Saturday, 31 August 2013

Poem An orbitary Love

We were involved in an orbitary love
like  a planet which passes near
earth after thousands of years
causes huge destructions
and multiple  fractions,
 drowns many cities
but at the same time creates
many new islands in barren seas.

poem southern wind

Photo taken from Muclicks
I asked the southern wind.
where is my peace of mind? 
How is my king of heart?
Sleeping or waking
and waiting for rejoin again.

Poem j's she

There was j's she who was a girl inside
but had grown a little more.
She had grey strips in her hair
and few lines on her face
but she was still fond of calling  
her boy with sweet names.
She still liked to play games
and yearned to make a better score.
Her steps still rose on lively tunes
and her lips still sang rock n roll 
She still wished to touch clear sky
like cloud liked to fly 
and longed to go with j on shore.
There was j's she who loved j's tender soul.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Politics In Pakistan

Imran Khan, A Hope For Pakistan
Imran Khan, an elegant leader who has no tag of Sardar, Mian or Makhdoom. He is most popular politician of Pakistan.He is honest and sincere as his past shows. He raised funds from his countrymen and built great institutions like Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Lahore, NUML University Mianwali and Shaukat Khanum Hospital Karachi etc.
Imran Khan has a magnetic power which attracts his party members towards him. Spell of his energetic personality glues its members with each other and keeps them united. They want to do anything for him. This energy should be utilized for some national cause.
Common and elite. old and youth, rich and poor all love and trust Imran and hope that he'll take away his nation from the  night of corruption, nepotism and opportunism to the lights of confidence,struggle progress and patriotism.
In this election,Imran has given tickets mostly to those people who belong to middle class. He should improve selection criteria by keeping in view his candidate's  ability and popularity. If Imran is consistent in this strategy and his party takes the mandate in next election this itself will be a great revolution. As people interested in Pakistan history know very well that this was majority  of  feudal s, land lords and capitalists who never let any reforms in Education,Land and Industry to be a law. During last sixty five years,only those bills were passed unanimously which facilitate this so called 'Ashrafia'. We don't need any friendly  opposition which is busy in robbing our country throughout its tenure and people are continuously been victim of terrorism, flood and poverty.We hope that Imran with the strength of that middle class will face all problems bravely and will solve them sincerely. Blessing of Allah will shower upon these right people and one day we will also proud to be Pakistani.
Many people are putting petitions. I too want to put a petition against that people who made a plot to assassinate Imran. Is that a drama of children or stage of a great leader which was so high and had no capacity for two persons to stand? It is blessing of Allah that he is alive(Alhammdo Lillah) today, Imran  should remember  that as much high we climb up the mountain we need more care. He is gem of Pakistan and should not waste his time in indulging in affairs of these corrupt people because it is spoiling his image as a great leader.
In these days, Imran's statement against jury has become so much hot topic that people have almost forgotten that not common man but leader of PPP Aatzaz Ahsan and Chairman of ANP Asfand Yar Wali Khan have also given statement of similar meanings. All well wishers of govt are suggesting Imran to apologize by this or that way. Here,problem isn't the ego but court should understand the fact that they with Election Commission haven't played their role properly  during election process. Court is a neutral institution and it should have decide issues like rigging  in  elections. In spite of deciding this issues increased during presidential elections. Now so called well wishers of  Imran are threatening him that if he didn't apologize and create any agitation Army will take over and  it will destroy democracy.Here a question raises?  What is the use of that democracy which is doing nothing for the betterment of its people and like a prostitute  amusing just courtiers of ruling party and its alleys.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Travel :A visit to Kaghan valley

 It was quite hot in my city, Rawalpindi so in last week of summer vacations I planned to visit  Kaghan valley with my family. Kaghan valley is situated in northern areas surrounded by mountains of Himalayas. From Rawalpindi it is a five hours drive in a car.
    We left at 7:00PM and entered the valley via Abottabad at 12:15PM. The way grew steep and winding as we moved ahead. There are springs and waterfalls after every few steps. River Kunhar flows on one side of the road which is main source of irrigation. This river is also famous due to its delicious fish Trout. In this area only peas, potato and maize are sown in summer. Fruits like apple, pear, plum and peach are grown. They are of very good quality.
Our next destination was Shogran. Greenery was softer and soothing in form of more vast patches of grass. Meadows looked decorated with tiny colorful wild flowers. Cattle were busy in grazing grass. A silence and peace was reigning all over the environment. Hazara University is situated in the midst of Mansehra.
 As we reached Naran, we had to travel in jeep because the way to lake Saif ul Maluk is muddy and uneven. First scene of the lake was breath takining. We couldn't lay our eyes away for many seconds. It was just like a wonderful  painting, a bowl in the midst of green, black and snow clad mountains surrounding it from all sides.
That day the sky was dazzlingly clear. A cool breeze was blowing. On the bank of  the lake, wild flowers were tossing in the air. Ripples of water were also moving very slowly. While our boat sailed over them, playing  in my mind, was the flashback story of Prince Saif ul Maluk who went following a fairy to 'koh e qaf' and never came back. We stayed here for a night to capture different scenes of the lake at different times. The snow clad mountain is Malika e Parbat standing with its feminine elegance.
Malika Parbat
 After resting  and roaming for an hour, we left for Naran and then to Lalazar. Lalazar is heaven on earth. Flower beds of various colors were blossoming there. The whole atmosphere was saturated with fragrance. Butterflies of amazing designs and colors were flying over sucking nectar. Honey bees were buzzing, making as much honey as they could. My little niece shouted, ''WE ARE IN FAIRY LAND!.''
Nanga Parbat
  Babusar(13,691ft high) is the highest point of the area. It rains in Babusar daily with occasionally hail storm. Here is the lake Lulusar. Its water is deeper ,clearer and calmer than the Saif ul Maluk. Few people dare to come here because of its height. Its water has two shades, green and blue due to colored rocks beneath it. All of a sudden another surprising scene came before us. The most famous peak Nanga Parbat(10,578ft high) dubbed ''The Killer'' was standing high like the sky. In the descending lights of the sun, with the background of darkness, it looked magnificent. Path filled with wild flowers on both sides, led to Chillas and finally to Karakorum a few miles ahead. This was the point where our journey back home started with a myriad of memories.