Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Article:Alcove of sufi saints Kashmir and BJP in Election 2014

 Kashmir is called Alcove of saints cause many  sufies were born here. Iqbal had said

   ahl e jahan kehtay hein Kashmir hay jannat
   jannat kisi kaffir ko mili hay na milay gi  !!
We Pakistanis still think that Kashmir is for Muslims.
As it is a Muslim majority area  and they have been forming Govt since Pakistan came into being. Due to their  pressure, Nehru Assembly had  passed a bill  that  no Hindu  can  buy  property in Kashmir. Now BJP is in power. It is planning to change Nehru act and urges to establish  Hindu dominant Govt in Kashmir. For this purpose they are luring public to get their favor. In kashmir Legislative Assembly  total seats are  87 and BJP wants to get at least 44 seats to  make BJP Govt in Jummu and Kashmir.

 In Jummu Hindu migrants are in majority so BJP wants mass voting in Jammu while in Kashmir where Muslims are in majority it is predicting  boycott of election so that no Muslim candidate can win elections. BJP is trying hard to complete his mission 44.
  Recent  flood has devastated a vast area. Many people are shivering in open ground cause of  being homeless. Instead  of rehabilitation Govt has forced upon Kashmir new elections. People of Kashmir are annoyed at this gesture of Govt. Jammu and Kashmir  chief Minister Omar Abdullah said,''people of the state will not tolerate being ''humiliated'' by the BJP over rehabilitation of flood victims but prefer to rebuild their lives on their own''
 BJP is dreaming to  dominate Kashmir easily as Rana Ayub(author of book about Modi's life) says'
'' BJP is focused on another grand mission-to secure Jammu and Kashmir this December.'' As five phase elections have started in Kashmir,
Modi visited Kashmir on  8 December to give his followers confidence. There was complete shutter down in valley and curfew was imposed on the area and Modi wa saying ''Ministery is not doing any thing for flood victims.We are with you.Trust me, your pains are my pains''BJP Vice president is saying,''Islam will prevail in BJP regime'.(Is't it a joke.)
 Experts are saying that in Kashmir it is impossible for BJP to win the elections ..cause it is a saint land...saints will not accept BJP on any cost.