Sunday, 31 August 2014


O people!
going to walk  of freedom
tortured by word of  reason
but spiritually exalted
I know you are exhausted
with dehydration
and polarization
due to hunger
rain and thunder
but listen
just feel the breeze
sobbing in the plants and trees
in it is mingled
scent of success
any one of us can guess
in earth is so much moisture
the air is tender
monsters are ready to surrender
valley of freedom is near and splendor!!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Poem Destination

I was stuck in
Mud of silly worries
and  nasty hurries
Without sense of destination
I was exploring
useless places through
wanted to break out the cage
and come out in power age
urged to have a pure sense of destination
with new brand  generation
who is ready to give their today
in the freedom way
have an untiring inspiration
that persuade them to strive day and night
for their fight
they are free like a bird
who sings in the skies
and through  long grass
their sweet voices is heard
through the whole mass!!
They laugh at the sun
and kiss the face of grass
and beside pure glory
they are going to pass!!!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Article:Long walk to freedom

Qadri and Imran both are struggling for a fair system where People  may have their fundamental rights,where justice is available equally for poor and rich, where people of  all classes poor,rich and richest could contest for power on the bases of capability. All of this is pleasant but  again a more huge  revolution is folded in this little revolution.If they succeeded  to make all election  reforms  part of constitution and establish  rule of law  by punishing the real culprits the real dream of Quaid e Azam will come true.We will be able to get rid of  these selfish and incapable feudal who are  a real hurdle in our progress.  Common people who  are capable who know very deeply problem of their people who are also sufferer will come in Assemblies. They will think to  solve  people's problems properly and will strive hardly for the betterment of them. I pray for Imran Khan and his followers. May Allah give them more and more courage keep them safe from lust and influence of lusty powers  and guide them to the very right path of freedom sincerity and unity and equality. This success will not be individual's it will be success of nation.When China throew out America from their country its public really threw it with their hands.They spread in streets and on roads,they chased  any American  they see anywhere beat him with their bats and  chisels and compel such a power to flee but mind it they were concentrated at  one cause the freedom of foreign rule.They rejected foreigner's factories and made their utensils  at  local industries.They tolerated  hunger,they tolerated  ignorance and pressures...Can we do this.yes we have to do this all  if we need self respect,self reliance and real taste of freedom.We have say good bye to Pizza,McDonald and KFC.We have to re enjoy  tasty local food. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Poem : Dawn Of Freedom(in memory of Martyrs)

Horizon is going to be brighter
due to the blood of martyrs
shedding from their veins
we are going in strains
We are going to be harder
with each next moment
we are going to be faster
over and over
we all are getting closer
our opponents are thinking
we are getting tired
we are going to be expired
but listen!!!
It is the beginning
of a long walk to freedom
beyond this place
written on the wall
in the books all
It is time to kill the reason
and win our season
where we will go shoulder to shoulder
Its a public voice
which can never be pressed
by your roller coaster
no need to be messed
secret is expressed
we all going to be unite
dawn is near
no need to tear
just need courage
there is no fear

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


rukhsat ki  is gharii nay
akhir ik din ana tha
pardesi tha tum mjboor boht
tum nay laut k jana tha
pr kash in chund lamho ko
maray sung bita datay
baaat jo abhi adhoori thi
vo sari suna datay
jati hui zalim hwao may
tum dheeray sa muskra datay

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Rubayi:Tera sath

Shaam dhalay
purwayi chalay
busti  say duur
ik shumma jalay

Nazm:Tum aya to..

tum aya to mosam nay jaisay angrayi li
taray jhoom uthay or chunda na zabayi li
tum aya to barsi mun pur barkha ki phoaar
teri ankhon say yoon  badal na raanayi li
tum aya to bikhray hur soo qos e qzah k rung
hawa nay bhi jaisay tujh sayshokh adayi li 

Do sheir:Akhiri hud sa...

akhiri hud sa guzar jaoon raza ma terii
hur ghari khushi sa tujhay hunsta dekhoo
apna damn ma chupaa loo saray ghum un k
ak bchay ko bhi na kbhi durtaa dekhoon

Article:Dharna or Jalsa

We are advancing towards a havoc. Both protesters and Govt  followers are agitating in streets, on roads and in capital  protesters are  sitting  in siege of police,Army and  rangers. This long march,Dharna or Jalsa(as some reporters call it) is acceding to 11 days. Govt is not ready to understand the situation. They like to cling with their powerful  seats and History tells that this power is not possession of anybody.Who  ever does not act according to the situation is destroyed. Protester are tired but not depressed.They are  convinced and committed to their cause but how much. Frustration of such a mob brings huge destruction. As experts say that for destruction  millions are not needed ..few people can also destroy  and hang the system. Their  cause is also genuine and convincing. They  don't claim  power. They just want fair  election and election reforms. For this Qadri is demanding to dissolve the Assembly and  Imran is demanding just resignation of Nawaz so that investigation of election rigging may be  fair. Govt is not paying heed to anyone properly. It is not thinking of the danger of the street clash of different Govt agitators and Govt followers. All stake holders should proceed speedily and sincerely to a  conclusion before a big havoc.   

Friday, 22 August 2014

Article :Imran's Dharna and music shows

Govt says that Imran Khan's dharna is based on Music showws.Any good show can gather 40 to 50000 ppeople audience.We ask if really it is not more than a music show ..then why has raised upm to 101RS. Why two forign presodents have postponed  their visit of Pakistan. Why Cricket team of siri lanka has changed their plans to come in these days.Why Air flights were  stopped for  many days due to Dharna and March. Why channels are  discussing all time iyt., 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Article: Quaid and Imran

Imran Khan have many similarities with Quaid Azam the founder of Pakistan.Some are less  important and some are more.Today I want to share with you,I think it will be interesting for you too. Like Quaid,He is handsome,straight, dashing and determined and confident from the beginning. Like Quaid he married with a non-muslim after     converting her Muslim and deprived of her after a little period. Quaid Azam was not Politician in the beginning like Imran. He also went abroad  to get higher education like Quaid. There he also used to meet people like Quaid  from different  fields to be just socially informed. He used to go to Sirojni Nido to have a know how  of Indian politics. Imran also used to go to Banazir Bhutto who was studying in England. He had good  relations with Lady Diana who was princess of Whales at that time. Quaid greatly excelled in his profession. He was among few best Lawyers of Bombay. Imran was also highly skilled in Crickett. He played 1st class cricket for 17 years and won World Cup of 1992 as Captain of Pakistan team. Quaid came to his homeland after completing his education .Here they are at a little distance. Imran also came to his home land but  he had not completed his education yet but he was fed up of that atmosphere. He told his mother who cheerily permitted him to come back.This coming back proved a turning point of his life. He read Quraan. He met many real religious people. His concepts and faith on Allah were firmed during this period.He  again went to England and completed his education but now he was not a clergy boy.He had got more matured and more cultured and religious minded. Now he saw all matters in the light of Hadees and Quraan like Quaid. He got interested in World History. He had strong relations with many Politicians. He  was very popular in public during 80's . He was very  honest and  excellent commitment with his  targets. So Zia the dictator  offered him ministry but he refused. After that he had many opportunities to come from back doors of power but he didn't come.So we hope that that till now he is struggling for a new free and respectable Pakistan. Like Quaid he wants to make Pakistan a real welfare state. For this purpose he is struggling day and night with his country  status-co system and at the same time with western influence . He will never deceive us. He will bring a lightened dawn of Freedom for us Inshallah !!!       

Poem:Your sight

Your sight is breath taking
your Love is heart taking
O my sweet heart
You are valley of Love
I am a thirsty dove
landed on your sweet springs
and bewildered by lights of your Alcove

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Article :Azaadi March in Pakistan

We are going through an agitation in our capital Islamabad. Two big parties PTI and PAT leaders are sitting for five days with a mob of public which is claimed by them in millions but no doubt it is not less than half million(when Procession starts and leaders are between their followers).They have some common demands. For instance ,both demand electoral reforms. They want authoritative Election Commission and computerized vote casting system and a system in which a common man having capability and trust of public should have an easy access to power gates. They claim that present election was rigged so they reject it and also the Government formed on the base of this elections. So they demand resignation of PM and dissolution of  Assemblies so that a Care taker Govt could be formed which would be consist of capable honest people nominated by Supreme court. It will be responsible to investigate the rigging in elections and to punish them. This Govt will frame electoral reforms and these reforms will be part of our Constitution by a little amendment in it. This Government will also hold free and fair elections in Army custody.
This Azaadi and Inqlaab March was from Lahore to  Islamabad. Since five days a great mob is on roads. Government tried  to approach Imraan Khan  and his allies in their own way but none of them is  ready to negotiate. Khan says that he is trying to solve the problem by negotiations for last  15 months after election but Government just announced a Committee which is trying to prove  Khan lier. Government is illegible to understand that truth which even a child of our country knows. PML(N) rigged the election openly on gun point how can they deny it. Perhaps they have  a feeling of old Kings when Kings words were first and last source of information. So situation is getting worse worst. Imran Khan and his allies  MNA and MPA have resigned from National Assembly and from Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab Assemblies. He has also announced of Civil Disobedience. Today on 19 August evening at 6 P.M both Qadri and Imraan have entered in red Zone with their followers. Thank God that no  live loss was heard instead of thousands of Policemen,rangers and Army. Political powers are trying to resolve the problem but overnment incentives are not encouraging.  PM has denied to resign. Except resignation of Prime Minister PML(N)Govt is ready to approve all condition of protesters but both Imran and Qadri have rejected this proposal. Now pressure on Govt is increasing with every passing moment. Situation is speedily going to its end. Imran  and Qadri has threatened the Govt  to enter in PM House tomorrow evening if their demands were not fulfilled. There is uncertainty in the air. May Allah  safe us all from any Chaos. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Poem:He said..

He said,come come,come
be a  girl for me
I want to be just yours
O my lovely honey!
I said,would that I could took a new birth
and could go to that heaven on earth
which is my land of Perth
He said,you are newly borne
and have a little grown
come and capture with me
hose moments that have flown!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Poem:Vo lamha

Jism ki hadon sa paar
teraa ak thikana thaa
saray hngamon k beech
teray paas bhi jana thaa
teri yaad thi teraa zikr
baqi sub fasana thaa
ak  traf tha tera chehra
ak taraf zamana thaa
too na mera hath tha thama
vo lamha sohana thaa

Thursday, 14 August 2014


Give me my barby doll
I want to forget all my toll
I want to chase butterflies
I want to touch clear blue skies
I want to die in your eyes
I want to giggle with little boys
and urge to share with them my joys.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Poem:Time tunnel

When I am with a right man like you
I need nothing to do
I feel myself fallen in time tunnel
years seem dropping off
when you come and doff
I reach in a heavenly place
where you arre face to face
with open arms eager to embrace
away from the human race
where days are pretty and sunny
and nights are full of honey
where peace reigns every where
and you are brilliant and funny


terii chah ka yay vo muqam hay
jahan bhook hay na hi pyaaas hay
jahan neend hay na  thakn kahin
mujhay mil gyia ik riaz(Garden in jannah) hay

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Poem:Valley of Love

Valley of love
is slippery and round
we listen its echo what we say in first round
valley of love
is in full bloom for ever
who  ever steps into it,comes out never
its springs are shinny and clear like mirror
who ever faces Love have to shiver
valley of love
demands surrender of soul and spirit
It has no ambiguity, its lines are so vivid
It converts a pious person into a jillet
Valley of Love
bless us with sublimation and creation
it removes all impurities
and creates a sense of association
It showers upon us a sensation
of eternity and tranquility 

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Freedom is a bird's first flight
It is poet's vision and his power of insight
It is Dove's feeling secure in her nest
It is old people's feeling pleasant at the rest
Freedom is youth's opportunity 
to do their best
Freedom is sweetest fruit of this universe
but it is blessed to those  who can survive,struggle and sacrifice
 for their cause for long and long.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


bheegi bheeghi se rehti hoon
mein teray intzaar mein
saraa jahan bhoola hay
janan teray khumaar mein
dil o jaan sadqaa kr dyiay
ub ka bhari bahar mein
janay kia drd payia thaa
mein nay teri pukaar mein

Poem:bheega bheega.....

jub sa tum aya ho pyia
thehr gyii hay bahar
surmyii fazaon may
bikhra hay tera pyaar
sur bhuray hein hawaon may
gati hein mulhaar
aamrat rus hay ghatan may
nit barsay hay phohaar
bheega beegha sa rakhta hay
teraa intazaar !!!