Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Article:Imran's struggle

By speaking truth and exposing liars ...for tolerating hardships for changing this corrupt and already rotten system.  He has taken a huge task..please encourage and share this responsibility  he needs each and every sincere Pakistani support.He is fighting against America tyranny and feudals of Pakistan at same time.If he is succeeded he will take his nation to the heights of prosperity and respect inshallah.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Poem:In your arms

I want to have a rest
for ever in your arms
whenever I feel agony
your words are like honey
you are my Anthony
in the moments of much  pain
in the sun and in the rain
I want to sigh and cry
O honey! in your arms
when ever I am frustrated
and feel so devastated
I want to die in your arms!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014


mubarak ho chman walo k vo jaan e bahaar ayia
qarar  ayia,nigar ayia,nigaar ayia,qarar ayia

kbhi behno k hathon ki rangili hina bun kr
kbhi  ba khanman maan ki  maili se rida bun kr
dilo ko fatah krnay aj phir vo shahswar ayia
 qarar ayia qarar ayia qarar ayia qarar ayia

kbhi ankho may  albaili subho ki tu zia lay kur
kbhi phoolo say honto pa shabnam  se doa lay kur
khizanon ko ura k  bun k pagham e bahar ayia
qarar ayia nigar ayia nigar ayia qarar ayia

terii baton may  poshida hikmat kay khizanay hein
teray ung ung may khwabeeda kul k sub fsanay hein
chaman ka zraa zraa tujh pa honay ko nisar ayia
qarar ayia nigar ayia nigar ayia qarar ayia


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Article: Our future

No doubt sir  Govt is not bed of roses as Nawaz says but we should hope for the best.It has many reasons.Firstly mind it that Imran will not alone in Govt ..Inshallah other stake holders like PML N will be  there and it  is good for us.Very strong opposition is very necessary for good governance .It keeps the people in power on track. Imran just  wants Election rigging  investigations   which are not possible in presence of PML N OR NAWAZ SO HE HAS RAISED SLOGAN  gO Nawaz go and is struggling to popularize it more n more. No doubt Imran ll have pressure of Army but our own Army pressure is better that the pressure of India. Nawaz  is over taking Army to increase his business in India.Even BThese both parties PPP n PML N had ruled two times and has done nothing  except gathering shame  and corruption so we should test a new  courageous and sincere man who has served already Pakistan  without any greed and has raided  Pakistan's name .Who has established  great institutions with just donation who knows how to fight with west and eastern powers.BBC is saying this. So hope Imran will not do any harm to Pakistan .He will take us to the hieght of  respect,peace and properity Inshallah.May be mid phase will tough but if he will be sincere  we will face all hard ships with him will work hard with him and will get rid of  slavery and debts.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Poem:Prince or Tiger..

Rain after rain
has rinsed our sins
and had grown over us
little tiny fins
to flow through waters

We were pure like babies
and were blossoming like daisies
at that heavenly place
free to embrace
you were prince of a princess
or tiger of a tigress ??????

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Poem: River of desire

Horizon's hues
have turned red and blue
over the grass we are just
getting wet with
drops of dew
your feet flicking in the grass like fish
some times you cry
and scream with joy
''I want to dance with you''

Drifting of mind

 we should understand that in new Pakistan we will not find heaven at once ..may be we have to face American and western so  many hindrance ..so we have to face  may be more hunger and poverty for a  short period   but if want real freedom and respect we have to be determined to reach  a goal of self reliance where no power have  control over our prices over our defense and over our decisions.

Article:Today's thought

 what inspires me is his courage  and determination.The task or responsibility he is taking is very huge.He wants to get rid of feudal system corruption and incapability  and at the same time of slavery of American tyranny.He needs  complete alliance of his country men.No doubt it is our task.A task which will benefit not only us but our generation too.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Poem:Blinking stars in your eyes

over a grassy patch
under a shady tree
is heaven for me
stars blink in your eyes
when you look at me
your presence O dear!
is a source of sanity
air so fresh and clear
sky is blue and near
listening your lullaby
my spirits are getting high and high
making you more and more dear
and assuring me
you are so sincere
I want to be with you
in all the coming years!!!!

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Whenever the days are sunny
and the breeze is trickling honey
after so much rain
I urge to meet you again
clouds are flying to your land
making shapes of garlands
I feel so crazy about you
and I want to be your baby
all the time I quiver
want to cross all the rivers
to be where you are
but I don't  know
how to move the stars
and change the destiny
God is still testing me
your love flows through my veins
and makes every thing insane

Friday, 5 September 2014

Article: What is Death and what is Life

Allah says,
''apnay goray tyaar rakho''
He says more,
''The people who are martyred to raise the name of Allah ..are not dead ..they are alive .They are given food by Allah.but you can not have sense of this ''
Poet says,
shaheed ki jo maut hay vo qaum ki hayat hay
lahoo jo ha shaheed ka vo qaum ki zakaat hay
Today is 6 September. A day when our Air force performed memorable deeds  defending their country. It is our duty to keep it safe from erosion and interventions. Mind it! The nation who lives just to enjoy can never survive respectfully. It is alive but like dead's. To survive respectfully is necessary to strive for best and
to prepare  for glorious death on our own forums because death is an inevitable fact of this universe then why not in our field why on bed!!!

Nazm:Imraan say...

sapno ko khonay na denaa
masoomo ko rona na denaa
neend say jo badaar huay hein
un ko phir sonay  na denaa
   yaad hay vo  Iqbal ki baat
   Quaid ki hay ya saughat
    dakhna mehshar ki  ya ghari hay
    chootay na hatho sa hath
    too nay hmaraa maan brhayia
    apna chain too nay bhulayia
    hum b rhein gay teray sath

Poem:Imran Khan

He is not just a leader
he is a survivor of a nation
from humiliation and discrimination
He is a beacon house in the dark night
who shows us the light
to the path of peace, prosperity and sincerity
He tells where glory,respect and splendor dwell
who told us how to shatter
these selfish magician's spell
He creates in us an untiring power
to fight for our right
who takes us to high and high flight
we need no crown
for us is just enough
your safety and your sight !!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Article:Javed Hashmi

Hashmi sb is very senior politician and one of very few Pakistani politicians who sacrificed power and luxury for the survival democracy and truth.He is in his last phase of his career and as well as of age . He can be sentimental ,his judgement can be wrong(though  not totally wrong),he can be sentimental but he is not liar he is not  Daghi.S leave him and let him do as he likes. Imran has  let him go and has said nothing except that he has not judged him  properly.properly. Imran has never acted on others  puppets.We have no right to say any thing about such a great person who has tolerated  jail for many years just not flattering the powerful dictators and tolerated  Nawaz ignorance  inspite of struggling with him in front lines in crisis.

Article:Flaws of Present movement Azadi March

.Many people think about country sincerely but believe  me I am also worried about the situation specially about the people who are on naked ground  for so many days and nights tolerating rain,thunder,hunger(some time)restlessness,fear of life etc. Don't say  that no one is opening Quraan. We are Muslims and no Muslim is permit to judge Emaan of a Muslim who takes name of Allah and his Rasool S.A.W.
  I  often  went back in History to see what mistakes are in this movement. I agree that  singing and dancing specially in mix gathering(though it is not mix but perhaps  mob  is mixed some times) doesn't suits a  Muslim movement.You will have felt that Imran has controlled this situation. He is concentrating to take the movement on concrete  bases.His stance is right. He is like a new Muslim. If you  study his life you will see  he was thrilling and adventurous from his childhood. He had Islamic name and background but he practically and intentionally came to Islam when he came back from England during last phase of his education as he was very depressed . Here he met some religious people who brought him to  real teaching of Islam.  He is sincere,sympathetic and enthusiastic. He studied Quraan  in his 20's with translation. In movement so many people are involved, a mob is involved  and some mistakes are definitely occurred but wise man is that who  correct them when ever he is diverted attention  towards them. An arrogant  man argues and excuses. I think Imran is in 1st category. He is  committed and determined at his  right stance and is continuously trying hard to bring his workers to attend the procession and to  make his movement successful. We should  remember that this movement is not  for personal power. It is to  demolish  a deep rooted feudal corrupt system and establish  a strong Islamic and democratic system. It is not a easy job.It is a huge resposibility.His shoulders need to share this load with his country men. He needs assistance and encouragement. Please join him. He is your hero .He has never betrayed you. He will never betray you Inshallah!

Article :Revolution in Iran by Imam Khumini

Protest or Dharna or sitting in Capital exceeding from half month.People are tired,restlass some times hungry or thirsty away from their homes. If we include their families too their number will go again in millions.Every sensitive person iin society wishes to end this  situation. We common citizens are also victims of it  because we also have to face traffic blocks,ways block and  utilities shotage  specially of vegetables.
People of different spheres of life are  suggesting many solution of this issue.I also consider myself a  sensitive and sincere citizen of my country so very often I think  how can be a better end of this  issue...how can be fulfilled  the dream of a  welfare state  of Pakistan. Many revolutionaries  flash back on my memory  projector like Bhutto, Qazzafi, Yasir Arafat, Maulana Maududi and Imam Khumini etc.  Among them Imam Khumini's stature is big and broad. He  demolished the grand structure of Raza shah kingdom of Iran. Let us see how  he start.He was  a brilliant  and devoted student of  an Iranian Madrassa. He used to speak against Raza Shah's  lavish style of life, against his  unethical traditions and  against his injustice. The issues he raised were  true so soon he established  a large group of his followers. They used to shre their views in social gatherings. Soon Shah's spies told Shah about Young Khumini's rebellious views. Khumini's views were getting popular  speedily.They  started protesting and speaking against Shah in great rallies and processions.Shah warned him  for some time and then arrested him and sent  on exile in Iraq. Here he was facing some restrictions by his Govt so by his  friend's effort he  was permitted to go to France where he could esly communicate with hiss followers. He was  a scholar of Hadis and Fiqqa so many groups of students and scholars came to him  and after attending his lectures took away its video with them in which an Islamic state map was cleared gradually in the light of Quran o Hadis.So his message was gradually conveyed to his public. So when when he landed on Airport of Tehran  whole city was crowded with people coming from different sides of country. Imam Khumini didn't wasted time  .He straightly went with his followers to Shah's palace.Many Shah's people.Shah himself  flee away and Khumini and his followers took the control. They abolished all  remaining of shah's kingdom and established in country peace and harmony.Imam Khumini taught his nation a practical lesson of faith, self integrity and self reliance according to Islamic teaching which they remembered for  decades.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Article:Way to self reliance..

Many people say that it is so difficult to survive with out  aid and assistance of America  type of powers. Instead of arguing I want to give you example of Japan. As I am humble student of History I want to share my study about Japan with you. Japan is  one of few countries who suffered severely  during World war 11. Atom bombs were shed on their main cities Nagasaki and Heroshima. People who saw that scene and survived too tell that  millions of people were burnt  by the heats of those bombs in no time. Some people jumped into nearby river  to get rid of the heat but river water was boiling  due to bomb shedding. They were roasted and their bones were melt in hot waters.Their economy  sank. Their public went in severe shock but their leaders were determined. They gave them real sense of respect, self reliance and integrity. They  rejected all types of international (aids another form of  begging). They went in an isolation .They started from  zero and  relying on their own resources struggled hard to stand on their feet. They have to tolerate huge hindrances. They had economic crisis. They shortened their worldly desires. They were threatened but they had sworn to not quarrel with any one because these wars had  damaged them a lot in past. They had not no Army so they saved the expenditure of Army and spent it on industry. They had very small area of earth but they used sea to built Air port and many other buildings. They had very little mineral resources so they struggled  very hard and concentrated as nation on Industry.
They bought raw material  from other countries at very less price and after converting this material in best form of industrial tool sold it at very high cost. So their economy took boost in a few years. America tried hard to persuade them to learn English and to influence them by their culture. They didn't pay heed on their propaganda in their country.They had decided to erect a new  horizon from their ash and in 1953 they were ahead of whole world in the field of Industry a few years  after world war 11.