad atee ha,tmharee yad atee ha...
yahan sa door es sa bi door....
nadee jab gunganatee ha....
tmharee yad atee ha,tmahree yad atee ha....
karaktee dhoop ma jab sans....
thak kr kpkpatee ha tmharee yad atee ha tmharee yad atee ha....
dhrktaa dil ki ya dharkan,tara nghmaa snaati ha......
tmharee yad aatee ha,tmharee tad aatee ha..

Ghazal: Itna haseen mosam...

Itna hasseen mosam us pr ya tanhai
gab nam liya tara ya ankh hi bhr ayee
taron ki zia km thi lmhaa bi tha barfilaa
ya chand chra layia tha ja kr taree zabayi
Ik din ka nahi rona ik omar ka rona ha
raton ko nahi sota ik pal tara sodayee

Traveling: Shah Pur Dam Pakistan

Restaurant near Dam, dam is red in the background......For photo Thanx to MuclicksShahpur Dam in back ground
Again it was week end. As my eldest and dearest sister was in Pakistan and she is so passionate and adventurous that we (sis and bros) are always ready to do some thing new with her.We live in Rawalpindi at a point which is junction of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and here are so much picnic spots near and far away.After many discussions Dam of Shahpur was selected to explore.
 It is situated at Fateh Jang road adjacent to GT road at a drive of about 30 minutes from Rawalpindi. On Sunday we left for Dam at 10A.M.It was 1st week end of November and winter was approaching.Breeze was a bit cold but shining sun was making the weather very pleasant.When we turned left towards Fateh Jang road we saw Orchards of Oranges and Tulips.I took a deep breath. Strong fragrance of ripen Oranges  was very refreshing.Wild berries were growing in our way. Soon the Dam was in front of us spreading in miles. A winding road was taking us to the spot specified for tourists .There were many beautiful restaurants on both sides of the road.We have to cross a dense forest to approach the dam.It was on plain area so we can see most of its view and can go near water.Some fishermen were tying their luggage after a  stay with their family for a month.
Across the dam is area of Wah and grand building of POF(Pakistan Ordinance Factory) was looking good with the cool back ground of greenery.
We hired two boats and went for boating.Breeze was refreshing and had a bit moisture .We splashed water upon each other and boats rolled on and all of us screamed at a time.Ripples of water were flowing  very fast  and enlightened due to shinning sun.We had no need of flash for photo taking because reflection of shinning waves was doing this duty.We walked on the banks of the waters for a while.Sun was setting and  making waters red.Wild birds were coming to their nests so dense forest was echoing with their different mingled voices  when we bid farewell to that bewildered place.
We entered in a restaurant for meal.As these restaurants are built far from city so they  were not congested. They have wide lawns en lighted with beautiful decorated lights.One can sit on chairs or on clean carpets laid on some wide benches for relax meal.We ate there fresh fried fish,Chicken krahi and roghni nan and then tea.My brother again took some unforgettable scenes for his website Muclick. It
was a complete trip and in-spite of increasing cold every one of us was over joyed and contented.At 8.00P.M we departed.  

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poem: Jag Iqbal....

Jag iqbal kahein
ho gayi murda zameen
kahin koi nam b nahi
jag iqbal kahein

yun to danish ma ha fard
razm-e-guftar k ha mard
par vo sahib-e-jahan gard
wo naara-e-karrar nahie

jag iqbal kahein
jag iqbal kahein

Friday, 8 November 2013

Poem ya nazm: Piya moraa....

Piya moraa
mj pr kr do ak najaryia
rang do rng sa maree chnriya
dars dikhao preet nibaho
chain dlao piyasaa ha naan
yad kroo tj ko din raan
piyar ma sbr bra ha mushqil
kahna aur  ha krna mushqil
maree bghiyan ka maharaj
taraa hath ha maree laaj... 
This poem was written as inspiration of famous qwalee moraa khwaja piya...sung by  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.It is written by a sufi poet who traveled from human love to divine love.It is just a humble tribute to this great poet.

Poem: Yearn for you...

The breeze was pure
The sky was clear
and moon was hanging
 like a crown on baby's head
creating a yearn for you
and taking me to you
 with an invisible thread

Ghazal: Chand taraa salam krtaa....

Chand taraa kalam krtaa ha
Mil ka tuj ko salam krta ha
shehnshao sa ho ska na jo
wo kam taraa ghulam krta ha
wo khla jo aql sa baqi rah gya
un ko pur chaht ka jam krta ha
hjoome gham ma mushqlat ma b
dil ki taskee tara piam krtaa ha
ya khuda un ko shantee dana
jo ensan ka ehtaram krta ha

Ghazal: kuch aur nyee mnzlo..

Kuch aur nai manzilon ko khojna ha muja
kahan ho tum kahan hu ma ya sochna ha muja
qalee na sun k tabassum kia aur boli
ab rang o buu k dreecho ko kholna ha muja

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ghazal:taraa khyal ki huee anjamun...

Taraa khyal ki huee anjuman bpaa hr soo
chamn ma qlio na phoolo na br lya ha sboo
qasam to khaee thee milat ki ngehbani ki
zra sa zar na khreeda hmaraa sara janoo
taree talab na kuch daar tarpaya bohat
phir waqt kartaa gya  saraa zkhm rafoo

Monday, 4 November 2013

Ghazal: ya hwa..

ya hawa zroor tjaa choo ka ag ayee ha
ak unchooee khushi band ka sath laee ha
tm mlaa  to kainat saree jhoom uuthi
mdto bad ja ja ka bahar ayee ha

Ghazal: hawa ka sard jonko....

Hawa ka sard jhonko ma taree yad aa gyee
gham ka saraa mosmo ka slslaa bhla gyee
zmee ki pias bj gyee falk nikhr nikhr gya
khizan bi jhoom uthi qali bi khlkhla gyee 

Poetry:taraa khyal ki..

Taraa khyal ki  pnahgaho ma
mdto sjta rha maraa hznomalal
taraa piar ki sajda gahon ma
sar jhkaya hm na kye kye sal
too na bi zmeer ka soda kya
pahla hi km na tha qahte rijaal
hatho ma ha drde dua ki soort
lab pa nhi aya grcha koi sawal

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ghazl: ik raz ka...

Ik raz ka afshaa honaa ka samaaa ha
ya piarki rut chanaa gzrna ka samaa ha
aa waqt zara ruk ka dheera sa guzarna
ya us sa milna ka bichrnaa ka samaa ha
aa dil too chekhna chilanaa sa hazar kar
ya piar ma grnaa ka snbhlna ka samaa ha

Saturday, 2 November 2013

aa mahrban msafir tara  rsta tkta
pthra gye maree ankhaa
rooth gya mara geet
sookh gyee man ki nadya
too kahan ha mn ka meet
too aaya to aya bahar
bajaa chan chan dil ka tar
chahoo jeena so so bar
kasa thahra pardasee kasaa sohana sath rha
kasa ho jaya wqt hmara kasa hatho ma hath rha


jab gharri ki tik tik
tak tak main badal jaye
 jab doobta hua dil
mushqal sa snbhal jaye
jab plkain plko
sa jur na paine
jab niend bar bar toota
jab sans ka  tar zndgee sa rootha

Friday, 1 November 2013

Article: Importance of Language

Language is one of the  important factors which gives a person or a nation an identity.. So when ever invaders came in a country they concentrate on language of that territory.British hired many writers and asked them to write their folk stories in easy manner.Objective was to understand the people's psyche.When Muslim's rule came to an end and Europe occupied states of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Spain, Arabic was banned there.Muslims could keep Qur'an in their homes but in roman alphabet. Apparently it was not an important action but as history tells that although people of that generation know how to read Arabic but next generation didn't know anything about Arabic.Keeping distance from language they also went far away from the culture and association of Arabian ancestors.In Bang la dash Urdu was national language before 1973 when it was wing of Pakistan.After separation from west wing(present Pakistan) and establishment of Bang la dash Urdu was banned at national level.Same incident happened here.People of next generation forgot Urdu.
   Language is not just a heap of words.It depicts culture of a country. By reading Novels and stories of our own language we can understand believes, myths,rituals and traditions of a nation.We feel a sense of freedom,confidence,fluency and association while talking in our own language.
It is a big source of communication among people living in different regions speaking different languages in a country.This source does not only help in trade and other professional life but also brings an harmony and unity among different groups in country having different concepts and creeds.Having a common language they can easily share their views,conflicts and problems and if good instinct is there they can also sort out them too with the passage of time.
Literature tells us how people of a specific area and of a specific time felt and believed.It needs a language which can embody unseen feelings and emotions.So only that language can play a better role here to whom writer is familiar to his very childhood.Similes and metaphors of a language have a vast and deep  background which helps a writer to share with his reader the most complex thoughts,agonies and happy moments. This is the reason that many writers converted from foreign languages to their own language like Allama Iqbal,Faiz Ahmed Faiz,Pitras Bukhari and Qudrat Allah Shahab.
No doubt,it is very necessary to be unbiased for an historian. At the same time it is a common rule that history about Hinduism will be written by a Hindu historian and history of Islam will be written by a Muslim in a well manner because they are well acquainted to all aspects of their religion.
In short, we can say in words of Iqbal jsa zaba kahaa aazad bndaa ha wohee zaba means Language prevails of that nation who is in power.        ================================================================================================================================================================                                              +                                                                                                                                                      

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nmaz e ishq..

Nmaz e ishq ma ham yoo sbha sa sham krta ha
jo ik lmha bi bchta ha so taraa nam kartaa haa
maseeha ban ka jan dala mohamad se halawt da
ghrz ma kya kahoo kya kam ya pagham krta haa

ya ik kaman

ya ik kama ki tarah ka asman qaus ki soort
es ka ik aur sira taraa das sa milta ho ga
ma to mahki hoo tara piar ma glistan ki tara
ik glab maree chah ka taree roo ma b khilta hoga

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ghazl:jab tlak

jab talak sanson ka ak tar baaqee ha
taree aas jana tara intzar baqqe ha
lut jaya shehr nukhle tamana rul jaya
koi gham nhee abi tera aatbar baqi ha
jungle ma hajoom ha ak simt ya kasaa
shair ja chqa abi kuch shiqar baqee ha

Saturday, 26 October 2013

aa kash....

Aa kash ham bi milta
kisee aur se zmee par
kisee aur asman par
ya jism o jan khiltaa
Aa kash ham bi milta..

Said Pur Village

We(my sisters,brothers and our families)had gathered at parent's home on Eid '2nd day and were planning for outing.At last,we decided to go to Said pr village.It is designed by some artistic designers with cooperation of city administration.it is situated in Margalla hills  at sec f/6 Islamabad.
Said Pur village is renewed form of a very old village which was named at the name of Said Khan, the Gakhar Chief of Pothohar region.Daughter of Said Pur  was married with Mughal emperor Jahangir and he stayed at Said Pur for a little period at Said Pur.After many years Raja Man Singh built here a temple for Hindus and a Gurdwara for Sikhs.Here i also saw an old school with red bricks,a Polo ground, a museum and many restaurants.
. Said Pur Village isn't a real village.It is designed in such a way that it does not project only a village but also reminds us  of the wonderlands of very old stories where a torch bearer is standing behind a curtain.Traditional beds are laid in courtyard.A small table midst of each two beds has a traditional lantern and some crockery.There are also some huts where people are sitting on couches in dim lights enjoying the atmosphere and some meal.A restaurant named''Das pardas'' had enchanting look with its dim but colorful lights and silence.Music at a moderate volume every where adds the wilderness of the place.Winding passages take the passangers to un known mysteries.A quaint well in the way is waiting for thirsty travelers.
  Beside the village some stairs took us to an old temple.Now it s just a building without any idols.It has a gallery having photos of important visitors.It is preserved in its original shape and just repaired when needed. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ghazal:ya mlgjaa

Ya mlgja andharaa,ya surmyee swaraa
jamal ag yahan taraa mushqbar nhee
taraa hi rang ha in dilnsheen nzaro ma
ja too nhee to phir bahar be bahar nhee

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ghazal:Saath safer mey....

Saath safer mey pardesi tha yaad suhaani baat rahi.
 Woo albeli rut bhe kya thee jis mei sada barsaat rahi.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jan e janan

Ma mr jaoo gee anqreeb
ab ya thehra mara naseeb
ik naya roop ma phir sa aoo ge
jan e jan tara dl lbhana ko
kuch nya rng chra k laoo gee
taree sbhon ma mskraoo ge
taree shamo ko gdgdaoo ge

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ghazal:asa ajab mza ha

Asa ajb mza ha janoob ki hwa ma
jasa k ik nsha ha mahboob ki ada ma
wo ayia jab bi asa jasaa koi ghta ho
ya yad hi rha na k us sa thi khfa ma
ma chahoo aur wo aya phir kbi na jaya
asa asr ho ya rb maree kisee sda ma

Ghazal: Chlo phir...

Chlo phir entzar krtaa ha
nama br tara atbar krtaa ha
wo gya ha phir kbi na ana ko
ya wzaht sbi ghm gsar krta ha
taree tmna taree yad zeest ka hasil
dl ki tskee ko vrd bar bar krta ha
kbi ana kbi jana,kbi jana kbi ana
taree deed k bahana hzar krta ha

Friday, 18 October 2013


Hm tj pa mr mita jana
hm tj pa mr mita !
es mn ka sara qafilaa
bs taree dgr pa aa rkaa
hm tj pa mr mitaa jana
hm tj pa mr mita!
ya kamni se moort
taree sanwli se soort
tara bichr bichr k milna
to sa seekha qali na khilna
a door ka msafir!
too kbi to hm sa mla kr
koi da ja ik nishani
ya aa koi gila kr
tm wahma ho jana
ya ik guman shaid
pr etna yqeen rkhna
ho hr yaqee sa br kr

Poem:Sat rangia kabootr

taraa praim ka st rangia kabootr hr soo bolay

taray praim ka st rangia kbootr hr soo bolay
apni sundar awazoo sa kano ma ras gholay
ik anjana des tha anjani thee us ki rasmein
sath nibhana ki jb jana too na khayee qasmein 
mun mohni se soort taree mun bahooni  batein
taraa sung bitayee hm na kitnee hee barsatein

Poem:Maraa mahrban

Chmqeela watan taraa
sheeshaa sa badan taraa
sureela bankpan taraa
                         Oh maraa mahrban
                         oh mara mahrban
Too mara marghzar
ma taree shakhsaar
taraa dam sa ha bahar
                         Oh maraa mahrban
                          oh maraa mahrban

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

mn ka pnchi

mn ka pnchi ura,ura,ura
lo gya sjna ka dwar
chan chan bajaa us ka ghungroo
pree hr soo ak pkar
chal sajan ka bazar
jahan thndee saree galian
jahan log bra hshiar
jahan sab ka meetha lahja
jahan hr soo pram phohar
jahan khshian hr soo bhtee
jahan roshni ka minar
jahan pnchi bhool ka ayan
aur phir ka kbi na jayan
jahan mn na rha apna  bs maa
kitnee hi khaya qasma
ga ponchaa so so bar
mn ka pnchi ura,ura,ura
lo gya sjna ka dawar

Monday, 14 October 2013

You are with me

I am alone
or You are with me
I am busy or I am free
You are with me
cause of thee
joys are showering upon me
I am in meditation
or in recitation
you are with me
in the  garden of love
you are my Alcove
you are the sweetest tree
all the leaves over my head
all going to be red
clapping  in glee!!

Abd ur Rehman Awal

In Mecca there were two main tribes named Bnoo Quraish and Bnoo Ummaya when Hazrat Mohammad (saw) was born.Banoo Quraish has responsibility to look after pilgrimages who came to perform Hajj while Bnoo Ummaya were dominating all tribes politically.They were skilled in  all warfares.
  When Holy prophet (saw)preached Islam they didn't accept it but when Mecca started thronging with footsteps of Muslims majority of them embraced Islam.After  martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Amir Maawia(belonged to Bnoo Ammya)  took over the rule.After his death and on  his instruction Imam Hussain were 1st compelled and then killed with his family and his followers in a war where Imam followers were only 72 while Ummwi army was in thousands.
 Bnoo Abbas(hazrat Ali followers) continued under ground movement against Ummwi's  and when realized that their movement is much ripen they exposed themselves in all cities of Muslim territory.Abbasi's men killed all members of Ummwi family. Only one prince survived as he was out of palace.Getting the news of his family's assassination he rushed to the river and jumped in to the water. Abbasi 's men also jumped into the water to capture him but he was very good swimmer so crossing the river he reached near Spain where his maternal grand father was ruler of a small state.He  was warmly welcomed by his maternal grand father.He gave Abd ur Rehman 300 warriors, a small part of his own state and advised  him to increase his army and his territory too.Abd ur Rehman was a consistent and courageous warrior. In a few years he captured whole Spain and founded a strong  Govt here.He did many things for welfare of his people. Rich and poor,master and servants were equal in the eyes of Law and justice.
      He founded a Cordoba University where best teachers of his time taught and students all over the world came to study Sciences,Art ,Architecture etc. Mosque of Cordoba is another masterpiece of his reign.This mosque was converted into cathedral after Christian rule but its grandeur and Muslim look is still preserved. In spite of passing centuries its stones  have not cracked at all and its color is fresh as ever.Verses of Qur'an are carved with pure gold and gems.Its great dome is standing on numerous  delicate and thin pillars.When Europeans took over Spain they thought that  these tiny pillars will not be able to bear the heavy dome for a long time so they erected a huge pillar in the center of dome.Soon the dome began to crack.When experts were consulted they told that these tiny pillars were erected on geometrical balance rules and this huge pillar was disturbing that balance. Al hamra Palace is also a architectural gift of Abd ur Rehman time. Marble of this palace has a specific quality.As the day descends it changes its color and  converts itself from white to red completely. His predecessor also kept his name alive with good governance but as weakness  like laziness and crave for lavish life  crept in to their life their government grew weak.European took over Spain and Arab who have flourished in Spain so much by mingling with Spanish people were confined too their homes.Many were killed of minor reasons.Speaking Arabic language and wearing Arabic dress was banned.Muslims were called Moors (mean uncivilized)Any thing related to Islamic culture was discouraged strictly but Europeans  could not reject those books that had guidance for Europe to the new horizons of knowledge, Art and culture. They could not demolish those buildings which were  a source of income and source of comfort for them. Even today, we can recognize a Spanish girl or a Spanish boy among a crowd because of their Arabic complexion and features.When Allama Iqbal visited Spain he also admired Arabic Architect and Arabic features and style of life of Spanish people.He also admired devotion and dedication of Muslims of that time which enable them to built such immortal monuments and an environment of their own culture and creed.