Friday, 30 January 2015

Poem:Wanna Dwell...

I have to tell you
I wanna dwell inside your soul
that fills my voids
and inhales  my holes
I'm over joyed
to feel the wind
that is playing with your hair
your scent is for me
every where
It is hard for me to avoid!!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Poem:You trickle

You trickle down over me drop by drop
like a slow rain that never stops
like a snow that fells  whole night
and gives the valley a new sight

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Mother is one
who carries our load
when we are like a tod
she feeds and breeds us
through storms and rains
through stress and strains
her gaze and her glance
is a land of romance
her thoughts never go
beyond our welfare
in hours of need
she is only sphere
of love,kindness and care

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Poem:His eyes

His eyes were getting swimmy
from the tears in his head

a cloud was floating
constantly over his bed
he was getting crazy
like a mad bull grazing
in his yard
some times world is so mean
when his heart gets very hard
speaking not even a word
I am here for him
waiting his lights to be dim!!

4 lines

sbha albelii taray bin
shaam sohani teray bin
too hi rehta ha hr gaam
kia ho ga chahat ka injaam

ak arz

adhoori se mulakat
ik un kahii se baat
bin barsii baat

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Poem:O my sister!

you are queen of our hearts
pointing by your love's arrow
can get out all sorrow
can change all our winds
in your love we are so blind
can move our goals
can sooth our souls

Bob Dylen says
you know the song in my heart
in the turning of twilight
in the shadows of moonlight
you can show me a new place to start

Translation of Ayesha's poem

Oh God forgive me for I have sinned....
Allah, I am so ignorant, I am so....

For which of your favours do I deny..?
You gave me more than life itself....
And I ignore all the depth....

You gave me more than I can feel....
You gave me more than I can understand....
You gave me more than I can breathe....

I neglect I neglect I neglect.....
My mind has corrupted me.....
My soul is a prisoner to its democracy.....
                  by Aysha Idris
Aa meray  rub e karim
tu jo hay sidra nashin
janta hay saray raaz
kaar kushaa hay
kaar saaz
jahliat ki rahon may
ba pnah gunahon may
tu rha mara dum saaz
aa mera rub e karim
tujhay raheemi ka wasita
sarii kareemi ka wasita
mera hath thaam lay
or dekha vo rasita
jahan tera nishan milay
toota na phir ya rabita!

اے میرے رب کریم
تو جو ہے سدره نشین
جانتا ہے سارے راز
جاہلیت کی راہوں میں
بےپناہ گناہوں میں
تو رہا میرا رم ساز
اے میرے رب کریم
تجهے رحیمی کا واسطہ
ساری کریمی کا واسطہ
میرا ہاته تهام لے
اور دکها وه راستہ
جہاں تیرا نشان ملے
ٹوٹے نہ پهر یہ رابطہ

WRITTEN BY: Ayesha Batool idris
URDU TRANSLATION: Shahida Tabassum
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

poem:ya hawa

hawa, ya mastani hawa
liya jati hay mujhay teri or
tera ishq k junglon may
mun nachta hay bun k mor
kbhi chub dekhana kbhi chup jana
chunda na seekhay tujh say tor

Thursday, 8 January 2015


asii khushboo purwa layii jaisay too hi ayia ho
ya phir koi anay wala sandasa tera layia ho
chalta jaein undekhi rahon pr  hm pahro pahr
dhund chahii ho hr janib or gehra  abr b chayia ho

Monday, 5 January 2015

Poem:Merii dunyia

meray mun k mundar mey
teray dhian ki shama
jalti bujhti rehti hay
es k ik kinaray pr
yaad k saharay pr
ik nadii b behtii hay
nalgoon sa anbar pr
sitaray chund roshan hein
iksha aur asahaa kay
door boht nirasha say!!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Poem:Jiyia says...

Jiyia says
Mommy prays
come down and play
just for today
Don't you know I am an angel
some one picked my head
and made me dead
he was stranger
knowing nothing
about the danger
they can kill my body
not my soul
to threat little kids
is their goal
we have our heaven
and pray for sinners
the humanity criminals
repent,regret and forgiven !!