Friday, 5 September 2014

Article: What is Death and what is Life

Allah says,
''apnay goray tyaar rakho''
He says more,
''The people who are martyred to raise the name of Allah ..are not dead ..they are alive .They are given food by Allah.but you can not have sense of this ''
Poet says,
shaheed ki jo maut hay vo qaum ki hayat hay
lahoo jo ha shaheed ka vo qaum ki zakaat hay
Today is 6 September. A day when our Air force performed memorable deeds  defending their country. It is our duty to keep it safe from erosion and interventions. Mind it! The nation who lives just to enjoy can never survive respectfully. It is alive but like dead's. To survive respectfully is necessary to strive for best and
to prepare  for glorious death on our own forums because death is an inevitable fact of this universe then why not in our field why on bed!!!