Saturday, 27 December 2014

Poem:From their Arms...

*Were taken from their mothers arms
*Were  a tear extracted from their lovers eyes.
*Were a smile stolen from a face that cries ..
*Were a hope , Were a dream  That flew up in the skies
*Will you show off once more ???
*Will you one day knock the door ???
*will you dry your mothers tears?
*Will you calm your lovers fears ?
*Who will do if you do not ?
*Do you think  mothers forgot
*Apart of them that meant a lot ?
*I pray for them to  keep strong
*I wish they pay those who do wrong
                                                                Ayla Aynoor

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Poem:You'll remember me.

Do you know I love you
Do you know you love me too
chasing all the going cars
gazing at the glowing stars
sitting in the night bar
looking in the mirror
at your scar
you'll remember me
you'll remember me
In glee or in agony
feeling ache in your knee
 O my honeybee!
 you are stinging and killing me

Poem:Mukh ki lau...

Raat andheri  door sweraa
hur janib kwabon ka pehra
teray mukh ki lau ko paa kay
may na dekho chand ka chehra
sabz se ankhein,bhooray baal
reshmii bahein,rung snehra
kis ko snaein kon sunnay
yahan to payia hr koi behra!

Article:Terror Tide in Pakistan

My heart is bleeding at martyrdom of 132 children.I feel myself dumb at this brutality.It is so unbearable loss that has moved every body who has heart and sense in it.
.This incident is unprecedented and  terrible.No word can remedy the loss.I'm unable t stop my tears.How can I say  the victims to  be patient. It is not a national  grief but it is attack on humanity.Children are innocent but an asset just like flowers or water.To attack them is  just like to  try to  damage  purity of divine nature.
What ever happened has  passed but its  effects will be long lasted . Parents can not  forget their  love ones for whole life.Whole nation will cherish their sacrifice. History will write  their name and deeds in golden words. We salute their parents too whom dear ones were martyred. We all should gather and should pay homage to that Principal  who was ordered by Terrorists to  quit but she refused to leave  her students in hands of death.
All of us should review our behavior at this time. It is not a time of raising slogans nor it is time for politicians to exchange jokes.It is time to hug,to weep  or to try to be  determined and patient. Some terrorists are hanged after this incidents but this is not enough.May be this action in so  much hurry will create more complications.This time all leadership should concentrate to control the situation. 
I wish  that all of us should turn a new leaf and start to live in a totally new way.I wish  that we should learn to forgive at least our Muslim brothers for the sake of Allah and Rasool believer.Would that  we  leave to decide of other's Iman or belief.Would that we remember the saying of Allah ''You have just to communicate the massage of right path,you are not responsible to take one to right way''. He again says in beginning of 3rd Para of Quran''No compulsion in Islam ''. 
It is very very tragic moment but it is also defining moment for us as all of us are on a decisive point ''do or die'' to get rid of self pity and self defense. All the sectors are more or less on one page. They really want to throw out the yoke of brutality. 
We have to be consistent. Inshallah! we'll reach the destination of peace and prosperity too. History tells when a nation is united and focused no power can  suppress it.
It is so necessary to use media to train public to face this terror tide. Govt,Army  ,Police  and public all sectors should be equipped on their level to secure our buds,our new generation.    

Friday, 19 December 2014

poem:Listen my kids!

Listen my kids!

hanging stars and elderly moon
are showing an evidence
that you'll be here very  soon
in  flowers
and in feathers
of a bird very free
in a state of glee
you'll be here
in form of peace
& tranquility
serenity and
ever green unity
you have lit this land
with love and real liberty!!

Poem:Terrorist hands..

like mist of evening dew
that nourishes young flowers
till they grow in scent and hue
you were children of the hour
your mothers nourished you
moment by moment
day to day
year to year
in your mother's laps
you had no fear
and terrorist's hands
took away
like sands in hands
you are the luckiest
O my kids!
who said yes on Allah's command!!!
Like a rock in the sea
These mothers'll proudly stand
for your deed
that is great and very grand!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Poem:O my kid!

O my kid!
O my flower in bloom!
with you I never felt any gloom
you were my reason to live
you were my groom
with out you
I'm just a load
take me with you
very soon
I just have your shirt
not you but your perfume!!! 

Poem: O my children!

O my children!!!
stars will shine
rice will grow
you'll  never
come and glow
roses and jasmine
are in deep gloom
you were their friend
touching your bloom!
school bell has no charm
there is't your perfume

Friday, 12 December 2014

Poem:Aa Imran

aj to shub dhalnay sa pehlay
terii deed ki dault aam

jo chahay jitnay bhar lay
chaht ka ub aam hein jaam
kul aya ga
kia laya ga
raj andheray ka
kub jaya ga
  kub aya ga tu sar e baam
Aa Imran aa Imran!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Poem:Honey moon

We were alone
at the river side
in the midst of night
sky was black
and very  high
stars were very low
in their decent flow
flower's scent was rising
from the valley below
he was the right man
I love him so
for what reason
I did't know
despite of deep darkness
and the rising madness
a flame of love
was going to glow
it was so much cold
for us it was gold
making very very bold
we were not in mood of scold
as it was honey moon
with honey in its spoon
light was flickering like petals
on the black lagoon
our hearts were ringing
with unseen fresh tune!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Article:Alcove of sufi saints Kashmir and BJP in Election 2014

 Kashmir is called Alcove of saints cause many  sufies were born here. Iqbal had said

   ahl e jahan kehtay hein Kashmir hay jannat
   jannat kisi kaffir ko mili hay na milay gi  !!
We Pakistanis still think that Kashmir is for Muslims.
As it is a Muslim majority area  and they have been forming Govt since Pakistan came into being. Due to their  pressure, Nehru Assembly had  passed a bill  that  no Hindu  can  buy  property in Kashmir. Now BJP is in power. It is planning to change Nehru act and urges to establish  Hindu dominant Govt in Kashmir. For this purpose they are luring public to get their favor. In kashmir Legislative Assembly  total seats are  87 and BJP wants to get at least 44 seats to  make BJP Govt in Jummu and Kashmir.

 In Jummu Hindu migrants are in majority so BJP wants mass voting in Jammu while in Kashmir where Muslims are in majority it is predicting  boycott of election so that no Muslim candidate can win elections. BJP is trying hard to complete his mission 44.
  Recent  flood has devastated a vast area. Many people are shivering in open ground cause of  being homeless. Instead  of rehabilitation Govt has forced upon Kashmir new elections. People of Kashmir are annoyed at this gesture of Govt. Jammu and Kashmir  chief Minister Omar Abdullah said,''people of the state will not tolerate being ''humiliated'' by the BJP over rehabilitation of flood victims but prefer to rebuild their lives on their own''
 BJP is dreaming to  dominate Kashmir easily as Rana Ayub(author of book about Modi's life) says'
'' BJP is focused on another grand mission-to secure Jammu and Kashmir this December.'' As five phase elections have started in Kashmir,
Modi visited Kashmir on  8 December to give his followers confidence. There was complete shutter down in valley and curfew was imposed on the area and Modi wa saying ''Ministery is not doing any thing for flood victims.We are with you.Trust me, your pains are my pains''BJP Vice president is saying,''Islam will prevail in BJP regime'.(Is't it a joke.)
 Experts are saying that in Kashmir it is impossible for BJP to win the elections ..cause it is a saint land...saints will not accept BJP on any cost.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Poem:Gaze at the stars

From morning till evening
I'm thinking of you
you are my lullaby
with out you
I'm going to die
look at the sky
gaze at the stars
and think for a while
we are not so far
the most glittering star
is a night bar
where we can sit
can greet our love
can share our thoughts
is't it enough
for rushing of the tides of our soul
for our dreams
those are beyond our control..

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Article:16 December 1971 and present scenario.

 16 December 1971 was a turning point of  history that exposed the  rotten system  deprived of democracy,justice and truth.It has vast back ground.I want to share  it today.
   Younger  generation who  don't know  much about 16 December,1971 because it is not given much space in our syllabus. We should  remember that Muslim League was founded in Dhaka. Its first president was Bengali.  The country which is now called  Bangladesh it was a wing of Pakistan. It was our country. Many traders,Army workers and common people  went there without visa. Dhaka was like Karachi and Silhat was like  Lahore. People of East and west Pakistan lived like brother and sisters.They shared their  joys and grieves with us. Many Bengali families  lived here in East Pakistan while many east Pakistanis  lived in East Pakistan. Bengalies were more religious  and  educated than us. They were peace lovers.
Then Pakistan went under influence of constant martial law or under  supervision of Culprit  politicians who took it down and down  May be it should be a surprise for some people that Mujib was a patriot in the beginning.He was in Muslim League, fought  as student Leader with Hindus physically in 1947 and was  sent to jail for this crime.  Bengalies weren't given their basic  rights. They thought that  their wing is giving much income to Central Govt while  they didn't have their right share  in Govt  budget.  Mujib raised this issue as emerging political leader. Instead of  listening his voice democratically martial law Govt tried to press his voice. He was called  traitor. It flamed  his stance(because according to many experts his demands or raised issues were  right in the beginning). He propagated these issues in rallies and in processions and became  most popular  leader  of the nation.
 . Yahya Khan was meanest of all politicians but election held in his regime was most fair  election in Pakistan history. Mujib ur Rehman got highest  percentage in election 1970. Here is position of two main parties of that time position in the election 1970(taken from wikipedia). 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Poem:without you I am .

like rose
i am withering
without you
I am shivering
in the cold
and freezing up to the nose
you are glittering
in galaxy like silvers and gold
you are whispering in the air
you are not
but are every where
I love you blindly
without any care
of pros and cons
you are in sun,you are in the moon
you are in the mornings
you are in the silence of the noon !!!