Saturday, 27 December 2014

Poem:From their Arms...

*Were taken from their mothers arms
*Were  a tear extracted from their lovers eyes.
*Were a smile stolen from a face that cries ..
*Were a hope , Were a dream  That flew up in the skies
*Will you show off once more ???
*Will you one day knock the door ???
*will you dry your mothers tears?
*Will you calm your lovers fears ?
*Who will do if you do not ?
*Do you think  mothers forgot
*Apart of them that meant a lot ?
*I pray for them to  keep strong
*I wish they pay those who do wrong
                                                                Ayla Aynoor

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Poem:You'll remember me.

Do you know I love you
Do you know you love me too
chasing all the going cars
gazing at the glowing stars
sitting in the night bar
looking in the mirror
at your scar
you'll remember me
you'll remember me
In glee or in agony
feeling ache in your knee
 O my honeybee!
 you are stinging and killing me

Poem:Mukh ki lau...

Raat andheri  door sweraa
hur janib kwabon ka pehra
teray mukh ki lau ko paa kay
may na dekho chand ka chehra
sabz se ankhein,bhooray baal
reshmii bahein,rung snehra
kis ko snaein kon sunnay
yahan to payia hr koi behra!

Article:Terror Tide in Pakistan

My heart is bleeding at martyrdom of 132 children.I feel myself dumb at this brutality.It is so unbearable loss that has moved every body who has heart and sense in it.
.This incident is unprecedented and  terrible.No word can remedy the loss.I'm unable t stop my tears.How can I say  the victims to  be patient. It is not a national  grief but it is attack on humanity.Children are innocent but an asset just like flowers or water.To attack them is  just like to  try to  damage  purity of divine nature.
What ever happened has  passed but its  effects will be long lasted . Parents can not  forget their  love ones for whole life.Whole nation will cherish their sacrifice. History will write  their name and deeds in golden words. We salute their parents too whom dear ones were martyred. We all should gather and should pay homage to that Principal  who was ordered by Terrorists to  quit but she refused to leave  her students in hands of death.
All of us should review our behavior at this time. It is not a time of raising slogans nor it is time for politicians to exchange jokes.It is time to hug,to weep  or to try to be  determined and patient. Some terrorists are hanged after this incidents but this is not enough.May be this action in so  much hurry will create more complications.This time all leadership should concentrate to control the situation. 
I wish  that all of us should turn a new leaf and start to live in a totally new way.I wish  that we should learn to forgive at least our Muslim brothers for the sake of Allah and Rasool believer.Would that  we  leave to decide of other's Iman or belief.Would that we remember the saying of Allah ''You have just to communicate the massage of right path,you are not responsible to take one to right way''. He again says in beginning of 3rd Para of Quran''No compulsion in Islam ''. 
It is very very tragic moment but it is also defining moment for us as all of us are on a decisive point ''do or die'' to get rid of self pity and self defense. All the sectors are more or less on one page. They really want to throw out the yoke of brutality. 
We have to be consistent. Inshallah! we'll reach the destination of peace and prosperity too. History tells when a nation is united and focused no power can  suppress it.
It is so necessary to use media to train public to face this terror tide. Govt,Army  ,Police  and public all sectors should be equipped on their level to secure our buds,our new generation.    

Friday, 19 December 2014

poem:Listen my kids!

Listen my kids!

hanging stars and elderly moon
are showing an evidence
that you'll be here very  soon
in  flowers
and in feathers
of a bird very free
in a state of glee
you'll be here
in form of peace
& tranquility
serenity and
ever green unity
you have lit this land
with love and real liberty!!

Poem:Terrorist hands..

like mist of evening dew
that nourishes young flowers
till they grow in scent and hue
you were children of the hour
your mothers nourished you
moment by moment
day to day
year to year
in your mother's laps
you had no fear
and terrorist's hands
took away
like sands in hands
you are the luckiest
O my kids!
who said yes on Allah's command!!!
Like a rock in the sea
These mothers'll proudly stand
for your deed
that is great and very grand!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Poem:O my kid!

O my kid!
O my flower in bloom!
with you I never felt any gloom
you were my reason to live
you were my groom
with out you
I'm just a load
take me with you
very soon
I just have your shirt
not you but your perfume!!! 

Poem: O my children!

O my children!!!
stars will shine
rice will grow
you'll  never
come and glow
roses and jasmine
are in deep gloom
you were their friend
touching your bloom!
school bell has no charm
there is't your perfume

Friday, 12 December 2014

Poem:Aa Imran

aj to shub dhalnay sa pehlay
terii deed ki dault aam

jo chahay jitnay bhar lay
chaht ka ub aam hein jaam
kul aya ga
kia laya ga
raj andheray ka
kub jaya ga
  kub aya ga tu sar e baam
Aa Imran aa Imran!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Poem:Honey moon

We were alone
at the river side
in the midst of night
sky was black
and very  high
stars were very low
in their decent flow
flower's scent was rising
from the valley below
he was the right man
I love him so
for what reason
I did't know
despite of deep darkness
and the rising madness
a flame of love
was going to glow
it was so much cold
for us it was gold
making very very bold
we were not in mood of scold
as it was honey moon
with honey in its spoon
light was flickering like petals
on the black lagoon
our hearts were ringing
with unseen fresh tune!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Article:Alcove of sufi saints Kashmir and BJP in Election 2014

 Kashmir is called Alcove of saints cause many  sufies were born here. Iqbal had said

   ahl e jahan kehtay hein Kashmir hay jannat
   jannat kisi kaffir ko mili hay na milay gi  !!
We Pakistanis still think that Kashmir is for Muslims.
As it is a Muslim majority area  and they have been forming Govt since Pakistan came into being. Due to their  pressure, Nehru Assembly had  passed a bill  that  no Hindu  can  buy  property in Kashmir. Now BJP is in power. It is planning to change Nehru act and urges to establish  Hindu dominant Govt in Kashmir. For this purpose they are luring public to get their favor. In kashmir Legislative Assembly  total seats are  87 and BJP wants to get at least 44 seats to  make BJP Govt in Jummu and Kashmir.

 In Jummu Hindu migrants are in majority so BJP wants mass voting in Jammu while in Kashmir where Muslims are in majority it is predicting  boycott of election so that no Muslim candidate can win elections. BJP is trying hard to complete his mission 44.
  Recent  flood has devastated a vast area. Many people are shivering in open ground cause of  being homeless. Instead  of rehabilitation Govt has forced upon Kashmir new elections. People of Kashmir are annoyed at this gesture of Govt. Jammu and Kashmir  chief Minister Omar Abdullah said,''people of the state will not tolerate being ''humiliated'' by the BJP over rehabilitation of flood victims but prefer to rebuild their lives on their own''
 BJP is dreaming to  dominate Kashmir easily as Rana Ayub(author of book about Modi's life) says'
'' BJP is focused on another grand mission-to secure Jammu and Kashmir this December.'' As five phase elections have started in Kashmir,
Modi visited Kashmir on  8 December to give his followers confidence. There was complete shutter down in valley and curfew was imposed on the area and Modi wa saying ''Ministery is not doing any thing for flood victims.We are with you.Trust me, your pains are my pains''BJP Vice president is saying,''Islam will prevail in BJP regime'.(Is't it a joke.)
 Experts are saying that in Kashmir it is impossible for BJP to win the elections ..cause it is a saint land...saints will not accept BJP on any cost.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Poem:Gaze at the stars

From morning till evening
I'm thinking of you
you are my lullaby
with out you
I'm going to die
look at the sky
gaze at the stars
and think for a while
we are not so far
the most glittering star
is a night bar
where we can sit
can greet our love
can share our thoughts
is't it enough
for rushing of the tides of our soul
for our dreams
those are beyond our control..

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Article:16 December 1971 and present scenario.

 16 December 1971 was a turning point of  history that exposed the  rotten system  deprived of democracy,justice and truth.It has vast back ground.I want to share  it today.
   Younger  generation who  don't know  much about 16 December,1971 because it is not given much space in our syllabus. We should  remember that Muslim League was founded in Dhaka. Its first president was Bengali.  The country which is now called  Bangladesh it was a wing of Pakistan. It was our country. Many traders,Army workers and common people  went there without visa. Dhaka was like Karachi and Silhat was like  Lahore. People of East and west Pakistan lived like brother and sisters.They shared their  joys and grieves with us. Many Bengali families  lived here in East Pakistan while many east Pakistanis  lived in East Pakistan. Bengalies were more religious  and  educated than us. They were peace lovers.
Then Pakistan went under influence of constant martial law or under  supervision of Culprit  politicians who took it down and down  May be it should be a surprise for some people that Mujib was a patriot in the beginning.He was in Muslim League, fought  as student Leader with Hindus physically in 1947 and was  sent to jail for this crime.  Bengalies weren't given their basic  rights. They thought that  their wing is giving much income to Central Govt while  they didn't have their right share  in Govt  budget.  Mujib raised this issue as emerging political leader. Instead of  listening his voice democratically martial law Govt tried to press his voice. He was called  traitor. It flamed  his stance(because according to many experts his demands or raised issues were  right in the beginning). He propagated these issues in rallies and in processions and became  most popular  leader  of the nation.
 . Yahya Khan was meanest of all politicians but election held in his regime was most fair  election in Pakistan history. Mujib ur Rehman got highest  percentage in election 1970. Here is position of two main parties of that time position in the election 1970(taken from wikipedia). 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Poem:without you I am .

like rose
i am withering
without you
I am shivering
in the cold
and freezing up to the nose
you are glittering
in galaxy like silvers and gold
you are whispering in the air
you are not
but are every where
I love you blindly
without any care
of pros and cons
you are in sun,you are in the moon
you are in the mornings
you are in the silence of the noon !!!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Poem:Need you ..

I need you
as a rose needs dew
you are breaking my resolve
and I'm  dissolved in you
as hues of pink and blue
It is biggest truth of the day
that you are millions miles away
I want to sit beneath thy  looks
as my soul is trembling through
without you
I have nothing to do
with you all the moments
hours and days
were just  joy's rays
I have sweetheart!
nothing to rue!!


pehla pehla  tera piar
sawan ki vo surmiyi bahar
or teri bahon ka  haar
chum chum bajay  mun k taar

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Article:Why I love Kashmir...

I often ask my self  why I love Kashmir so much.I have so much answers.I like to share some of them.
In Kashmir has 80%population is Muslim. During partition in 1947,Kashmir was divided in two parts  Occupied (as we say it) Kashmir and Azad Kashmir1st one was handed over to India ( It has Muslims in majority in Kashmir valley while in Jumu Hindu and Buddh dominate Muslims )and the second one became  integral part of ours.
   Kashmir is  heaven on earth. Kashmiris are our brothers and sisters.They are struggling for their  freedom.They are facing hard ships and even giving their lives for their cause. Many families have to go on exile. My grandfather also went with mujahiddins to help Kashmiries in their freedom struggle. I am grown up with  growing love for Kashmir. It is a land of my dreams. world's best Saffron grows here. Its fields are filled with Tulip's flowers in Spring and  its air  is sick with fragrance of Saffron in Autumn.
 I love Kashmir cause  our History,culture is approximately same. Many family in Punjab are  Kashmiri in origin.They have relatives in Occupied or in Azad Kashmir. During spinning thread in long days and curdling  milk  Kashmiri and Punjabi women used to sing Bulley Shah, Mian M Bakhsh and Hibba Khatoon. Hundreds karvan started their journey from Kashmir and  settled in Punjab.
 Though Kashmir is at about 3 hours drive from Rawalpindi but  our timings are same.Sun sets in both  areas at same time and  voice of  moazzan rises at same time.(specially Maghrib Azan)
Source of all rivers of Pakistan is Kashmir. Our longest border is connected with Kashmir. And most important, our hearts beat with Kashmiri brothers and sisters. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

poem:Every body once or more...

Every body once or more
is enchanted by
love's shore
every body once or more
is haunted by love's door
every body once or more
wants to go to love's core
every body once or more

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Article :Role of Arabic

 I feel great agony when  here on google+ or in real world I feel communication problem with an Arab friend while I don't feel much hesitation in talking or giving my opinion to a English literate.
Arabic should be compulsory  subject  in all Muslim countries to communicate  well to each other.It  had been a great source of unity and  it can be even now a source of oneness and unity among Muslim.
 Arabic is one of most rich and ancient languages of the world. Arab poetry is  one of richest poetry in the world.It is rhythmic,highly emotional.Its metaphors are deep rooted with its culture.Arab used to say  Non -Arab dummy in comparing them in field of language
We can promote our trade and  culture in a better way if Muslims know how to speak or understand Arabic. .
After European domination over Muslim countries they banned Arabic.In Muslim Russian states like Uzbekistan and Qazakistan no Muslim was allowed to keep Quran written in Arabic.They were allowed to have Quran written in Roman manuscript. Muslim could not  this controversy cause in the beginning they know Arabic so they could understand Arabic even in roman alphabets. After one or two generations they were unable to understand its meaning.They love Quran till now but are unaware of  its teachings.   
In Spain' speaking Arabic and wearing Arabic dress was banned after European victory. Muslim real inhabitants were called Moors mean strangers. In English movies we can recognize a Spanish face by its Arabic  features though in English dress and speaking English. They were snubbed, and shooed and kept backward in each sphere of life. Instead of this contempt British didn't destroy Muslim's books of Science and medicine.They translated them in English and  these books laid foundations of great cultured and learned Britain. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

poem:Nothing is nice with out you

Horizon is violet,crimson and blue
flowers are wet with evening dew
moon is glittering through shoots of bamboo
nothing is nice dear with out you

pigeons are flying near cloudy hills
fishes are lazy an d opening their gills
bottom of valley isilled with daffodils
with out you O my love!
I am going to be kill  !!!

Saturday, 8 November 2014


sun bholay piaa
moraa dharkay jiaa
tu nay kia kia
aray kia kia
  sooni sooni ya bahein
  bus tujh ko hi chahein
  hur pul ya nigahein
  dekhein teri hi rahein
  aa k tu hi bta kasaa jadu kia
  sun bholay piaa
  moraa dharkay jia
    purwaa pagal ho k
    teri aur chalay
    charta din b tera
teray naam dhalay
    es dil may jalay
    bus teraa hi diaa
    sun bholy piaa
    moraa dharkay jiaa
    tu nay kia kia
    aray kia kiaa!!! 

Friday, 7 November 2014


Allah says in sura e ahzab ''refrain  from presumptions ..cause many presumptions are sins...when you hear a news  ..confirm it ...''
Pakistani Christian couple burning  in allegation of blasphemy is no1 news of Pakistan No doubt this act is  shameful...especially when a wage dispute is related with this news. People didn't  bother to confirm the reality.They were  illiterate and  from workers class  they were inflamed by  culprits. No doubt  it is need of time to review  the law of  blasphemy too. .. Here people of all  spheres of life are condemning it and protesting against it.We should hope that
truth will win inshallah.
Let me say that killing and torturing of innocent people is condemn able at all levels regard less it is christian or Muslim ,Pakistani or American, Afia  Saddiqui or Shama Masih or Shehzad Masih...all of us are against brutality. Would that people may have confirmed that what is reality.Even if Sharma had  burnt some papers of Quran(while her relatives say she didn't) it is not  a crime. Osman Ghani R.A  burnt all copies of Quran except  the original Quran written in Nabi pak S.A.W supervision to safe ummah from dispute.
 It was occurred due to absence of la writ.Where was police ,ministers,chief minister and PM when Mosques were  announcing   them  convicted.Accident took place after many  hours.In 21st century when we know about which is happening in America,Africa  now.

Poem:Bare foot

I am bare foot
in the valley of love
like a skinny dove
in the stormy night
no fire no light
with out enough cloth
I feel like a moth

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Poem:you are my gem or sapphire

you  are in every thing
you are on the leaves of spring
you are in the  dove's wing
when she flies and deeply sings
with you
my heart's bell rings

you are my inner fire
you are an increasing desire
you are my gem or sapphire
with you I feel myself
higher and higher!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Article:Imran strategy

A new tide of awareness is seen in youth  in these days.Young common youth and intellectuals are anxious about their country and want to do for the betterment of their country.Many of them have leadership qualities like Junaid Jamshed.Imran is approaching them instead of spoiling himself by following Zardari and Nawaz remains.
He is approaching people of all spheres of life like minorities,disables or oppressed
celebrating Diwali with Pakistani Hindus  


Imran had never an intention to derail  this so called democracy.He wanted to create an awareness in public.He wanted to show his determination for a better change and he is succeeded.Two month continuously sit-in is not an ordinary jalsa. People loose interest.Man like Qadri leaves his place but Imran is here after 2 and half months.He had said that he has came to play long inning so he is relax like he is in his home.He is not  panic.He plays his cards like  a master and exposes the rot system gradually.
He gives call after some days to some specific group and shares their grieves and joys like special people,like Hindu minority.I didn't know that Hindus are here in so much no.His politics is different from traditional politics.He addresses people as he is talking to his friends. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Poem:who flickers..

It is you
who flickers every where
in the flakes of cloud
on the grassy ground
in the naughty air
on the pretty face
in the hazel space
your lips are on cliffs
your eyes blink in the skies
your hands are on wet sand
It is you
who flickers every where !!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nazm:Ghazal e raana...

aa mera ghazal e raana
aa phir sa mjh ko cheir jaa
aa phir nyii dhun sunna
ii phir sa mj sa piyar kr
aa phir sa intzaar kr
ya phir  koi  bahana kr
ik baat ko fasana kr
aa phir sa dil ko jeet lay
ma jeet loo tujha haar kr
teray jahan ki khair ho
tera koi kahi naa baar ho
tu jahan ho sath  ho khushi  
teray zmin o zaman ki khair ho

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Nazm:sun meri sajnyiaa...

sun mari sajanyia aajj
mohay aana taray paas

dekho aj na chahia laaj
darhkan main bajein he saaz
ik pul  bhary tuj baaj

dryia ma bana manjjdhar
turpaya hay tara pyiaar

mujh ko bhula sunsaar
ub aaaaaar rahoo ya paaaaaar

sun meri sajanyia aaj
mohay aana taray paas

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Article:Junaid Jamshed

.Junaid Jamshed is an ally of Imran Khan.He admires his cause.He praises his courage,truthfulness and  consistency. He  emphasis on unity of  nation.He requests all politicians to join hands for  truth and for  welfare of nation. He has left pop singing he just recites Naats. He has dedicated  himself for Islam.He is continuously studying and preaching Islam. He  is continuously going abroad for preaching Islam. He is sad seeing his religious leaders quarreling at petty matters. He compares them with ordianary Christians and Jews who are ready to hear, understand and give space to others. He was told i an interview  just 14 people were  killed or martyred in  Saniha Model Town  the day before Tahir Qadri was reaching Pakistan from Canada...he started  weeping  in front of screen and he was  saying  whispering again and again  ..just  14 people  ..a sensitive person  like Omer R.A is  perplexed  in just suspect that  if a dog is kept thirsty or hungry he will be asked on the judgement day  but we are stubborn..or we should say we are lifeless  not sensing  cries of people suffering miseries and we are not able to  read the  orders of destiny written on the wall.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Poem:Teri khushi ka punkh...

teri khushi ik punkh thi
mujha bhi sath la urii
shabnmi hawaon may
surmyii ghataon may
jahan pa sath taraa tha
ik nayia swaira thaa

Monday, 20 October 2014


 Late  Ameer  Jammaat e Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed gave Imran this title in one of his column in Jang.He loved Imraan very much and  during his amarat he  wished  for Imran that he should join Jammaat but Imran for  some reasons avoided but he also had great association with him. After winning world cup 1992,when  he came back Pakistan  Qazi Hussain Ahmed was  1st person he went to meet. Qazi sahib was great admirer of Imran's leader ship  qualities.
Being a human being he has many short comings but he is best among present leaders. He is courageous,capable,consistent and honest.He has  some lacking of character in past but since 1990 or 1990 he was transformed and  concentrated on learning to read translation f Quran o sunnat and Islamic history and  understanding Iqbal. He is such  a person who  intentionally with his own will  came towards Islam. I am  forcing you to love  him because love  is trust and faith upon  other and we can not inculcate in one's heart  trust.now I should  give my  point of view  but it doesn't mean that I am  forcing you to love  him because love  is trust and faith upon  other and we can not inculcate in one's heart  trust.

Ghazal:nayay mosamon ki sada...

nyay mosmo ki sadaa aa gyii
ak mri se kali phir  muskra gyii
dilo k zkhm phir say khilnay lagay
hawa aj phir teer barsa gyii
nyaa wadon pr dil mchlnay laga
hwa tera kuchay ki aj aa gyii
zamine mohabbat  ma phir beej phootay
teri yad  aj  kasay gudguda gyii

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Article:How reforms will be possible

Individual improvement is essential  but  for big cause nation has to gather and have to  concentrate then change will come.As I have mentioned in an another article  that  we have  Assemblies which have feudal's in majority  they have  their own benefits different from public.So they never  permit  any  bill to pass that clashes with their  benefits. They  unite for their little  welfare like taxes,facilities like A.C in  their  luxury flats etc but they never unite for national cause like  reforms in education,agriculture and  election holding etc.That is why  Ayub Khan ,Bhutto and Zia ul Haq did  land n education reforms but they vanished  /lost their authority with their regime  because they were not  made part of law/constitution.Reason was that  these feudal MNA and MPA had not passed their bills.So it is necessity of time  to bring middle class  capable,brave and  most honest  people in Assemblies by vote power.Only then dream of welfare  state  can be true. Majority of middle class will Inshallah think  and do for the welfare of public and we will be able to  say ourselves free and really democratic people.
  Apart from all propaganda each individual have to decide him self  by studying minutely all  circumstances that who  can  take us out of that slavery of  Super powers as well as of  feudal.They  want civil war   so that they could suck our blood.

Poem:Creeping night and angel

Night is creeping near and near
making you
more and more dear
quite and loving kind in your sleep
you are looking like an angel
or a heavenly celestial
y celes
taking my  imagination high and steep
the river of desire
has caught severe fire
all the proves of my presence
are going to be sweep

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ghazal:Yaar say yaari may....

yaar sa yaari ma hay haari
mein na apmi dnyia saari
apnay saaray chand sitaray
cheenay mujh say sb hi saharay
beh beh jaein  maray nain
ayay pyia na ik pul chain
yaad kroo hoo tujhay din rain
aa ja mun k deep jalanay
uljhay raishum ko suljhanay
dil ki lagi ko bujwanay!!

Poem:In my veins

valley of love calls me
where your crazy soul dwells
all my imagination and sensation get flee
and  endorse me to be free
of all chains and all reigns
you are running in my veins
instead of blood
my head revolves like fan
I feel me stuck in a sensational flood
without you
I feel dissolving in spirit's heavy rain
It is so difficult to sustain
I need you
to pull me up through
this syndrome

Friday, 10 October 2014

Poem:Dil k aiwaan..

dil kay aiwaan mayik shor hua
koi deewar  giri ho jaisay
yoo to thay  ishq k daawa kia kia
us k agay  zban sili ho jaisay
too na ayia to hwaein paltein
door hoti gyii hur aan khushi jaisay
shub dhalay  teri yaad ki khushbu mehki
dil kay gulshan may koi taza kali khili ho jaisay

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Poem:Prettiest bird

You are the prettiest bird
that has come from the valley of love and liberty
with a uniqueness and creativity
your songs are are taking us to a sublimation
to a world of determination
in the rain and in the storm
we  stand with you and feel no humiliation
your presence means tranquility and fertility
you are a sign of love,affection and fragility
your struggle is selfless,sincere
and full of humanity
you are old
but younger than youngster
with you fear flee away
and we have no care of any gangster
we know that it is our day
so we all cling
with you and your cause
you are not only king of Khans
but you are also king of hearts
we feel and have firm belief
that only you can bring
real change we need
we are ready to sacrifice any thing
for that dawn of real freedom that is coming near and nearer
and monsters of night are ready to disappear

Monday, 6 October 2014

Article:Land reforms in Japan and in India

I studied about land reforms in Japan in after world war 11.Their Govt  bought  land from big landlords who had  more land  from fix limits at  fix rate and sold it to  tenants at extremely low rates.Tenants were poor so they were facilitated to pay  the price of land in installments in one or two years. During this process  land lords suffered because they have to wait for payments for 1 or 2 years but as law was firm so this revolution succeeded. This step  gave great boost to their agriculture.
In India Govt  wanted to take  land from landlords and  wanted to give it to poor  farmers having no land but it was succeeded only in rural areas like Kirala etc.Urban  landlords found loops in law and taking benefit from it refused to give their land to Govt.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

A Tiny poem

meri  ankho ka paani tum ho
in sanso ki rawani tum ho
jo chupaa rkhi hay zamanay say
vo albaili se kahani tum ho

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Article:Imran's struggle

By speaking truth and exposing liars ...for tolerating hardships for changing this corrupt and already rotten system.  He has taken a huge task..please encourage and share this responsibility  he needs each and every sincere Pakistani support.He is fighting against America tyranny and feudals of Pakistan at same time.If he is succeeded he will take his nation to the heights of prosperity and respect inshallah.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Poem:In your arms

I want to have a rest
for ever in your arms
whenever I feel agony
your words are like honey
you are my Anthony
in the moments of much  pain
in the sun and in the rain
I want to sigh and cry
O honey! in your arms
when ever I am frustrated
and feel so devastated
I want to die in your arms!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014


mubarak ho chman walo k vo jaan e bahaar ayia
qarar  ayia,nigar ayia,nigaar ayia,qarar ayia

kbhi behno k hathon ki rangili hina bun kr
kbhi  ba khanman maan ki  maili se rida bun kr
dilo ko fatah krnay aj phir vo shahswar ayia
 qarar ayia qarar ayia qarar ayia qarar ayia

kbhi ankho may  albaili subho ki tu zia lay kur
kbhi phoolo say honto pa shabnam  se doa lay kur
khizanon ko ura k  bun k pagham e bahar ayia
qarar ayia nigar ayia nigar ayia qarar ayia

terii baton may  poshida hikmat kay khizanay hein
teray ung ung may khwabeeda kul k sub fsanay hein
chaman ka zraa zraa tujh pa honay ko nisar ayia
qarar ayia nigar ayia nigar ayia qarar ayia


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Article: Our future

No doubt sir  Govt is not bed of roses as Nawaz says but we should hope for the best.It has many reasons.Firstly mind it that Imran will not alone in Govt ..Inshallah other stake holders like PML N will be  there and it  is good for us.Very strong opposition is very necessary for good governance .It keeps the people in power on track. Imran just  wants Election rigging  investigations   which are not possible in presence of PML N OR NAWAZ SO HE HAS RAISED SLOGAN  gO Nawaz go and is struggling to popularize it more n more. No doubt Imran ll have pressure of Army but our own Army pressure is better that the pressure of India. Nawaz  is over taking Army to increase his business in India.Even BThese both parties PPP n PML N had ruled two times and has done nothing  except gathering shame  and corruption so we should test a new  courageous and sincere man who has served already Pakistan  without any greed and has raided  Pakistan's name .Who has established  great institutions with just donation who knows how to fight with west and eastern powers.BBC is saying this. So hope Imran will not do any harm to Pakistan .He will take us to the hieght of  respect,peace and properity Inshallah.May be mid phase will tough but if he will be sincere  we will face all hard ships with him will work hard with him and will get rid of  slavery and debts.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Poem:Prince or Tiger..

Rain after rain
has rinsed our sins
and had grown over us
little tiny fins
to flow through waters

We were pure like babies
and were blossoming like daisies
at that heavenly place
free to embrace
you were prince of a princess
or tiger of a tigress ??????

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Poem: River of desire

Horizon's hues
have turned red and blue
over the grass we are just
getting wet with
drops of dew
your feet flicking in the grass like fish
some times you cry
and scream with joy
''I want to dance with you''

Drifting of mind

 we should understand that in new Pakistan we will not find heaven at once ..may be we have to face American and western so  many hindrance ..so we have to face  may be more hunger and poverty for a  short period   but if want real freedom and respect we have to be determined to reach  a goal of self reliance where no power have  control over our prices over our defense and over our decisions.

Article:Today's thought

 what inspires me is his courage  and determination.The task or responsibility he is taking is very huge.He wants to get rid of feudal system corruption and incapability  and at the same time of slavery of American tyranny.He needs  complete alliance of his country men.No doubt it is our task.A task which will benefit not only us but our generation too.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Poem:Blinking stars in your eyes

over a grassy patch
under a shady tree
is heaven for me
stars blink in your eyes
when you look at me
your presence O dear!
is a source of sanity
air so fresh and clear
sky is blue and near
listening your lullaby
my spirits are getting high and high
making you more and more dear
and assuring me
you are so sincere
I want to be with you
in all the coming years!!!!

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Whenever the days are sunny
and the breeze is trickling honey
after so much rain
I urge to meet you again
clouds are flying to your land
making shapes of garlands
I feel so crazy about you
and I want to be your baby
all the time I quiver
want to cross all the rivers
to be where you are
but I don't  know
how to move the stars
and change the destiny
God is still testing me
your love flows through my veins
and makes every thing insane

Friday, 5 September 2014

Article: What is Death and what is Life

Allah says,
''apnay goray tyaar rakho''
He says more,
''The people who are martyred to raise the name of Allah ..are not dead ..they are alive .They are given food by Allah.but you can not have sense of this ''
Poet says,
shaheed ki jo maut hay vo qaum ki hayat hay
lahoo jo ha shaheed ka vo qaum ki zakaat hay
Today is 6 September. A day when our Air force performed memorable deeds  defending their country. It is our duty to keep it safe from erosion and interventions. Mind it! The nation who lives just to enjoy can never survive respectfully. It is alive but like dead's. To survive respectfully is necessary to strive for best and
to prepare  for glorious death on our own forums because death is an inevitable fact of this universe then why not in our field why on bed!!!

Nazm:Imraan say...

sapno ko khonay na denaa
masoomo ko rona na denaa
neend say jo badaar huay hein
un ko phir sonay  na denaa
   yaad hay vo  Iqbal ki baat
   Quaid ki hay ya saughat
    dakhna mehshar ki  ya ghari hay
    chootay na hatho sa hath
    too nay hmaraa maan brhayia
    apna chain too nay bhulayia
    hum b rhein gay teray sath

Poem:Imran Khan

He is not just a leader
he is a survivor of a nation
from humiliation and discrimination
He is a beacon house in the dark night
who shows us the light
to the path of peace, prosperity and sincerity
He tells where glory,respect and splendor dwell
who told us how to shatter
these selfish magician's spell
He creates in us an untiring power
to fight for our right
who takes us to high and high flight
we need no crown
for us is just enough
your safety and your sight !!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Article:Javed Hashmi

Hashmi sb is very senior politician and one of very few Pakistani politicians who sacrificed power and luxury for the survival democracy and truth.He is in his last phase of his career and as well as of age . He can be sentimental ,his judgement can be wrong(though  not totally wrong),he can be sentimental but he is not liar he is not  Daghi.S leave him and let him do as he likes. Imran has  let him go and has said nothing except that he has not judged him  properly.properly. Imran has never acted on others  puppets.We have no right to say any thing about such a great person who has tolerated  jail for many years just not flattering the powerful dictators and tolerated  Nawaz ignorance  inspite of struggling with him in front lines in crisis.

Article:Flaws of Present movement Azadi March

.Many people think about country sincerely but believe  me I am also worried about the situation specially about the people who are on naked ground  for so many days and nights tolerating rain,thunder,hunger(some time)restlessness,fear of life etc. Don't say  that no one is opening Quraan. We are Muslims and no Muslim is permit to judge Emaan of a Muslim who takes name of Allah and his Rasool S.A.W.
  I  often  went back in History to see what mistakes are in this movement. I agree that  singing and dancing specially in mix gathering(though it is not mix but perhaps  mob  is mixed some times) doesn't suits a  Muslim movement.You will have felt that Imran has controlled this situation. He is concentrating to take the movement on concrete  bases.His stance is right. He is like a new Muslim. If you  study his life you will see  he was thrilling and adventurous from his childhood. He had Islamic name and background but he practically and intentionally came to Islam when he came back from England during last phase of his education as he was very depressed . Here he met some religious people who brought him to  real teaching of Islam.  He is sincere,sympathetic and enthusiastic. He studied Quraan  in his 20's with translation. In movement so many people are involved, a mob is involved  and some mistakes are definitely occurred but wise man is that who  correct them when ever he is diverted attention  towards them. An arrogant  man argues and excuses. I think Imran is in 1st category. He is  committed and determined at his  right stance and is continuously trying hard to bring his workers to attend the procession and to  make his movement successful. We should  remember that this movement is not  for personal power. It is to  demolish  a deep rooted feudal corrupt system and establish  a strong Islamic and democratic system. It is not a easy job.It is a huge resposibility.His shoulders need to share this load with his country men. He needs assistance and encouragement. Please join him. He is your hero .He has never betrayed you. He will never betray you Inshallah!

Article :Revolution in Iran by Imam Khumini

Protest or Dharna or sitting in Capital exceeding from half month.People are tired,restlass some times hungry or thirsty away from their homes. If we include their families too their number will go again in millions.Every sensitive person iin society wishes to end this  situation. We common citizens are also victims of it  because we also have to face traffic blocks,ways block and  utilities shotage  specially of vegetables.
People of different spheres of life are  suggesting many solution of this issue.I also consider myself a  sensitive and sincere citizen of my country so very often I think  how can be a better end of this  issue...how can be fulfilled  the dream of a  welfare state  of Pakistan. Many revolutionaries  flash back on my memory  projector like Bhutto, Qazzafi, Yasir Arafat, Maulana Maududi and Imam Khumini etc.  Among them Imam Khumini's stature is big and broad. He  demolished the grand structure of Raza shah kingdom of Iran. Let us see how  he start.He was  a brilliant  and devoted student of  an Iranian Madrassa. He used to speak against Raza Shah's  lavish style of life, against his  unethical traditions and  against his injustice. The issues he raised were  true so soon he established  a large group of his followers. They used to shre their views in social gatherings. Soon Shah's spies told Shah about Young Khumini's rebellious views. Khumini's views were getting popular  speedily.They  started protesting and speaking against Shah in great rallies and processions.Shah warned him  for some time and then arrested him and sent  on exile in Iraq. Here he was facing some restrictions by his Govt so by his  friend's effort he  was permitted to go to France where he could esly communicate with hiss followers. He was  a scholar of Hadis and Fiqqa so many groups of students and scholars came to him  and after attending his lectures took away its video with them in which an Islamic state map was cleared gradually in the light of Quran o Hadis.So his message was gradually conveyed to his public. So when when he landed on Airport of Tehran  whole city was crowded with people coming from different sides of country. Imam Khumini didn't wasted time  .He straightly went with his followers to Shah's palace.Many Shah's people.Shah himself  flee away and Khumini and his followers took the control. They abolished all  remaining of shah's kingdom and established in country peace and harmony.Imam Khumini taught his nation a practical lesson of faith, self integrity and self reliance according to Islamic teaching which they remembered for  decades.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Article:Way to self reliance..

Many people say that it is so difficult to survive with out  aid and assistance of America  type of powers. Instead of arguing I want to give you example of Japan. As I am humble student of History I want to share my study about Japan with you. Japan is  one of few countries who suffered severely  during World war 11. Atom bombs were shed on their main cities Nagasaki and Heroshima. People who saw that scene and survived too tell that  millions of people were burnt  by the heats of those bombs in no time. Some people jumped into nearby river  to get rid of the heat but river water was boiling  due to bomb shedding. They were roasted and their bones were melt in hot waters.Their economy  sank. Their public went in severe shock but their leaders were determined. They gave them real sense of respect, self reliance and integrity. They  rejected all types of international (aids another form of  begging). They went in an isolation .They started from  zero and  relying on their own resources struggled hard to stand on their feet. They have to tolerate huge hindrances. They had economic crisis. They shortened their worldly desires. They were threatened but they had sworn to not quarrel with any one because these wars had  damaged them a lot in past. They had not no Army so they saved the expenditure of Army and spent it on industry. They had very small area of earth but they used sea to built Air port and many other buildings. They had very little mineral resources so they struggled  very hard and concentrated as nation on Industry.
They bought raw material  from other countries at very less price and after converting this material in best form of industrial tool sold it at very high cost. So their economy took boost in a few years. America tried hard to persuade them to learn English and to influence them by their culture. They didn't pay heed on their propaganda in their country.They had decided to erect a new  horizon from their ash and in 1953 they were ahead of whole world in the field of Industry a few years  after world war 11.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


O people!
going to walk  of freedom
tortured by word of  reason
but spiritually exalted
I know you are exhausted
with dehydration
and polarization
due to hunger
rain and thunder
but listen
just feel the breeze
sobbing in the plants and trees
in it is mingled
scent of success
any one of us can guess
in earth is so much moisture
the air is tender
monsters are ready to surrender
valley of freedom is near and splendor!!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Poem Destination

I was stuck in
Mud of silly worries
and  nasty hurries
Without sense of destination
I was exploring
useless places through
wanted to break out the cage
and come out in power age
urged to have a pure sense of destination
with new brand  generation
who is ready to give their today
in the freedom way
have an untiring inspiration
that persuade them to strive day and night
for their fight
they are free like a bird
who sings in the skies
and through  long grass
their sweet voices is heard
through the whole mass!!
They laugh at the sun
and kiss the face of grass
and beside pure glory
they are going to pass!!!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Article:Long walk to freedom

Qadri and Imran both are struggling for a fair system where People  may have their fundamental rights,where justice is available equally for poor and rich, where people of  all classes poor,rich and richest could contest for power on the bases of capability. All of this is pleasant but  again a more huge  revolution is folded in this little revolution.If they succeeded  to make all election  reforms  part of constitution and establish  rule of law  by punishing the real culprits the real dream of Quaid e Azam will come true.We will be able to get rid of  these selfish and incapable feudal who are  a real hurdle in our progress.  Common people who  are capable who know very deeply problem of their people who are also sufferer will come in Assemblies. They will think to  solve  people's problems properly and will strive hardly for the betterment of them. I pray for Imran Khan and his followers. May Allah give them more and more courage keep them safe from lust and influence of lusty powers  and guide them to the very right path of freedom sincerity and unity and equality. This success will not be individual's it will be success of nation.When China throew out America from their country its public really threw it with their hands.They spread in streets and on roads,they chased  any American  they see anywhere beat him with their bats and  chisels and compel such a power to flee but mind it they were concentrated at  one cause the freedom of foreign rule.They rejected foreigner's factories and made their utensils  at  local industries.They tolerated  hunger,they tolerated  ignorance and pressures...Can we do this.yes we have to do this all  if we need self respect,self reliance and real taste of freedom.We have say good bye to Pizza,McDonald and KFC.We have to re enjoy  tasty local food. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Poem : Dawn Of Freedom(in memory of Martyrs)

Horizon is going to be brighter
due to the blood of martyrs
shedding from their veins
we are going in strains
We are going to be harder
with each next moment
we are going to be faster
over and over
we all are getting closer
our opponents are thinking
we are getting tired
we are going to be expired
but listen!!!
It is the beginning
of a long walk to freedom
beyond this place
written on the wall
in the books all
It is time to kill the reason
and win our season
where we will go shoulder to shoulder
Its a public voice
which can never be pressed
by your roller coaster
no need to be messed
secret is expressed
we all going to be unite
dawn is near
no need to tear
just need courage
there is no fear