Friday, 31 October 2014

Poem:who flickers..

It is you
who flickers every where
in the flakes of cloud
on the grassy ground
in the naughty air
on the pretty face
in the hazel space
your lips are on cliffs
your eyes blink in the skies
your hands are on wet sand
It is you
who flickers every where !!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nazm:Ghazal e raana...

aa mera ghazal e raana
aa phir sa mjh ko cheir jaa
aa phir nyii dhun sunna
ii phir sa mj sa piyar kr
aa phir sa intzaar kr
ya phir  koi  bahana kr
ik baat ko fasana kr
aa phir sa dil ko jeet lay
ma jeet loo tujha haar kr
teray jahan ki khair ho
tera koi kahi naa baar ho
tu jahan ho sath  ho khushi  
teray zmin o zaman ki khair ho

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Nazm:sun meri sajnyiaa...

sun mari sajanyia aajj
mohay aana taray paas

dekho aj na chahia laaj
darhkan main bajein he saaz
ik pul  bhary tuj baaj

dryia ma bana manjjdhar
turpaya hay tara pyiaar

mujh ko bhula sunsaar
ub aaaaaar rahoo ya paaaaaar

sun meri sajanyia aaj
mohay aana taray paas

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Article:Junaid Jamshed

.Junaid Jamshed is an ally of Imran Khan.He admires his cause.He praises his courage,truthfulness and  consistency. He  emphasis on unity of  nation.He requests all politicians to join hands for  truth and for  welfare of nation. He has left pop singing he just recites Naats. He has dedicated  himself for Islam.He is continuously studying and preaching Islam. He  is continuously going abroad for preaching Islam. He is sad seeing his religious leaders quarreling at petty matters. He compares them with ordianary Christians and Jews who are ready to hear, understand and give space to others. He was told i an interview  just 14 people were  killed or martyred in  Saniha Model Town  the day before Tahir Qadri was reaching Pakistan from Canada...he started  weeping  in front of screen and he was  saying  whispering again and again  ..just  14 people  ..a sensitive person  like Omer R.A is  perplexed  in just suspect that  if a dog is kept thirsty or hungry he will be asked on the judgement day  but we are stubborn..or we should say we are lifeless  not sensing  cries of people suffering miseries and we are not able to  read the  orders of destiny written on the wall.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Poem:Teri khushi ka punkh...

teri khushi ik punkh thi
mujha bhi sath la urii
shabnmi hawaon may
surmyii ghataon may
jahan pa sath taraa tha
ik nayia swaira thaa

Monday, 20 October 2014


 Late  Ameer  Jammaat e Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed gave Imran this title in one of his column in Jang.He loved Imraan very much and  during his amarat he  wished  for Imran that he should join Jammaat but Imran for  some reasons avoided but he also had great association with him. After winning world cup 1992,when  he came back Pakistan  Qazi Hussain Ahmed was  1st person he went to meet. Qazi sahib was great admirer of Imran's leader ship  qualities.
Being a human being he has many short comings but he is best among present leaders. He is courageous,capable,consistent and honest.He has  some lacking of character in past but since 1990 or 1990 he was transformed and  concentrated on learning to read translation f Quran o sunnat and Islamic history and  understanding Iqbal. He is such  a person who  intentionally with his own will  came towards Islam. I am  forcing you to love  him because love  is trust and faith upon  other and we can not inculcate in one's heart  trust.now I should  give my  point of view  but it doesn't mean that I am  forcing you to love  him because love  is trust and faith upon  other and we can not inculcate in one's heart  trust.

Ghazal:nayay mosamon ki sada...

nyay mosmo ki sadaa aa gyii
ak mri se kali phir  muskra gyii
dilo k zkhm phir say khilnay lagay
hawa aj phir teer barsa gyii
nyaa wadon pr dil mchlnay laga
hwa tera kuchay ki aj aa gyii
zamine mohabbat  ma phir beej phootay
teri yad  aj  kasay gudguda gyii

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Article:How reforms will be possible

Individual improvement is essential  but  for big cause nation has to gather and have to  concentrate then change will come.As I have mentioned in an another article  that  we have  Assemblies which have feudal's in majority  they have  their own benefits different from public.So they never  permit  any  bill to pass that clashes with their  benefits. They  unite for their little  welfare like taxes,facilities like A.C in  their  luxury flats etc but they never unite for national cause like  reforms in education,agriculture and  election holding etc.That is why  Ayub Khan ,Bhutto and Zia ul Haq did  land n education reforms but they vanished  /lost their authority with their regime  because they were not  made part of law/constitution.Reason was that  these feudal MNA and MPA had not passed their bills.So it is necessity of time  to bring middle class  capable,brave and  most honest  people in Assemblies by vote power.Only then dream of welfare  state  can be true. Majority of middle class will Inshallah think  and do for the welfare of public and we will be able to  say ourselves free and really democratic people.
  Apart from all propaganda each individual have to decide him self  by studying minutely all  circumstances that who  can  take us out of that slavery of  Super powers as well as of  feudal.They  want civil war   so that they could suck our blood.

Poem:Creeping night and angel

Night is creeping near and near
making you
more and more dear
quite and loving kind in your sleep
you are looking like an angel
or a heavenly celestial
y celes
taking my  imagination high and steep
the river of desire
has caught severe fire
all the proves of my presence
are going to be sweep

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ghazal:Yaar say yaari may....

yaar sa yaari ma hay haari
mein na apmi dnyia saari
apnay saaray chand sitaray
cheenay mujh say sb hi saharay
beh beh jaein  maray nain
ayay pyia na ik pul chain
yaad kroo hoo tujhay din rain
aa ja mun k deep jalanay
uljhay raishum ko suljhanay
dil ki lagi ko bujwanay!!

Poem:In my veins

valley of love calls me
where your crazy soul dwells
all my imagination and sensation get flee
and  endorse me to be free
of all chains and all reigns
you are running in my veins
instead of blood
my head revolves like fan
I feel me stuck in a sensational flood
without you
I feel dissolving in spirit's heavy rain
It is so difficult to sustain
I need you
to pull me up through
this syndrome

Friday, 10 October 2014

Poem:Dil k aiwaan..

dil kay aiwaan mayik shor hua
koi deewar  giri ho jaisay
yoo to thay  ishq k daawa kia kia
us k agay  zban sili ho jaisay
too na ayia to hwaein paltein
door hoti gyii hur aan khushi jaisay
shub dhalay  teri yaad ki khushbu mehki
dil kay gulshan may koi taza kali khili ho jaisay

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Poem:Prettiest bird

You are the prettiest bird
that has come from the valley of love and liberty
with a uniqueness and creativity
your songs are are taking us to a sublimation
to a world of determination
in the rain and in the storm
we  stand with you and feel no humiliation
your presence means tranquility and fertility
you are a sign of love,affection and fragility
your struggle is selfless,sincere
and full of humanity
you are old
but younger than youngster
with you fear flee away
and we have no care of any gangster
we know that it is our day
so we all cling
with you and your cause
you are not only king of Khans
but you are also king of hearts
we feel and have firm belief
that only you can bring
real change we need
we are ready to sacrifice any thing
for that dawn of real freedom that is coming near and nearer
and monsters of night are ready to disappear

Monday, 6 October 2014

Article:Land reforms in Japan and in India

I studied about land reforms in Japan in after world war 11.Their Govt  bought  land from big landlords who had  more land  from fix limits at  fix rate and sold it to  tenants at extremely low rates.Tenants were poor so they were facilitated to pay  the price of land in installments in one or two years. During this process  land lords suffered because they have to wait for payments for 1 or 2 years but as law was firm so this revolution succeeded. This step  gave great boost to their agriculture.
In India Govt  wanted to take  land from landlords and  wanted to give it to poor  farmers having no land but it was succeeded only in rural areas like Kirala etc.Urban  landlords found loops in law and taking benefit from it refused to give their land to Govt.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Tiny poem

meri  ankho ka paani tum ho
in sanso ki rawani tum ho
jo chupaa rkhi hay zamanay say
vo albaili se kahani tum ho