Sunday, 27 July 2014

Poem:In your presence

In your presence
I feel myself
sailing in the milky way
you are here with me
no fear to be astray
no need of any key
air is so thick with your love
nothing can make through its way
I am not falling down
As you are here all around
when you are so near
I can see nor hear
any sight  no sound...

Poem:Your touch

I had no perfume any where
your touch has made me scented
all my ego ice
is going to be melted
At last my body embraced you
where my soul, for ever was nested
I was like barren land
your love has
made me fragmented !!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I admit with so misery that its main fault is of   Muslim.They are so much involved in their selfish grounds that they have no time to even speak with real force  against  this terrorism. Limit is that they are assisting the terrorists. Look at the injustice of Israel that it has forcefully occupied the native area of Palestinians at the consent of America and  with that he is harassing, killing and making life of Palestinians very very difficult. And when we probe at the matter our heart bleeds to see that in France, Europe youth is standing against this injustice but most of brother Muslim Arab countries are assisting Israel. Egypt is  only way of Palestine's connection with the outer world as three sides sea is covering the area where Israel's ship are observing each movement of Palestinians. Instead of helping the victims of terrorism it is assisting Israel in this barbarism and stopping food and medical supplies coming to Palestine from other countries. It is the Egypt where elected Govt of Akhwan's was demolished by Army at America,s will and a pro-Israel Govt was established  which is acting in inhuman way. In Algeria and in Syria too elected Govt of pro-Muslim parties were  forcefully smashed. Israel says that Hamas followers kidnapped and killed two Israelis so  Palestine was attacked. Hamas denies this allegation . Suppose they did so then why kids and women at so high level are bombarded. Number of martyred is crossing 600 while killing of Israelis is not more than  13 to 15. I have nothing to say at this saddest moment that yes first of all it is exposure of Muslim's selfishness, greed, lust for world and we who are pretending of being ignorant at this injustice and then It has also unmasked the real face  of modern democracy. About this demcracy Allama Iqbal has said ,
jmhooreat vo tarz e hakoomat hay jis may
bundon ko gina krtay hein tola nahin krtay
(He means that in democracy,not the ability but the number of votes is foundation of Government.) We should keep in mind that Allah delays but never leave any person or nation without reward and at the same time punishment. so now both sides should understand the fact that they have to  accept each other and your rights and have to take care of them for your own rights too.The world should stand by them who are right.


In the end
O my dear friend
It was disclosed
What I have proposed
God had disposed
You were not fit for me
It was fate
It was destiny

Friday, 18 July 2014

Nazm:Aa moj e sabaa....

Aa moj e saba
kuch too hi bataa
kis haal mein hay vo jaan e ghazal
kis or khilaa krtay hein ub
us ki ankhon k sub rus kanwal
jis nay ujiara rahon ko
mun ko  jis nay kia sundal !!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Poem:Sanwli se..

sanwli se raat  mein
khamshi k hath mein
badlon k sath mein
    dil k mrghazaron mein
    rooh k brfzaron mein
          abshaar beh uthein
          mun k raz keh uthei


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Poem:Wohi mosam...

bilkul wohi mosam
bilkul wohi ghataa
bilkul wohi lamhay
wohi waqt e doaa
boondon ki kun mun
poochay tera  pataa
dharti dulhan banii
aasman saja sajaa
anjanay sa pur lgay
mun ha urnay lgaa
chun chun chun se huii
mun ka ghungroo bjaa

Monday, 14 July 2014

ghazal:aj phir.....

aj phir mosam e bahar ayia hay
jhoom k hazar baar ayia hay
sitm ho ya k kram hm ko jan sa pyara
teray pyar pa jb sa aatbarr ayia hay

Ghazal:mein sau jaoo..

mein so jaoo to subha ka sitara kon dekhay ga
teri ankhon mein jadoo sa ishara kon dekhay ga
jub apni jaan driaya mohabbt k hawalay kii
muja kashti ki kia parwah kinara kon dekhay ga

Sunday, 13 July 2014

For Muslims of Gaza Poem: O my little daughter...

O my little daughter
don't cry
we have no time
even to heave a sigh
your father has come home after a long fight
his eyes are swollen coz of bullet's light
your brother and my boy
is taking his last breath
giving me shock more than macbeth
O my little daughter
don't cry
we have no time
even to heave a sigh
forget all your butterflies
and leave all your toys
we have to say so many dears
good bye !!!

Poem: We are one..

We are one
we are one
fighting so far
for no reason
we are one
we are one
I and you
make the two
Adam's son
we are one
we are one
Let's have lot of fun
We are one
we are one

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Poem:Disney Land of Childhood....

Whenever I am sitting in solitude
Disney land of my childhood flashes upon my mind
and my heart is filled with a sense of gratitude
journey to school, daily in rain
endless gossips and fun in the train
gathering of friends was so touchy
no one could ever for a moment sustain
going to Park
was so important task
chasing the butterflies
n catching one safely
took me to the height of skies
then games in moonlight
made the day that night
all those scenes,all those sights
of my childhood
are a source of pleasure,peace and pride !!!   

Ghazal:ub teray .....

ub teray bina ay sanam raha nhi jata
is durd e judayi ka sitam saha nhi jata
ro ro k teri yaad ma jaan se guzar jaein
nadia ki trah dheeray se baha nhi jata
sanson ki rawani teri jawani ki qsam hay
juz  tujh kisi se haal e dil kaha nhi jata 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Article;An important and pleasant point

In surah e Baqra in verse 135-136 Allah says:''Jew say, become Jew.you will get guidance. Christian say, become Christian you will get guidance. Say them,No! Leave all and follow the path of Abraham.''
 Explaining the meaning of these verses and so on in Tafseer Fi Zilal ul Quran Syed Qutab Shaheed tells that Allah directs Prophet Mohammad S.A.W to say them, ''Let us go back to our roots...Abraham's path...he is ancestor of  Muslim as well as yours ...he was not kaffir but you are.''
Then Allah declares of that chain whom equal circles were Abraham, Ismail, Is'haaq, Jaqoob, Mosa, Isa and Mohammad S.A.W. This code of life makes Islam a universal code of life which has no prejudice, No exploitation. It guides to build an open society, whose members have completely oneness among them selves and they deeply love each other. One who accepts
that guideline will get his goal of life Inshallah!!! 


 Spring is coming
and autumn has gone
but not the love
that you have sown
air is sick with fresh flower's scent
branches of trees swing and bend
earth has turned green due to new grass
dew is glittering over like crystal glass
Every thing seems in a mood of celebration
I too feel melting like a stream
coming from a glacier
and urge to shower upon you till evaporation!!!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Poem:For my younger brother A.Algaisy

Lets go for a walk
lets have a little talk
lets see shore n sea
lets have a taste of glee
lets listen to ripple's melody
look at the moon going down
and the sun showing its crown
its shining soft rays
takes away pains always
look at seagulls flying so high
they don't hesitate nor shy
never, never, never give up hope
there is a plain after a slope
when the darkness overcomes you
God's light is here to comfort and guide you
submit troubles to your God
he will bear them for you

Sunday, 6 July 2014

poem:yaad ka hath....

in malgji se fazaon mein...
in basbar se hawaon mein....
teri yadein...
chuund mulaqatein..
un ki soghatein....
asay baham ghuli mili hein...
jasay hr soo kalian kyii khili hein....
kisi yaad ka hath....
thaam k maray ghum ka hath...
chulta hay door tuk sath...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Article: Ramzan

Ramzan is ninth month of Muslim Lunar calender in which almost all Muslims throughout the world are with fast or sawm(Arabic name). It begins about 11 days earlier each year. During a Muslim's life, Ramadan will fall both during winter months, when the days are short, and summer months, when the days are long and the fast is more difficult.
Ramazan is the month in which Prophet Muhammad s.a.w recieved first  revelation of Quraan.
.Sawm or Fast means to refrain from eating, drinking and from going near our spouse from dawn to dusk(fajr azan to maghrib). It is 3rd pillar of Islam.Quraan says,
 ''Oh Muslims Sawm is prescribed to you as It was prescribed to people before you so that you become modest(motaqqi).
 Generally Allah orders us to do good and refrain from evil but during Fast Allah commands Muslims to refrain from their right desires for a specific time to see who is more obedient.
Other prayers are open to our society while Fast is too much private prayer.So Allah says,
            ''Fast is for me and I will reward for it.''
During Ramazan Muslims all over the world get up & sleep, eat drink & stop eating and drinking and pray at same time. This behavior enhance a sense of oneness and unity among them.
 Fast is must for all  Muslims except sick,child, traveler, mentally retarded, pregnant woman, women who are menstruating and too much old people.
 Fast is compulsory in all religion. Aim is to make people know the suffering of poor practically and induce common Muslims to help poor and needy. About prophet Muhammad s.a.w his followers tell,
  ''During Ramazan  his generosity became like very fast blowing winds''
Our thirst and hunger will be meaningless if we don't leave bad practices like lie,back biting, leg pulling and  theft etc. Allah not only wants to make us self restraint physically but also urge to purify and elevate our spirit. This elevation and purification should be observed throughout the year but Ramzan is a special practice period. Allah says,
  ''Allah has no concern with your thirst and hunger unless you refrain from all kinds of sins''
He at another place says,
  ''The Muslims who  fasted with belief their last sins will be forgiven.''

poem:Garden of Love

I am in the garden of Love
here you are sweetest tree
I feel myself above
from  the world of worry
moon is round and pale
trickling from it honey
wind is light and soft
like your voice and your heart
It is only you
who changed a flame in to dew

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Poem;My soul.

My soul cries
across the blinking skies
to have that delight
when you were with me
day and night
your show, your sight
is height of glee
I feel  in your presence
my life's whole essence
fine and free
like a Honey bee
who only wants to see
rose beds and her fellow bee
I yearn for your company
on the shores of Love
like a gull or dove
enjoys to fly above !!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ghazal:ur ur k jaya...

ur ur k jayay dil mera teri nazar k paas..
ik ghur bnana chaya teray nagar k paas...
ub tk tumharay pyaar ki chaon nhi mili...
saya boht hein warna meray shajar k paas..
too nay ha  sach ki rah ka piala jo pi lyia..
phatka ga ub na koi teray hunar k paas

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Poem:O boy..

O boy
give me your hand
on the wet sand
I want to go with you
across the horizons beyond the shore
and wants to love you more and more
It is only you
who opened to me new windows and a door
without you I miss
that hight of bliss