Friday, 7 March 2014

Article:Some more facts about Cricket

England is home of Cricket but our region has suffered from this fever seriously.Specially when the match is between Pakistan and India temperature is very high. Witty people like Zia-ul-Haq used it to smooth relation between two countries.Rajev Gandi (that time PM) was trying to surge in Pakistan territory but e could not even speak when Zia-ul-Haq reached in Cricket ground of India to see  the Cricket match.
It was very sad to hear that the day Pakistan won against India some students were thrown out of an Indian University for cheering Pakistan during a cricket match with arch rivals India on Sunday and were
subsequently booked for sedition. Last news tell that they  were forgiven but this incident has exposed the real faced of India who claims to share borders and trade. Again in Kashmir people cheering after Pakistan cricket team victory against India were lathi charged and a man was massacred by a police man. Police arrested that police man but Army is saying that it  is treason case and Army Court will decide it.Is it a democratic behavior?
Now look at an another picture too. In Bangladesh many Bihari Bengalies supported and cheered Pakistani players but pro-India Govt didn't interrupted.