Saturday, 26 October 2013

Said Pur Village

We(my sisters,brothers and our families)had gathered at parent's home on Eid '2nd day and were planning for outing.At last,we decided to go to Said pr village.It is designed by some artistic designers with cooperation of city administration.it is situated in Margalla hills  at sec f/6 Islamabad.
Said Pur village is renewed form of a very old village which was named at the name of Said Khan, the Gakhar Chief of Pothohar region.Daughter of Said Pur  was married with Mughal emperor Jahangir and he stayed at Said Pur for a little period at Said Pur.After many years Raja Man Singh built here a temple for Hindus and a Gurdwara for Sikhs.Here i also saw an old school with red bricks,a Polo ground, a museum and many restaurants.
. Said Pur Village isn't a real village.It is designed in such a way that it does not project only a village but also reminds us  of the wonderlands of very old stories where a torch bearer is standing behind a curtain.Traditional beds are laid in courtyard.A small table midst of each two beds has a traditional lantern and some crockery.There are also some huts where people are sitting on couches in dim lights enjoying the atmosphere and some meal.A restaurant named''Das pardas'' had enchanting look with its dim but colorful lights and silence.Music at a moderate volume every where adds the wilderness of the place.Winding passages take the passangers to un known mysteries.A quaint well in the way is waiting for thirsty travelers.
  Beside the village some stairs took us to an old temple.Now it s just a building without any idols.It has a gallery having photos of important visitors.It is preserved in its original shape and just repaired when needed.