Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Article:Flaws of Present movement Azadi March

.Many people think about country sincerely but believe  me I am also worried about the situation specially about the people who are on naked ground  for so many days and nights tolerating rain,thunder,hunger(some time)restlessness,fear of life etc. Don't say  that no one is opening Quraan. We are Muslims and no Muslim is permit to judge Emaan of a Muslim who takes name of Allah and his Rasool S.A.W.
  I  often  went back in History to see what mistakes are in this movement. I agree that  singing and dancing specially in mix gathering(though it is not mix but perhaps  mob  is mixed some times) doesn't suits a  Muslim movement.You will have felt that Imran has controlled this situation. He is concentrating to take the movement on concrete  bases.His stance is right. He is like a new Muslim. If you  study his life you will see  he was thrilling and adventurous from his childhood. He had Islamic name and background but he practically and intentionally came to Islam when he came back from England during last phase of his education as he was very depressed . Here he met some religious people who brought him to  real teaching of Islam.  He is sincere,sympathetic and enthusiastic. He studied Quraan  in his 20's with translation. In movement so many people are involved, a mob is involved  and some mistakes are definitely occurred but wise man is that who  correct them when ever he is diverted attention  towards them. An arrogant  man argues and excuses. I think Imran is in 1st category. He is  committed and determined at his  right stance and is continuously trying hard to bring his workers to attend the procession and to  make his movement successful. We should  remember that this movement is not  for personal power. It is to  demolish  a deep rooted feudal corrupt system and establish  a strong Islamic and democratic system. It is not a easy job.It is a huge resposibility.His shoulders need to share this load with his country men. He needs assistance and encouragement. Please join him. He is your hero .He has never betrayed you. He will never betray you Inshallah!