Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Article :Azaadi March in Pakistan

We are going through an agitation in our capital Islamabad. Two big parties PTI and PAT leaders are sitting for five days with a mob of public which is claimed by them in millions but no doubt it is not less than half million(when Procession starts and leaders are between their followers).They have some common demands. For instance ,both demand electoral reforms. They want authoritative Election Commission and computerized vote casting system and a system in which a common man having capability and trust of public should have an easy access to power gates. They claim that present election was rigged so they reject it and also the Government formed on the base of this elections. So they demand resignation of PM and dissolution of  Assemblies so that a Care taker Govt could be formed which would be consist of capable honest people nominated by Supreme court. It will be responsible to investigate the rigging in elections and to punish them. This Govt will frame electoral reforms and these reforms will be part of our Constitution by a little amendment in it. This Government will also hold free and fair elections in Army custody.
This Azaadi and Inqlaab March was from Lahore to  Islamabad. Since five days a great mob is on roads. Government tried  to approach Imraan Khan  and his allies in their own way but none of them is  ready to negotiate. Khan says that he is trying to solve the problem by negotiations for last  15 months after election but Government just announced a Committee which is trying to prove  Khan lier. Government is illegible to understand that truth which even a child of our country knows. PML(N) rigged the election openly on gun point how can they deny it. Perhaps they have  a feeling of old Kings when Kings words were first and last source of information. So situation is getting worse worst. Imran Khan and his allies  MNA and MPA have resigned from National Assembly and from Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab Assemblies. He has also announced of Civil Disobedience. Today on 19 August evening at 6 P.M both Qadri and Imraan have entered in red Zone with their followers. Thank God that no  live loss was heard instead of thousands of Policemen,rangers and Army. Political powers are trying to resolve the problem but overnment incentives are not encouraging.  PM has denied to resign. Except resignation of Prime Minister PML(N)Govt is ready to approve all condition of protesters but both Imran and Qadri have rejected this proposal. Now pressure on Govt is increasing with every passing moment. Situation is speedily going to its end. Imran  and Qadri has threatened the Govt  to enter in PM House tomorrow evening if their demands were not fulfilled. There is uncertainty in the air. May Allah  safe us all from any Chaos.