Thursday, 21 August 2014

Article: Quaid and Imran

Imran Khan have many similarities with Quaid Azam the founder of Pakistan.Some are less  important and some are more.Today I want to share with you,I think it will be interesting for you too. Like Quaid,He is handsome,straight, dashing and determined and confident from the beginning. Like Quaid he married with a non-muslim after     converting her Muslim and deprived of her after a little period. Quaid Azam was not Politician in the beginning like Imran. He also went abroad  to get higher education like Quaid. There he also used to meet people like Quaid  from different  fields to be just socially informed. He used to go to Sirojni Nido to have a know how  of Indian politics. Imran also used to go to Banazir Bhutto who was studying in England. He had good  relations with Lady Diana who was princess of Whales at that time. Quaid greatly excelled in his profession. He was among few best Lawyers of Bombay. Imran was also highly skilled in Crickett. He played 1st class cricket for 17 years and won World Cup of 1992 as Captain of Pakistan team. Quaid came to his homeland after completing his education .Here they are at a little distance. Imran also came to his home land but  he had not completed his education yet but he was fed up of that atmosphere. He told his mother who cheerily permitted him to come back.This coming back proved a turning point of his life. He read Quraan. He met many real religious people. His concepts and faith on Allah were firmed during this period.He  again went to England and completed his education but now he was not a clergy boy.He had got more matured and more cultured and religious minded. Now he saw all matters in the light of Hadees and Quraan like Quaid. He got interested in World History. He had strong relations with many Politicians. He  was very popular in public during 80's . He was very  honest and  excellent commitment with his  targets. So Zia the dictator  offered him ministry but he refused. After that he had many opportunities to come from back doors of power but he didn't come.So we hope that that till now he is struggling for a new free and respectable Pakistan. Like Quaid he wants to make Pakistan a real welfare state. For this purpose he is struggling day and night with his country  status-co system and at the same time with western influence . He will never deceive us. He will bring a lightened dawn of Freedom for us Inshallah !!!