Saturday, 23 August 2014

Article:Dharna or Jalsa

We are advancing towards a havoc. Both protesters and Govt  followers are agitating in streets, on roads and in capital  protesters are  sitting  in siege of police,Army and  rangers. This long march,Dharna or Jalsa(as some reporters call it) is acceding to 11 days. Govt is not ready to understand the situation. They like to cling with their powerful  seats and History tells that this power is not possession of anybody.Who  ever does not act according to the situation is destroyed. Protester are tired but not depressed.They are  convinced and committed to their cause but how much. Frustration of such a mob brings huge destruction. As experts say that for destruction  millions are not needed ..few people can also destroy  and hang the system. Their  cause is also genuine and convincing. They  don't claim  power. They just want fair  election and election reforms. For this Qadri is demanding to dissolve the Assembly and  Imran is demanding just resignation of Nawaz so that investigation of election rigging may be  fair. Govt is not paying heed to anyone properly. It is not thinking of the danger of the street clash of different Govt agitators and Govt followers. All stake holders should proceed speedily and sincerely to a  conclusion before a big havoc.