Wednesday, 24 July 2013


  •  Making this world a better place for teen age boys 

     Shakespeare says:
     Then the whining school boy with his satchel And shinning morning face,
     creeping like snail Unwillingly to school.
       In our society teen age boys are not felt trust worthy.Women,children and even men are fearful of sitting or working with them because of their improper behavior. As long as the adult boys are concerned they come to know policies about their rights when they become adult but they know less about their duties and respect they should give to their elders.
       Here a question raises..Can we trust the boys?Yes first of all we have to trust the boys .As human nature varies so all boys are not of same type.They have positive and negative aspects.There are many things the boys are good at.First of all we have to find these good aspects in them,then we should encourage and enhance these qualities.This encouragement  can change their negative
    Teenager boys have a magnetic pull to building and constructing.Now a days boys have nothing to build or explore.They can enjoy with mobile phone,bike,play station and computer games.Most of games and toys are mechanic and are marketed with a manual that shows how to use them.In school curriculum is perspective with a planner how to teach to attain certain targets .Technology and planning is good but it gives fewer opportunities for boys to be creative be able to solve their own problems. In homes, many fathers are absent because of fragmentation of families or demands of families.Children in nurseries and in schools rarely come across male educational or child care professionals.Rather being in a world of good men, boys are inclined to live in a world of today,s technology.Their hero is in London or in New york,some times in an imaginary world achievable via a screen.They need to attend the real world and prepare themselves to face it.For this purpose,we should arm them with information,skills,provide good role model,communication,emotional control, physical and mental strength. This is a big mission.For its accomplishment parents,schools and community needs to bond together to make difference to the lives of boys.If we pull together we can bring all the parts of boys work in harmony and build a positive future through extended forces. First of all boys should feel at home in school.A policy of respect,trust and relationship is a real asset.Raising issues and discussing them in staff take a new color in the presence of respect. Fathers and other consultants should be involved for welfare and care of boys.Literacy and numeracy are important but we should value relationship at the same time.When the boys will be motivated their behavior problems will be managed more easily and teachers in a calm and confidence mood will produce much better performance. In these days luxuries of life have become necessities of lives.Parents work day and night to provide their children these luxuries so they can,t give their children proper time.Life should be simple and we should be contented to very necessary things and prepare precious people. l Sports are a great source of boy,s training.Boys are naturally good in focusing and aiming(for that reason they are good in science and technology). So they should be provided such games which can enhance these abilities. We, specially west is living in a disposable culture. Many problems can be solved with patience,consistency and sincerity.Few people adapt this behavior.Many people like to break the relation rather to struggle to maintain it.This breakage of family creates huge problems especially in teen age boys,s behavior.Schools are solving this problem by expelling these boys from schools and number of such boys is increasing alarmingly.This breakage of family is,t damaging individual,s life but also effecting our national development.As the boys effected by broken families are less consistent,confident,creative and hard working so they fail to fill key posts of their country.These posts are mostly filled by boys of Asian countries where problem of broken families has,t prevailed so much.
  • All of us should ponder upon this point.