Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Feudals and Land reforms in Pakistan

When Quaid e Azam took responsibility of leading Muslim League he tried hard to expand the message of Independence. For this purpose he increased its membership, went all around Indo-Pak and made the demand of Pakistan the voice of all Indian Muslim's hearts. During this process,many Land Lords came in front line because they had great influence over people working in their vast Lands(possessing some times hundred and some times thousands of acres). People working under them can never think to vote against their will. So when Pakistan came into being majority members of National and provincial Assemblies belonged to this group of Feudal.
Indian govt succeeded in getting get rid of these Feudals  by splitting their territories in its country and giving  them to small farmers. Due to early death of Quaid e Azam,they hi-jacked Pakistan and took over all main positions.From that time they don't permit to pass that bill which is against their welfare.They like education,progress and prosperity for themselves but not for public.That is why Pakistan is getting backward day by day. They give cover to Corruption and ill-legal practices because they themselves are involved in such practices.  Recent incident with Amna Bibi, a teen age girl and student of 1st year burnt herself on fire outside a police station when police released her alleged rapist declaring him innocent after taking bribe of 70,000RS. He belonged to a politically powerful family and also took favor of a minister.
  Pakistani Leaders like Ayub Khan,Bhutto and Zia-ul-Haq have tried to break their power by Land reforms. Their efforts did work but very little. They could not make these reforms a part of constitution because  majority of members sitting in Assemblies were Feudals and they opposed severely these reforms. It is a bitter fact that in their presence it is impossible to hope for any betterment of Pakistani public.
 If we really wish to live a honorable and prosper life in Pakistan we have to change this system by election. We have to elect such people who are brilliant&bold, pious&patriot ,dedicated&educated. Only these people can bring a real revolution in Pakistan.