Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Article:Javed Hashmi

Hashmi sb is very senior politician and one of very few Pakistani politicians who sacrificed power and luxury for the survival democracy and truth.He is in his last phase of his career and as well as of age . He can be sentimental ,his judgement can be wrong(though  not totally wrong),he can be sentimental but he is not liar he is not  Daghi.S leave him and let him do as he likes. Imran has  let him go and has said nothing except that he has not judged him  properly.properly. Imran has never acted on others  puppets.We have no right to say any thing about such a great person who has tolerated  jail for many years just not flattering the powerful dictators and tolerated  Nawaz ignorance  inspite of struggling with him in front lines in crisis.