Sunday, 30 March 2014

Poem:jb bahar too k chaa jaya jb .....

jb bahar toot k chaa jaya  jb jharna hr soo phoot  bahaein
jb munki iksha poori ho  jb zkhme judayi hm na sahein

Ghazl:nikla vo thak....

nikla vo thuk k ik din jb khuli faza mein
baad e saba k sath sath sursraoon mein
too bhool jaya jo b jhalay hein too na zakhm
moj e hawa ki trah tujay gudgdaoon mein
shakhon k peecha peecha hola sa lurza chand
dharti pa dheera dheera kismsaoon mein
teray dhian teri mohabbt ki bheek paa kr
bismil ki trah dheera dheera phphraoon mein
too bhool jaya muj ko kisi khwab ki trah
ankhon k panion mein bus jhilmlaoo mein

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Article:Amina Bibi of Pakistan

Article:Amina Bibi of Pakistan

In 2002, in Muzzafar Garh, incident of Mukhtaran Mai occurred. She was raped by a gang too.It took world wide fame.Many people said that West is exaggerating. Now again,in  Muzzafar Garh an 18 years girl has been raped by four or five gangsters. Police released the main criminal declaring him innocent.Depressed girl doused herself with petrol and set herself on fire. This is not a mere news.It is a great blow on the face of humanity where innocent blooming girls like a bud are smashed under feet of absconders.Instead of poviding shelter to victimed girl Police gave cover  to
 It was 4 January 2014,when Bala Chandia a notorious absconder stormed in the house of local patwari's house with  his four gangsters in full daylight and raped patwari's daughter on gunpoint.They also fired her mother when she protested. Family filed a case in local court.After two months 14March 2014 investigation police declared the rapist innocent. Amna had reached the court by this time to protest against  the lethargic behavior of police with some human right members. When she heard about the decision she went in great depression.She poured petrol over her and burnt herself. Human right member said :''No police man or woman tried to stop Amna from committing suicide''.
Another source says that main rapist Nadir belonged to a local politically influenced family. He gave bribe of 70,000 to a minister to get rid of the case.Police declared it a domestic dispute and released the Culprit as sister of that girl is wife of Nadir's brother.While Doctors of that hospital(where she was taken after burnt)said that girl was abducted by four people.
Suicide o this blooming girl has raised many questions.
 First is as Chief Justice said why police didn't stopped the girl to suicide while she was in enclosure of court. second question is,''Are we living life of caves without any law except power.'' Third, the most important question is, ''How much lives we will have to  sacrifices for the establishment of a welfare state. A state where justice and respect would be free and approachable for all and people would feel their lives and possessions safe and sound without any discrimination of religion,region,place  or power.
 When we will understand answers of these questions dream of a welfare nation will be fulfilled Inshahallah..         

Friday, 21 March 2014

Ghazal:Aa Aa bahar...

Aa Aa bahar tujh ko galay se lagaoo mein
Aa Aa bahar phir se tujha chair jaoo mein
Aa Aa bahar phir se koi nyii taal chair
Aa teray sath geet koi gungnaoo mein
tery hawaon mein koi sharab ha ghulii
paon tujhay saray gham bhool jaoo mein
teray wafoore ishq na jal thal kia mujha
itna k hr lamha jasay kapkpaoon mein
ya rab too mera hath thaam us ki kair kr
mehshar ki es ghari mein na dgmgaoo mein
driaya e ishq hi hua mera liya hayat
ab paar kroo es ko ya doob jaoo mein
too bhool jaya mj ko kisi khwab ki trah
ankhon ka panion mein bs jhilmilaoo mein

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

ghazl:tera khatoot......

tera khatoot ko pani mein baha diya hm na
teri yaad ko dil sa mita diya hm na
jo teri yaad mein hr wqt rota rehta tha
usi prinda ko akhir mana liya ham na

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ghazal:ghtaien qareb hei...

Ghtaien qareeb hein brasna ko
ham ein zinda tuja trasna ko
enasan ensan k lya ho rehmt         
us na bejha nhin grajna ko
qafla wala to ja k khak huaa
ham hein baqi abhi trapna ko

Feudals and Land reforms in Pakistan

When Quaid e Azam took responsibility of leading Muslim League he tried hard to expand the message of Independence. For this purpose he increased its membership, went all around Indo-Pak and made the demand of Pakistan the voice of all Indian Muslim's hearts. During this process,many Land Lords came in front line because they had great influence over people working in their vast Lands(possessing some times hundred and some times thousands of acres). People working under them can never think to vote against their will. So when Pakistan came into being majority members of National and provincial Assemblies belonged to this group of Feudal.
Indian govt succeeded in getting get rid of these Feudals  by splitting their territories in its country and giving  them to small farmers. Due to early death of Quaid e Azam,they hi-jacked Pakistan and took over all main positions.From that time they don't permit to pass that bill which is against their welfare.They like education,progress and prosperity for themselves but not for public.That is why Pakistan is getting backward day by day. They give cover to Corruption and ill-legal practices because they themselves are involved in such practices.  Recent incident with Amna Bibi, a teen age girl and student of 1st year burnt herself on fire outside a police station when police released her alleged rapist declaring him innocent after taking bribe of 70,000RS. He belonged to a politically powerful family and also took favor of a minister.
  Pakistani Leaders like Ayub Khan,Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq have tried to break their power by Land reforms. Their efforts did work but very little. They could not make these reforms a part of constitution because  majority of members sitting in Assemblies were Feudals and they opposed severely these reforms. It is a bitter fact that in their presence it is impossible to hope for any betterment of Pakistani public.
 If we really wish to live a honorable and prosper life in Pakistan we have to change this system by election. We have to elect such people who are brilliant&bold, pious&patriot ,dedicated&educated. Only these people can bring a real revolution in Pakistan.

Monday, 17 March 2014


fazaein sogwar hein tera lya
ghtaein ashkbaar hein tera lya
chand chup hawa bhi ha udaas
champa mushkbaar ha tera lyia
tera binaya aasman ba maani
shabnmi ha marghzar tera lya

Sunday, 16 March 2014

poem:doori sahi jaya na...

doori sahii jaya na
un kahii
kahii jaya na
meghaa barsa na
ansoo chalkaa na
dil bar bar ghabraya
jana piyaa kb ayaaa
lamha guzar na payien
panchi ur ur jayein

Friday, 14 March 2014

Article:Basant and our Culture

Winter is coming to an end and spring is taking its place.New buds are blossoming and earth has covered with lush green grass.In Asia, Basant is celebrated in this season since centuries. Our Govt has banned it(though it is still celebrated locally)forgetting the fact that it is our tradition and part of our culture.Traditions have deep roots in people's hearts and show themselves in one or another way.As famous socialite Yousaf Sallah ud Din said that when Govt is weak to manage  the problems in a better way it tries to compensate by banning people enjoyments. This is not good.
   From centuries people of Asia come out in spring. They arrange fairs,dance,sing,eat and fly kites. During these days they cheer and shout with joy but no one dares to quarrel or  abuse other. There is unseen public pressure.Like  sportsmen they automatically learn to live in harmony. They respect others right. They share their joy and their possessions with each other. A bliss is every where which can never be bought from Mc Donald  etc.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Pigeon of my heart has gone out of my hand
and is flying above and above
advancing to the land
of eternal love
it is up to you
to care it is false or true

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Article:New movement Imran Khan and Nawaz meeting

''You wished to consult me and I came to see you'',These were lovely remarks of PM Nawaz Sharif when he called on Imran Khan at his home without any protocol. He had come to discuss Talibaan Issue with Imran Khan as his PTI is in power in province KPK which is directly involved with Talibaan. Imran Khan's stand for Talibaan is also important in politics. He said that he wants to resolve this problem without shedding one drop of a Muslim. I think if Nawaz Sharif is sincere in this statement this will be Inshallah a turning point in Pakistan History. Imran Khan also appreciated very warmly his sincere efforts and promised to stand by him at every step. He said Army action is last tool and it should be used but just to press terrorists.He said that people opposing negotiaton are not friend of Pakistan.Negotiation has divided a line between terrorist and peace seeker Talibaan.   They also formed a new committee who will negotiate openly with Taaliban. The former committee will also support them. This is a great movement. May Allah give all leaders to take this Issue  to a better end. As Habib jalib had said that way to democracy is not easy but it is inevitable.We as a nation have to sacrifice our interests and at a time our lives too if we wish to live with honor,peace and prosperity.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

nazm:asy chali....

aisee chali praim bhari hawa
mn hath sa nikl jaya
chnryia sr sa sirk jaya

Ghazl:thehr gya ha...

thehr gyia mera shehr mein tera pyaar ka mosam
bhaar ho k khizaan ha teraa intzaar ka mosam
trap trap kar tairay qaidy na jaan day deee
hua ha ab kiya mkhtasir tera ikhtiar ka mosam

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Nazm:jb sans ...

jb sans snbhal jaya
jb mosm badal jaya
jb jharna phoot  bhain
jb barf pigal jaya
tum laut k phir aana

Friday, 7 March 2014

Ghazal:tera bin...

waqt katta nhi ha
dil behlta nahi ha
parta nhi kisi pal chain
kaam koi snwrta nhi ha
kaisa jion gi tujh bin
tujh ko chinta nhi ha
kaisa kahoo haal e dil
lafzo ma sundrta nhi ha
jo ha vo tujh sa ha
meri bipta nhi ha

Article:Some more facts about Cricket

England is home of Cricket but our region has suffered from this fever seriously.Specially when the match is between Pakistan and India temperature is very high. Witty people like Zia-ul-Haq used it to smooth relation between two countries.Rajev Gandi (that time PM) was trying to surge in Pakistan territory but e could not even speak when Zia-ul-Haq reached in Cricket ground of India to see  the Cricket match.
It was very sad to hear that the day Pakistan won against India some students were thrown out of an Indian University for cheering Pakistan during a cricket match with arch rivals India on Sunday and were
subsequently booked for sedition. Last news tell that they  were forgiven but this incident has exposed the real faced of India who claims to share borders and trade. Again in Kashmir people cheering after Pakistan cricket team victory against India were lathi charged and a man was massacred by a police man. Police arrested that police man but Army is saying that it  is treason case and Army Court will decide it.Is it a democratic behavior?
Now look at an another picture too. In Bangladesh many Bihari Bengalies supported and cheered Pakistani players but pro-India Govt didn't interrupted.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Article: Pakistan cricket and Govt

Sunday and Tuesday were the days when all Pakistani were happy. Pakistan Cricket team had won continuously two matches against India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh public fully supported our team against India.It was joyful and encouraging but it proved another thing too that it is the Govt not the  public who is prejudicial about Pakistan.
 Another interesting thing was that  Afridi proved himself fit and still Boom Boom. His performance was going down for months and people were protesting against him. Instead of annoying he worked very hard. After winning award of Man of the match he was not boosting of his capabilities. He was complementing Misbah the Captain who was giving way  senior players and encouraging them. Sikandar Bakht was also appreciating Captain who gave space to his players. He was remembering the days when  Imran khan also used to make the small players big and big the bigger by his stimulation. People were dancing,cheering and sharing sweets. I was thinking at that time that our Govt should have same spirit to settle down its problems. Too much ego,less work and shortage of  sincerity is destroying our institutions,performance and peace process too. Afridi's fair face was tanned due to tough training but light of happiness was blinking it.       

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Nazm: Jazira....

teri chahat ik aisa jazira ha
jahan khushion ka raj ha
jahan kul nahi sirf aaj ha...
jahan hur shay may too chamkay
or paani hur soo chulkay
jahan panchi aa k rusta bhoolein
jahan hm ik dooja ko chahein
jahan phaili hoo hr soo  teri banhein

Monday, 3 March 2014

Nazm:Qaidee k lya hukm

us ki qaid ki mayaad barha de jaya
ak diwar pr ik aur diwar bna de jaya
dekhna ankho ma koi khwab phir sa jaga
dekhna phir koi rang nigahon ma jhanka
us ki ankhon pa nqab nyii urha de jaya
us k sapno pa nyii pahr bitha de jaya
dekhna bharna laga phir us k zakhm
dekhna paida na ho us k lya koi marham
dekhna zor dast e jafa joo na ho paya kam
kia tha sach kia jhoot koi jan na la
us ka gird phir dhool uraa de jaya

ghzal:dil k sagar mein ...

dil k sagar mein lehrien uthayia na kro
khwab bn kar neendein chrayia na kro
bohat chot lagi ha mera dil par
tum khwab mein aa kar jayia na kro

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Poem:Paradise ...

My heart flies.....
to the valley of your love...
and strives to have a nest in that paradise....
like a dove ....
I want to leave this world shores..
and yearn to live in your Alcove

Article:Army Action...in North

Today many Parties and groups of people are in favor of Army Action in North. No doubt, It is condemnable to massacre  FC workers but it is also not encouraging to attack on  another area's citizens while criminals belong to a separate area. Then we should keep a fact in mind that in northern area millions of civilians are  living. It is so challenging to  vacate that population while we have not yet
given proper shelters who are vacated already.There are 30 to 35 talibaan groups and all of them are not aggressive. Most of them want peace and cease fire.
It is also welfare of our state to separate by negotiating the peace seekers from  aggressive. Taking this step, Govt would be able to win public favor and moreover may be able to concentrate the aggressives in a proper way and with more power. We should remember that fact too that during Army Action in Bangladesh many opportunists were favoring it but today all people are against it. We have to strengthen our borders by developing a friendly relationship with them as they were before 1988.
It is also alarming that more than 26 intelligence agencies are working in Pakistan. Pakistan is second in this list.Many of them are foreigners. How it is possible that terrorist cross them and reach even in GHQ.Mehran Base and Kamra Base. These terrorist are not locally trained or equipped like Talibaan.It is time to ponder in the light of new circumstance.