Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Article :Revolution in Iran by Imam Khumini

Protest or Dharna or sitting in Capital exceeding from half month.People are tired,restlass some times hungry or thirsty away from their homes. If we include their families too their number will go again in millions.Every sensitive person iin society wishes to end this  situation. We common citizens are also victims of it  because we also have to face traffic blocks,ways block and  utilities shotage  specially of vegetables.
People of different spheres of life are  suggesting many solution of this issue.I also consider myself a  sensitive and sincere citizen of my country so very often I think  how can be a better end of this  issue...how can be fulfilled  the dream of a  welfare state  of Pakistan. Many revolutionaries  flash back on my memory  projector like Bhutto, Qazzafi, Yasir Arafat, Maulana Maududi and Imam Khumini etc.  Among them Imam Khumini's stature is big and broad. He  demolished the grand structure of Raza shah kingdom of Iran. Let us see how  he start.He was  a brilliant  and devoted student of  an Iranian Madrassa. He used to speak against Raza Shah's  lavish style of life, against his  unethical traditions and  against his injustice. The issues he raised were  true so soon he established  a large group of his followers. They used to shre their views in social gatherings. Soon Shah's spies told Shah about Young Khumini's rebellious views. Khumini's views were getting popular  speedily.They  started protesting and speaking against Shah in great rallies and processions.Shah warned him  for some time and then arrested him and sent  on exile in Iraq. Here he was facing some restrictions by his Govt so by his  friend's effort he  was permitted to go to France where he could esly communicate with hiss followers. He was  a scholar of Hadis and Fiqqa so many groups of students and scholars came to him  and after attending his lectures took away its video with them in which an Islamic state map was cleared gradually in the light of Quran o Hadis.So his message was gradually conveyed to his public. So when when he landed on Airport of Tehran  whole city was crowded with people coming from different sides of country. Imam Khumini didn't wasted time  .He straightly went with his followers to Shah's palace.Many Shah's people.Shah himself  flee away and Khumini and his followers took the control. They abolished all  remaining of shah's kingdom and established in country peace and harmony.Imam Khumini taught his nation a practical lesson of faith, self integrity and self reliance according to Islamic teaching which they remembered for  decades.