Friday, 30 May 2014

Poem:Ecstasy ...

Spring was in full bloom
Trees were looking like groom
Sky was dazzlingly clear
and seemed so blue and near
Breeze was scented and tender
Lavender buds were coming
out of snow to mend her
When you came and said
Come to me
Like Honey and Bee
I want to make love with thee
Close,close and close
Loose control
Enrich my soul
That day your Kiss
was at height
of Bliss

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Poem:tera sath...

jb moj e saba sirktti ha
kali phool ki soort dhalti ha
pton ma jhanjan bjtti ha
tb tra ptaa ma poochti hoo
or tera sath hi dhoondti hoo

Article:Syed Qutab Shaheed

Syed Quutab Shaheed is one of the most modest and learned Muslim scholar,writer and Orator of 19th century who influenced new Muslim movements the most.He gave his blood for the survival of truth.
Qutab Shaheed was born  in 1903 in Egypt. After graduation and getting diploma in Education he served as Inspector of Education from 1933 to  1954. He joined Muslim movement ''Akhwan ul Muslimoon'' and was appointed Editor of its magazine due to his Literary background. He was arrested in 1954 and remained in jail till 1964. He was released in Aug1964. During imprisonment he continued his literary activities which influenced youth of that time very much. So after his release youth gathered around him due to his magnetic personality and sincere efforts. Govt didn't like this and arrested him again and martyred him in Aug1966.
He wrote many books for revival of  Islam but his most precious work is Quran tafseer ''Fi Zilal e Quran''. He intentionally avoids to discuss differences of  Muslim sections. He concentrates on clarifying  real revolutionary spirit of Islam as a whole. His language is of high profile having an angelic power which is most suitable to explain Quran verses.
He calls modern and western system of life ''Jahlia''(Ignorance)and amazes at people who are treading in darkness while they have a great source of light in form of Quraan. Explaining Surah e Fateha he tells that accepting Allah our Lord we get rid of all kinds of slavery like many myths,different codes of life and people. A Muslim cooperates in all right things and struggles against evil and helps in maintaining Allah's sovereignty.
He tells us that  there is complete harmony between human powers and physical powers. Both are bestowed before Allah.Both are in movement and direction of their movement is also the same.
He forbids Muslims to be impressed by the glory and glamor of   ignorants(westerns) because they have separated themselves from real source of power Allah.They are going to fall just like a huge body separated from a flaming star extinguishes in no time.
He says a Muslim is friend of physical powers and is in complete harmony with them.So he bows down before Allah without hesitating. He loves nature,ponders over it,takes interest in it and strives to know secrets of Universe. These powers are helpful in his pious mission and unfold themselves before him.  As Mohammad (s.a.w) said gazing towards Mountain Ohad:
''This is a mountain.He loves me and I love him.''
While departing Mecca at the moment of hijrat he addressed Mecca and said:
''O Mecca I love you but  its inhabitants don't let me to live here.''
And the world saw that these physical powers helped,saved and took him to success again and again. Wallah o Aalam bisswab..May Allah accept it.

Ghazal:hr rahguzar...

Hr rahguzr pa roshan tera naqsh e jmal ha
hr gam pr saji tery bazm e khayal ha
ahde shab e wisaal ki ik udh khili kali
ik shama ha jali huyi or tera rumal ha
tera kmal e husn ho ya mera bla ka ishq
ghum ha habib ya k sub ko zwal hay
meray hasas dil ko ya hadesa bohat
chehray pa teray phool sa aks e mlal ha

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Es fun sa ....

es fun sa brasta ha vo abr e karam bhi
tukra meri hasti ka bhigona nahi deta
karta ha mujha qutl vasa to hr gaam
hamdrd milay bhi to ronay nhi detaa
rehta ha pur jmal yoo to bohat paas
nzaray ko ankhon mein smona nhi deta
moti meri dharti k pragunda tehe khaak
ik haath k tasbeeh ko pronay nhi deta

An effort to say in style of Punjabi folk songs..

piplaa bani nia teray patla patla daal
marhaja dhuni nia aa milsan muqdran naal
bazar vakaindian maikhan
sanoo maar mukaia laikhan
Piplaa bani nia teray patla ...
bazar vakaindi kheer
teray ishq ch leer o leer
pippla bani nia...
bazar vakaindi kheer
mahi turia aj kashmir
pipla bani nia...
bazar vakaindi kheer
Assi  jana aj kashmir
va pipla bani nia nia...
bazar vakainda khor
taray warga na koi or
pipla bani nia...
nimi nimi puraa ni waa
aa sanoo gul nal laaa
marhaja dhani nia..
nimi nimi chali aa rail
rab sadaa karsi mail
pipla buni nia teray patla patla daal
marhaja dhuni nia aa milsa muqdran naal

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Poem;Geeli Geeli....

Geeli geeli drzon ma
jum gyi hay kayii
rooh k jhroko sa
jhankti ha tnhayii
mera dard bantti ha
ak teri zaibayii

ubayi:deir tk...

deir tk teraa lams
sath sath rehta haa
teray paas honay ka
ik saraab behta haaa

Rubayi:teray bin...

taray bin jina huaa
mujha kitna mushkil piya
mathay ki bindyia bulaya
kaha kajul piyaa piyaa

Sunday, 4 May 2014

HoneyBee123: Ghazl:thehr gya ha...

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HoneyBee123: Nazm: Jazira....

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Poem:Your Love..

Rainbow after rain
has appeared once again
memories are flashing
in my mind in a chain
where are you?
o my peace of mind
so caring n so fine
I feel my self cozy and rosy
just like a dove
in the gardens of your Love.

Poem:Without you...

Mountain's peaks are covered with snow
piercing winds are going to blow
a branch is cracking in the hearth very slow
It seems that winter doesn't want to go
I am also feeling very low
without you
may you come
may the scene take a new show.


Sky is blue
so fresh its hue
near and dear
that i urge to touch it...

Thursday, 1 May 2014

tery yaad.....

tari yaad ma babus ho kr
bakul naina nair bahaein
tari akhian jeevan sakhian
hur dum tari oaur bulaein