Sunday, 29 June 2014

Poem:To my son

Never involve in a shameful action
if ever a gorgeous personality
catch your attention
you want to give him all your affection
keep up your morality
coz I love the wound on your chest
not on your back.

Article:Election reforms a mile stone..

 Scientist and Educationist Ata ur Rehman said,  ''Our country never enjoyed the real taste of Democracy, It was mere feudocracy, in which feudal kept occupied Parliament.''
They take care of feudal class because  majority of Assembly members belong to Upper class.They have very less knowledge of poor people and no sympathy for them in their hearts.They strive and unite for any right of their class. Result is that  rich is going to be richer and poor is going to be poorer.Most of these feudal parliamentarians are corrupt, illiterate and selfish. So they don't miss any opportunity to make wrong use of nation's money.
Structure of election commission is so weak and full of short comings that no middle man can come in power. MNA and MPA are elected on the base of Cast , family and economic background. Imran Khan and many other well wisher of our country are trying to make people understand that our country can never go to right path unless Election Commission is authorized and Electoral mechanism is revolutionized. Most important act is to change the method of casting vote.It should be electronic so that local voting should be linked to the main Election Commission Computer. It will not only save time but rigging chances will be eliminated at great extent. Laws should also be reformed and they should be implemented strictly so that only honest,sincere and capable candidate should be able to contest for election and best among them will be able to selected for Assemblies.
It is a matter to ponder that how India and Bangladesh got rid of these feudal system and  helped the lower class to join in main stream of its economy,industry and even Government.Not only India but also Bangladesh is going ahead of us in fields of agriculture, Industry and technology. Reason is that  they have much more better implication of Law than us. The ruler party has a prominent number of middle class who know problems of middle class and also have passion and determination to solve these problems. That is why ratio of middle class in India has gone up to 30% while in Pakistan middle class is decreased to 10%.    This is not an easy task. It is a long journey. Election reforms will not be complete revolution but they will be a mile stone for future revolutionaries.If sincerity and consistency for  a welfare state sustained Inshallah a day will come as Imran Khan says ''People from other countries will come to our country to seek jobs.''     


jago mohan hay waqt e doa
sohana ha waqt or thandi hawa
prindon na phir sa nya geet chairay
flak na phir orhi hay neeli ridaaa
nadi pur chalo saaz us kay sunno
chuppi hay khamoshi may kaisy sada
tehlna kbhi to nram ghaas pur
esi may chupi sub ghamo sa shifa

Friday, 27 June 2014

Poem:On fire

because of your desire
I feel I am on fire
and my heart looks
like an amplifier
and calls
you, youu, youuuuuuuuuuu


ik ajab se khawish thi
taray paas anay ki
taray sang aa janan
kuch lamhay bitana ki
ak ajnbi rastay pur
door talak janay ki
thora muskranay or
kuch ansoo bahanay ki
   ik ajab se khawish thi

Monday, 16 June 2014

Arz kia ha.....

dust e mehboob se ya hawa
poochti ha pata teraa
deti ha tujha sadaa
aa laut aaaa

Sunday, 8 June 2014


chahton ka khumaar totay na
ya saman ya bahar roothay na
tara pyaar tera intzar chootay na
      too na chaira  nghma e husti
      tujh sa abaad huyii dil ki basti
      paar lgana rehmaan ya kashti

Thursday, 5 June 2014

poem:taray sath ...

taray sath beetay saray din
kuch es suraat sa guzar gya
jasay rang hawa ma bikhar gya
jasay phool khil ka nikhar gya

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ghazal:ik ahd ki tjdeed....

ik ahd ki tjdeed ka thora sa jo imkan ha
utri huyi angan ma jasa k kehkshan hay
dekho to hwaon ma jugnoo koi damkay
anchal ma meray unjan sitaray koi chamkay
soondhy huyii miti na ha dhoom machayi
or door kisi  ranjhay na kia taan uthayii
tara koi dheeray sa paas aa k hay bola
uth tera moqadar qudrat na ha ab khola

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Imraan Khan .

.History tells that Imraan refused to become PM from a back doors but some journalists are blaming him that he is trying to become Prime minister by demolishing the present system. To give his opinion or even to protest again a unjust action is his basic right as a citizen of Pakistan. We should keep in mind that Imran is not an angel he is a human being and have to make his team among Human beings..So it is not justice to make him target and to fire him blindly. When people of KPK are asked about him most of them are satisfied with his policies.His work is visible so no need to propagate. Problem is that he pinpoints blunders of Corrupt Politicians so they are annoyed by him and try to reject him totally.  He has collected charity but he has shown the result too. It is not shameful as some politicians try to project. It is honor that a public figure like him is making internationally recognized institutions while working Govt wasted public money in just useless foriegn tours and security of Corrupt Politicians. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ghazal:Hasar e ....

hasar e wahm o guman mein rehta hein
ak bulblay sa makan mein rehtay hein
zara se thais lga or chikna choor ho sub
ajb dukan e sheesha gran ma rehtay hein
teray khyaal sa dehkay teray pyaar ma julthul
ajab haran o prashan jahan may rehta hein
milaa hay jub say too thehr gyii  barsaat...
dhunaa dhunaa sa taray jahan may rehta hein

Ghazal:ik tara tassawar...

Ik tara tasawur ha jo mjha busnay nhi deta
ik us ka jabr ha jo mujha hunsnay nahi data
tufan ma andheray mein bus ak tera naam
kashti meri grdaab may phunsnay nahi deta
hur simt yoo phaila hay chahat ka teri jaal
chehra koi ankhon may juchnay nahi deta
un dekha sa taala ha jo zehn o qalab pur
podon ko chutnaar sa bunnay nahi deta