Thursday, 28 August 2014

Poem : Dawn Of Freedom(in memory of Martyrs)

Horizon is going to be brighter
due to the blood of martyrs
shedding from their veins
we are going in strains
We are going to be harder
with each next moment
we are going to be faster
over and over
we all are getting closer
our opponents are thinking
we are getting tired
we are going to be expired
but listen!!!
It is the beginning
of a long walk to freedom
beyond this place
written on the wall
in the books all
It is time to kill the reason
and win our season
where we will go shoulder to shoulder
Its a public voice
which can never be pressed
by your roller coaster
no need to be messed
secret is expressed
we all going to be unite
dawn is near
no need to tear
just need courage
there is no fear