Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Legend of east

  • A true lover Saeen Sadiq

     This universe is based on minus plus combination.The man and woman are also result of x and y gen combination.Love is the magnetic power which brings near two genders and induces them to sacrifice for each other.When a person loves someone selflessly,gives off his every thing for his beloved and fails to get him materially.God's blessing showers upon him and make him spiritually powerful.
       In east, such incidents are more common but if we study west literature it also confirms supremacy of true love. The story I am telling is about such a true and pure lover.Sadiq lived in that village which is my birth place.I met many people to gather true information about him.
    Sadiq was only son of his parents.Who ever saw him admired his god gifted beauty and innocence.When he grew up he was just like Cupid.His parents has plenty of wealth and he had no worry about his necessities.He dressed up in a best way and wandered here and there.Women sitting in their homes came to know about his presence by his specific perfume that he is passing by the street.He had many friends but he often got sad because his parents had died in his childhood one after another.Meanwhile he came across the daughter of a pheasant, Fatima.He lost his heart before her adolescence and beauty.He sent his proposal via one of his aunt.Proposal was accepted with full zeal as he had no short coming.He was so impatient in his love that he did,t cared of that time tradition.According to that tradition it was a taboo to sent gifts personally to someone's fiancee.He sent some gifts to Fatima.Her parents annoyed at this action and abstained him to not do so in future. He agreed. Some wicked and greedy women heard this news and planned to rob this innocent lover.They came to him one by one and promised to deliver his gifts to Fatima.He was so blind in his love that he could,t understood their ill traits.These women took heavy amount from him in form of very costly gifts. Sadiq sold his property and even his house.When Fatima,s parents knew this situation they broke engagement.This accident made Sadiq mad.He left care of his hair and clothes .People saw him lying on the grass outside the village in severe winter and in severe summer.Sometimes he seemed sitting in the street in different of his surroundings talking to his beloved,"Fati! look! our children are so cute just like you(there were no children but he thought they are) but you don,t look after them well.Go children .Take bath,go my son!'' People listened and took pity on him and passed by.His relatives with whom he was staying were fed up of him so they said him to left their home .He came to a nearby mosque.People gave him food for some time then they too got indifferent but God the pure feeder was,t indifferent 

    In these days merchants coming in villages used to stay in mosque and had a rest there.They saw him constantly in mosque and thought he was a saint.They told him their desires and requested him to pray for them.Luckily,their desires were fulfilled and they thought it was due to spiritual power of Sadiq.After some time,court gave death sentence to the only son of a merchant.He tried to get rid of this nuisance but failed.Some of his friend told him about spiritual power of Sadiq and suggested him to meet him.Merchant went to Sadiq and requested him to pray but Sadiq was in an Ecstasy mood.When the dawn appeared Sadiq looked at him and said "go!your son is released."Merchant rushed to the court and listened the news that his son was released.From that day merchant became his slave and his care taker.He offered him home but Sadiq refused.He didn't objected. He daily came to feed him and gave him money and other precious things. When his relative saw this they came to take him. At that time he had grown old and sick. The merchant had said to his relatives to inform him if Sadiq dies. Unluckily, when Sadiq died merchant was out of city so his relatives buried him in their family graveyard. When merchant came back he was annoyed very much.He dig out Sadiq's dead body and buried it at the place which he had bought for his grave. He also built up a tomb and arranged an annual 'urs' (anniversary) where all of Sadiq's murids(followers) come without any discrimination of rich or poor, stay for three days, qawals sing qwalies whole night. In these days the tomb is lit with colour ful decorative lights. When flags flare in the air, we recall that pure but blind lover...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


  •  Making this world a better place for teen age boys 

     Shakespeare says:
     Then the whining school boy with his satchel And shinning morning face,
     creeping like snail Unwillingly to school.
       In our society teen age boys are not felt trust worthy.Women,children and even men are fearful of sitting or working with them because of their improper behavior. As long as the adult boys are concerned they come to know policies about their rights when they become adult but they know less about their duties and respect they should give to their elders.
       Here a question raises..Can we trust the boys?Yes first of all we have to trust the boys .As human nature varies so all boys are not of same type.They have positive and negative aspects.There are many things the boys are good at.First of all we have to find these good aspects in them,then we should encourage and enhance these qualities.This encouragement  can change their negative
    Teenager boys have a magnetic pull to building and constructing.Now a days boys have nothing to build or explore.They can enjoy with mobile phone,bike,play station and computer games.Most of games and toys are mechanic and are marketed with a manual that shows how to use them.In school curriculum is perspective with a planner how to teach to attain certain targets .Technology and planning is good but it gives fewer opportunities for boys to be creative be able to solve their own problems. In homes, many fathers are absent because of fragmentation of families or demands of families.Children in nurseries and in schools rarely come across male educational or child care professionals.Rather being in a world of good men, boys are inclined to live in a world of today,s technology.Their hero is in London or in New york,some times in an imaginary world achievable via a screen.They need to attend the real world and prepare themselves to face it.For this purpose,we should arm them with information,skills,provide good role model,communication,emotional control, physical and mental strength. This is a big mission.For its accomplishment parents,schools and community needs to bond together to make difference to the lives of boys.If we pull together we can bring all the parts of boys work in harmony and build a positive future through extended forces. First of all boys should feel at home in school.A policy of respect,trust and relationship is a real asset.Raising issues and discussing them in staff take a new color in the presence of respect. Fathers and other consultants should be involved for welfare and care of boys.Literacy and numeracy are important but we should value relationship at the same time.When the boys will be motivated their behavior problems will be managed more easily and teachers in a calm and confidence mood will produce much better performance. In these days luxuries of life have become necessities of lives.Parents work day and night to provide their children these luxuries so they can,t give their children proper time.Life should be simple and we should be contented to very necessary things and prepare precious people. l Sports are a great source of boy,s training.Boys are naturally good in focusing and aiming(for that reason they are good in science and technology). So they should be provided such games which can enhance these abilities. We, specially west is living in a disposable culture. Many problems can be solved with patience,consistency and sincerity.Few people adapt this behavior.Many people like to break the relation rather to struggle to maintain it.This breakage of family creates huge problems especially in teen age boys,s behavior.Schools are solving this problem by expelling these boys from schools and number of such boys is increasing alarmingly.This breakage of family is,t damaging individual,s life but also effecting our national development.As the boys effected by broken families are less consistent,confident,creative and hard working so they fail to fill key posts of their country.These posts are mostly filled by boys of Asian countries where problem of broken families has,t prevailed so much.
  • All of us should ponder upon this point.

My stay at Bangla Dash

      My stay at Bang la Dash

  •  In 1971 Bang la Dash was a wing of Pakistan and was called East Pakistan.Many army workers of west wing were posted in East Pakistan.My father was also in army so he was posted there.Soon he managed to take us (my family) with him..
       East Pakistan is called a land of rivers as there is a river after every step.Land is loamy and favorable for producing fruit so jack fruit,litchi,mango,and banana trees were in abundance.and remaining land was covered with lush green spotless grass.
      Poverty prevailed every where.Teen age boys could be seen wandering naked as they had nothing to eat or wear.Men married a lady and after birth of five or six children fled away because they have no sources to support them.These women were compelled to work in homes at very low wages.This economic factor was so big that it became the main issue of their freedom movement.
       Our father took us every Sunday to some picnic point.One Sunday he hired a boat ,practiced with a boatman for a while and then took us to sail.In Bang la Dash land is,t sufficient for people so many people make their homes in boats.There were long ques of boat homes. These boats are more safe than mud huts during flood .When we moved ahead water became more clear .The day was dazzlingly clear and a pleasant breeze was blowing.Waves of water were dancing endlessly.Two kids were chasing us in their noka(a very little boat). They had born on waves so they were expert in rowing.They over took us again and again and laughed at our slow moving boat.We saw lotus flowers and tried to pluck them but their roots were in river bed so no one could be plucked.After half an hour we stayed at an little island ,ate snacks and took tea which our mother had prepared for us.These moments were of full relaxation and contentment.There was complete silence.We can hear the voice of breeze blowing.As evening was prevailing so back journey was started.Soon we came across boatman in his little boat he was worried about us.He tied his boat with ours and rowed back the boat at very high speed.We collected shells of beautiful designs from beach and came home.Father was tired very much so we(children of our neighbors who had accompanied us) massaged him.

        Bang la Dash has separated from Pakistan since 1971.They have worked very hard to develop their country and has left their old brother Pakistan far behind. People of old times still cherish those days when we had no borders

Monday, 22 July 2013

Allama Iqbal Poet of East

Allama Iqbal poet of The East(1877-1938)

Allama Muhammad Iqbal is no doubt poet of the east of 20th century.He was a scholar of different  languages like Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English.He had  god gifted ability to say poems but he also got training from a well known poet Dagh when he came Lahore for graduation.
  His early poems are  melodious and have traditional romantic touch. He was also propagating the concept of Hindu Muslim (two major nation of India of )unity. His famous tarana ''saray jahan sa acha Hindustan hmara  hum bulbleinn hein es ki ya gulstan hmara.''
  In 1902 he had to go to England and then to Germany for higher studies. During his stay in Europe his beloved mother died.He could not come to his homeland but he wrote a memorable poem ''walda marhooma ki yad ma''  The poet was young and Heidelberg was surrounded with greenery.Climate was extremly moderate.  An intellectual and attractive woman named Atia Faizi was not only  his class fellow but a person who liked to give most of her time to poet where as Iqbal loved to share all his sorrows and joys with her and even discussed his new thoughts and philosophy not being published yet to her. Many unforgettable and pure love poems included in Bang e Dara like wasal'' and ''husn o Ishq'' were written in Germany.
Soon  he felt bitterly that west was making progress  because it wass concentrating on technical education while east is wasting his time in poetry. So he stopped writing poetry. People of India were struggling for freedom. Iqbal was also a freedom lover. His close friends like Abdul Qadir who was an editor of a popular magazine 'Makhzan' told him that his poetry can play an important role in freedom movement as his poetry is popular in public very much. So he again started writing poetry. Now his poetry had new and wide horizons. Instead of Hindu Muslim unity he emphasized on international Muslim brotherhood and said ''Chin o Ara hmara Hindustan hmara Muslim hein hum watan hay sara jahan hmara.''
He  advised Muslims to have separate homelands where ever they were in majority. Iqbaal has suggested Muslims to have their territories where they are in majority but at the same time he severely opposed that concept of Nationalism which persuades people of a nation to exploit fundamental rights and even to shed blood of another nations and split the bond of humanity in pieces.
 He stressed on character building and told faith,unity,bravery and justice main tools for that purpose. His poems (when sang by singers or the poet himself in the processions) ignited a new fire in the hearts of freedom lovers. A mob of 40 or 50 thousands people wept while he recited his poems. When Muslim leaders didn't agreed at one agenda Qaid e Azam got annoyed, resigned from chairmanship of Muslim League and went to London. Leaders of Muslim League persuaded Alama Iqbal to accept Chairman ship of Muslim League.At that time Allama Iqbal said a historical sentence .He said, ''I would prefer to work as subordinate of Quaid e Azam rather than to chair the  party in his presence because he is the only leader in India who can take the astray ship to the shores of freedom''
     He also took active part in politics and was elected  a member of provincial legislature assembly. His addresses were also published in book form. In these addresses Iqbal has  pinpointed the shortcomings of Muslims and found a solution as well. He gave idea of self esteem and asked to  develop self abilities according to concent of Allah and then devote ourselves for the welfare of our fellowmen.He called it  ''ba khudii''. Some prejudicial religious leaders called him kaffir for his boldness in religion matters but truthfulness of his thoughts gradually convinced them too. His throat was soar so he could not speak  in his late years. On 11 sep1938,in the morning ,that poet who can receive messages of breeze, moon and stars passed away with a dream of freedom in his eyes which came true after nine years of his death.