Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Article:Way to self reliance..

Many people say that it is so difficult to survive with out  aid and assistance of America  type of powers. Instead of arguing I want to give you example of Japan. As I am humble student of History I want to share my study about Japan with you. Japan is  one of few countries who suffered severely  during World war 11. Atom bombs were shed on their main cities Nagasaki and Heroshima. People who saw that scene and survived too tell that  millions of people were burnt  by the heats of those bombs in no time. Some people jumped into nearby river  to get rid of the heat but river water was boiling  due to bomb shedding. They were roasted and their bones were melt in hot waters.Their economy  sank. Their public went in severe shock but their leaders were determined. They gave them real sense of respect, self reliance and integrity. They  rejected all types of international (aids another form of  begging). They went in an isolation .They started from  zero and  relying on their own resources struggled hard to stand on their feet. They have to tolerate huge hindrances. They had economic crisis. They shortened their worldly desires. They were threatened but they had sworn to not quarrel with any one because these wars had  damaged them a lot in past. They had not no Army so they saved the expenditure of Army and spent it on industry. They had very small area of earth but they used sea to built Air port and many other buildings. They had very little mineral resources so they struggled  very hard and concentrated as nation on Industry.
They bought raw material  from other countries at very less price and after converting this material in best form of industrial tool sold it at very high cost. So their economy took boost in a few years. America tried hard to persuade them to learn English and to influence them by their culture. They didn't pay heed on their propaganda in their country.They had decided to erect a new  horizon from their ash and in 1953 they were ahead of whole world in the field of Industry a few years  after world war 11.