Friday, 29 August 2014

Article:Long walk to freedom

Qadri and Imran both are struggling for a fair system where People  may have their fundamental rights,where justice is available equally for poor and rich, where people of  all classes poor,rich and richest could contest for power on the bases of capability. All of this is pleasant but  again a more huge  revolution is folded in this little revolution.If they succeeded  to make all election  reforms  part of constitution and establish  rule of law  by punishing the real culprits the real dream of Quaid e Azam will come true.We will be able to get rid of  these selfish and incapable feudal who are  a real hurdle in our progress.  Common people who  are capable who know very deeply problem of their people who are also sufferer will come in Assemblies. They will think to  solve  people's problems properly and will strive hardly for the betterment of them. I pray for Imran Khan and his followers. May Allah give them more and more courage keep them safe from lust and influence of lusty powers  and guide them to the very right path of freedom sincerity and unity and equality. This success will not be individual's it will be success of nation.When China throew out America from their country its public really threw it with their hands.They spread in streets and on roads,they chased  any American  they see anywhere beat him with their bats and  chisels and compel such a power to flee but mind it they were concentrated at  one cause the freedom of foreign rule.They rejected foreigner's factories and made their utensils  at  local industries.They tolerated  hunger,they tolerated  ignorance and pressures...Can we do this.yes we have to do this all  if we need self respect,self reliance and real taste of freedom.We have say good bye to Pizza,McDonald and KFC.We have to re enjoy  tasty local food.