Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nmaz e ishq..

Nmaz e ishq ma ham yoo sbha sa sham krta ha
jo ik lmha bi bchta ha so taraa nam kartaa haa
maseeha ban ka jan dala mohamad se halawt da
ghrz ma kya kahoo kya kam ya pagham krta haa

ya ik kaman

ya ik kama ki tarah ka asman qaus ki soort
es ka ik aur sira taraa das sa milta ho ga
ma to mahki hoo tara piar ma glistan ki tara
ik glab maree chah ka taree roo ma b khilta hoga

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ghazl:jab tlak

jab talak sanson ka ak tar baaqee ha
taree aas jana tara intzar baqqe ha
lut jaya shehr nukhle tamana rul jaya
koi gham nhee abi tera aatbar baqi ha
jungle ma hajoom ha ak simt ya kasaa
shair ja chqa abi kuch shiqar baqee ha

Saturday, 26 October 2013

aa kash....

Aa kash ham bi milta
kisee aur se zmee par
kisee aur asman par
ya jism o jan khiltaa
Aa kash ham bi milta..

Said Pur Village

We(my sisters,brothers and our families)had gathered at parent's home on Eid '2nd day and were planning for outing.At last,we decided to go to Said pr village.It is designed by some artistic designers with cooperation of city administration.it is situated in Margalla hills  at sec f/6 Islamabad.
Said Pur village is renewed form of a very old village which was named at the name of Said Khan, the Gakhar Chief of Pothohar region.Daughter of Said Pur  was married with Mughal emperor Jahangir and he stayed at Said Pur for a little period at Said Pur.After many years Raja Man Singh built here a temple for Hindus and a Gurdwara for Sikhs.Here i also saw an old school with red bricks,a Polo ground, a museum and many restaurants.
. Said Pur Village isn't a real village.It is designed in such a way that it does not project only a village but also reminds us  of the wonderlands of very old stories where a torch bearer is standing behind a curtain.Traditional beds are laid in courtyard.A small table midst of each two beds has a traditional lantern and some crockery.There are also some huts where people are sitting on couches in dim lights enjoying the atmosphere and some meal.A restaurant named''Das pardas'' had enchanting look with its dim but colorful lights and silence.Music at a moderate volume every where adds the wilderness of the place.Winding passages take the passangers to un known mysteries.A quaint well in the way is waiting for thirsty travelers.
  Beside the village some stairs took us to an old temple.Now it s just a building without any idols.It has a gallery having photos of important visitors.It is preserved in its original shape and just repaired when needed. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ghazal:ya mlgjaa

Ya mlgja andharaa,ya surmyee swaraa
jamal ag yahan taraa mushqbar nhee
taraa hi rang ha in dilnsheen nzaro ma
ja too nhee to phir bahar be bahar nhee

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ghazal:Saath safer mey....

Saath safer mey pardesi tha yaad suhaani baat rahi.
 Woo albeli rut bhe kya thee jis mei sada barsaat rahi.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jan e janan

Ma mr jaoo gee anqreeb
ab ya thehra mara naseeb
ik naya roop ma phir sa aoo ge
jan e jan tara dl lbhana ko
kuch nya rng chra k laoo gee
taree sbhon ma mskraoo ge
taree shamo ko gdgdaoo ge

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ghazal:asa ajab mza ha

Asa ajb mza ha janoob ki hwa ma
jasa k ik nsha ha mahboob ki ada ma
wo ayia jab bi asa jasaa koi ghta ho
ya yad hi rha na k us sa thi khfa ma
ma chahoo aur wo aya phir kbi na jaya
asa asr ho ya rb maree kisee sda ma

Ghazal: Chlo phir...

Chlo phir entzar krtaa ha
nama br tara atbar krtaa ha
wo gya ha phir kbi na ana ko
ya wzaht sbi ghm gsar krta ha
taree tmna taree yad zeest ka hasil
dl ki tskee ko vrd bar bar krta ha
kbi ana kbi jana,kbi jana kbi ana
taree deed k bahana hzar krta ha

Friday, 18 October 2013


Hm tj pa mr mita jana
hm tj pa mr mita !
es mn ka sara qafilaa
bs taree dgr pa aa rkaa
hm tj pa mr mitaa jana
hm tj pa mr mita!
ya kamni se moort
taree sanwli se soort
tara bichr bichr k milna
to sa seekha qali na khilna
a door ka msafir!
too kbi to hm sa mla kr
koi da ja ik nishani
ya aa koi gila kr
tm wahma ho jana
ya ik guman shaid
pr etna yqeen rkhna
ho hr yaqee sa br kr

Poem:Sat rangia kabootr

taraa praim ka st rangia kabootr hr soo bolay

taray praim ka st rangia kbootr hr soo bolay
apni sundar awazoo sa kano ma ras gholay
ik anjana des tha anjani thee us ki rasmein
sath nibhana ki jb jana too na khayee qasmein 
mun mohni se soort taree mun bahooni  batein
taraa sung bitayee hm na kitnee hee barsatein

Poem:Maraa mahrban

Chmqeela watan taraa
sheeshaa sa badan taraa
sureela bankpan taraa
                         Oh maraa mahrban
                         oh mara mahrban
Too mara marghzar
ma taree shakhsaar
taraa dam sa ha bahar
                         Oh maraa mahrban
                          oh maraa mahrban

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

mn ka pnchi

mn ka pnchi ura,ura,ura
lo gya sjna ka dwar
chan chan bajaa us ka ghungroo
pree hr soo ak pkar
chal sajan ka bazar
jahan thndee saree galian
jahan log bra hshiar
jahan sab ka meetha lahja
jahan hr soo pram phohar
jahan khshian hr soo bhtee
jahan roshni ka minar
jahan pnchi bhool ka ayan
aur phir ka kbi na jayan
jahan mn na rha apna  bs maa
kitnee hi khaya qasma
ga ponchaa so so bar
mn ka pnchi ura,ura,ura
lo gya sjna ka dawar

Monday, 14 October 2013

You are with me

I am alone
or You are with me
I am busy or I am free
You are with me
cause of thee
joys are showering upon me
I am in meditation
or in recitation
you are with me
in the  garden of love
you are my Alcove
you are the sweetest tree
all the leaves over my head
all going to be red
clapping  in glee!!

Abd ur Rehman Awal

In Mecca there were two main tribes named Bnoo Quraish and Bnoo Ummaya when Hazrat Mohammad (saw) was born.Banoo Quraish has responsibility to look after pilgrimages who came to perform Hajj while Bnoo Ummaya were dominating all tribes politically.They were skilled in  all warfares.
  When Holy prophet (saw)preached Islam they didn't accept it but when Mecca started thronging with footsteps of Muslims majority of them embraced Islam.After  martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Amir Maawia(belonged to Bnoo Ammya)  took over the rule.After his death and on  his instruction Imam Hussain were 1st compelled and then killed with his family and his followers in a war where Imam followers were only 72 while Ummwi army was in thousands.
 Bnoo Abbas(hazrat Ali followers) continued under ground movement against Ummwi's  and when realized that their movement is much ripen they exposed themselves in all cities of Muslim territory.Abbasi's men killed all members of Ummwi family. Only one prince survived as he was out of palace.Getting the news of his family's assassination he rushed to the river and jumped in to the water. Abbasi 's men also jumped into the water to capture him but he was very good swimmer so crossing the river he reached near Spain where his maternal grand father was ruler of a small state.He  was warmly welcomed by his maternal grand father.He gave Abd ur Rehman 300 warriors, a small part of his own state and advised  him to increase his army and his territory too.Abd ur Rehman was a consistent and courageous warrior. In a few years he captured whole Spain and founded a strong  Govt here.He did many things for welfare of his people. Rich and poor,master and servants were equal in the eyes of Law and justice.
      He founded a Cordoba University where best teachers of his time taught and students all over the world came to study Sciences,Art ,Architecture etc. Mosque of Cordoba is another masterpiece of his reign.This mosque was converted into cathedral after Christian rule but its grandeur and Muslim look is still preserved. In spite of passing centuries its stones  have not cracked at all and its color is fresh as ever.Verses of Qur'an are carved with pure gold and gems.Its great dome is standing on numerous  delicate and thin pillars.When Europeans took over Spain they thought that  these tiny pillars will not be able to bear the heavy dome for a long time so they erected a huge pillar in the center of dome.Soon the dome began to crack.When experts were consulted they told that these tiny pillars were erected on geometrical balance rules and this huge pillar was disturbing that balance. Al hamra Palace is also a architectural gift of Abd ur Rehman time. Marble of this palace has a specific quality.As the day descends it changes its color and  converts itself from white to red completely. His predecessor also kept his name alive with good governance but as weakness  like laziness and crave for lavish life  crept in to their life their government grew weak.European took over Spain and Arab who have flourished in Spain so much by mingling with Spanish people were confined too their homes.Many were killed of minor reasons.Speaking Arabic language and wearing Arabic dress was banned.Muslims were called Moors (mean uncivilized)Any thing related to Islamic culture was discouraged strictly but Europeans  could not reject those books that had guidance for Europe to the new horizons of knowledge, Art and culture. They could not demolish those buildings which were  a source of income and source of comfort for them. Even today, we can recognize a Spanish girl or a Spanish boy among a crowd because of their Arabic complexion and features.When Allama Iqbal visited Spain he also admired Arabic Architect and Arabic features and style of life of Spanish people.He also admired devotion and dedication of Muslims of that time which enable them to built such immortal monuments and an environment of their own culture and creed.

sundar Rut

kasee sundar rut thee janan
jub tum dl ka angan ma ayay
chmpa hr soo mahk uthee thee
jub tm dheera sa muskaya
rooh ka badal toot ka brsa
burkha hr soo rang bikhraya
Jati thay jub tum door zara sa
Daharkan tum bin rukse jaye
nya nya mausam ki sada main
aksar zikr tumhara ayaye
kasee sundar rut thee janan
jub tm dil ka angan ma ayay

Poem I miss

I still miss that time even when you are with me
when you came across me 1st day
A shrill in your voice
A thrill in your actions
An anxiety in your words
and an excitement in your eyes
as you were going  to discover a wonder land.