Thursday, 4 December 2014

Article:16 December 1971 and present scenario.

 16 December 1971 was a turning point of  history that exposed the  rotten system  deprived of democracy,justice and truth.It has vast back ground.I want to share  it today.
   Younger  generation who  don't know  much about 16 December,1971 because it is not given much space in our syllabus. We should  remember that Muslim League was founded in Dhaka. Its first president was Bengali.  The country which is now called  Bangladesh it was a wing of Pakistan. It was our country. Many traders,Army workers and common people  went there without visa. Dhaka was like Karachi and Silhat was like  Lahore. People of East and west Pakistan lived like brother and sisters.They shared their  joys and grieves with us. Many Bengali families  lived here in East Pakistan while many east Pakistanis  lived in East Pakistan. Bengalies were more religious  and  educated than us. They were peace lovers.
Then Pakistan went under influence of constant martial law or under  supervision of Culprit  politicians who took it down and down  May be it should be a surprise for some people that Mujib was a patriot in the beginning.He was in Muslim League, fought  as student Leader with Hindus physically in 1947 and was  sent to jail for this crime.  Bengalies weren't given their basic  rights. They thought that  their wing is giving much income to Central Govt while  they didn't have their right share  in Govt  budget.  Mujib raised this issue as emerging political leader. Instead of  listening his voice democratically martial law Govt tried to press his voice. He was called  traitor. It flamed  his stance(because according to many experts his demands or raised issues were  right in the beginning). He propagated these issues in rallies and in processions and became  most popular  leader  of the nation.
 . Yahya Khan was meanest of all politicians but election held in his regime was most fair  election in Pakistan history. Mujib ur Rehman got highest  percentage in election 1970. Here is position of two main parties of that time position in the election 1970(taken from wikipedia). 

Pakistani general election, 1970

1945 (British India) ←7 December 1970→ 1977

All 300 seats in the Pakistan National Assembly
151 seats were needed for a majority
First partySecond party
Bangabandhu02 big.jpgZulfikar Ali Bhutto.jpg
LeaderSheikh Mujibur RahmanZulfikar Ali Bhutto
PartyAwami LeaguePPP
Leader since19631967
Leader's seatGopalganjLarkana
Last electionNewNew
Seats won16081
Popular vote12,937,1626,148,923
An ordinary person can understand that Mujib deserved to  become Prime Minister but Bhutto didn't agree to do it. Many meetings were held in Dhaka between Bhutto,Mujaib and Yahaya Khan(Chief Martial Law administrator)  to come to an agreement but failed.In fact,Bhutto had  only one option ''to become PM of country''. Yahaya was willing to invite Mujib to form Govt  but Bhutto took him to Larkana him and during deep intoxication  took his signatures on his papers. This action  triggered mass uprising in East Pakistan. On 25 March, Govt ordered an Army operation in East Pakistan. It was the time when  most of the population was on roads.They were protesting against stealing their votes. On that day,some Bengali  say  50 to 60 millions while   independent sources  reported  3 to 4 millions were killed by Army. Bengali women were raped. This night draw a line on the map of Pakistan.Mujib(in arrest) announced of making Bangladesh. He was  arrested next day.A guerrilla war  started between  Bengali civilians and Pakistani Army which ended  at  open war between Pakistan Army and Bengali (allied by Indian  forces) nationalists. Pakistan Army surrendered    on 16  December 1971.No doubt it was interference of India but we should remember of our own Army general's non-professional attitude and selfishness of  both side political leaders..Govt making was right of Mujib but he was denied so  Bengalies were  gotten furious and out of control. Not  completely same  but present situation is resembling  her in present Pakistan in election  2013 That day was a mourning day...mourning of a nation's ego death,mourning of a wing's separation and mourning o so many bravo,charlies of both sides. 
  Constant  corruption,selfishness,sluggishness and bribery  swallows a nation. Today  we are  standing at the same stage. Imran won from  Rawalpindi and from  Peshawar  but he  lost his seat  from Lahore where  he lives.Where he built  Cancer hospital.Where he has  strongest hold. This is't whole story.My  co-leagues from Lahore saw with their own eyes in election 2013 Saad Rafique with his  Kalashnikov guards  stopping people to vote  PTI and compelling them  vote for him.Now  Now PML N speaker of National Assembly has filed a  petition against Imran's petition of  opening of bags by  court. 
 So do not fear of dates..  fear of  deeds...because deeds make history. We will have new important dates if we are capable to face  new era challenges. Why we are allergic of Imran.  We ignore the  lute ,corruption and all male practices of  rulers because they are rulers. Why we are not ready to accept him as a human being. He has short comings but his good deeds supersede his short comings. He is honest,sincere and daring. He has done what promised. Trust him.Inshallah! on next 16 December we will g near to a new real democratic  prosperous Pakistan.At least we should be happy to Imran in a sense that he is a a good opposition which is necessary for good governance. Now Saniha e Peshawar has shattered us.It is a great slap on the face of our security system that in the daylight they slaughtered our  future and we are still fearing to pinpoint from where they  had  come. Govt should  take  immediate actions but  It is contented by making committees and holding meetings. What have they done for condolence or as a bit remedy. As BBC says Nawaz Sharif is bored of so long PM ship so he is spending most of his time in foreign  tours. He needs rest.Give him rest. Don't you see his fluffy cheeks have shrunk since  Imran's  agitations. Oh  I am not joking. It is fact  we should't permit  Nawaz Zardari to sent our money in foreign countries nor we should permit them to  sell our sovereignty.