Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Article: Our future

No doubt sir  Govt is not bed of roses as Nawaz says but we should hope for the best.It has many reasons.Firstly mind it that Imran will not alone in Govt ..Inshallah other stake holders like PML N will be  there and it  is good for us.Very strong opposition is very necessary for good governance .It keeps the people in power on track. Imran just  wants Election rigging  investigations   which are not possible in presence of PML N OR NAWAZ SO HE HAS RAISED SLOGAN  gO Nawaz go and is struggling to popularize it more n more. No doubt Imran ll have pressure of Army but our own Army pressure is better that the pressure of India. Nawaz  is over taking Army to increase his business in India.Even BThese both parties PPP n PML N had ruled two times and has done nothing  except gathering shame  and corruption so we should test a new  courageous and sincere man who has served already Pakistan  without any greed and has raided  Pakistan's name .Who has established  great institutions with just donation who knows how to fight with west and eastern powers.BBC is saying this. So hope Imran will not do any harm to Pakistan .He will take us to the hieght of  respect,peace and properity Inshallah.May be mid phase will tough but if he will be sincere  we will face all hard ships with him will work hard with him and will get rid of  slavery and debts.