Friday, 28 November 2014

Poem:Need you ..

I need you
as a rose needs dew
you are breaking my resolve
and I'm  dissolved in you
as hues of pink and blue
It is biggest truth of the day
that you are millions miles away
I want to sit beneath thy  looks
as my soul is trembling through
without you
I have nothing to do
with you all the moments
hours and days
were just  joy's rays
I have sweetheart!
nothing to rue!!


pehla pehla  tera piar
sawan ki vo surmiyi bahar
or teri bahon ka  haar
chum chum bajay  mun k taar

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Article:Why I love Kashmir...

I often ask my self  why I love Kashmir so much.I have so much answers.I like to share some of them.
In Kashmir has 80%population is Muslim. During partition in 1947,Kashmir was divided in two parts  Occupied (as we say it) Kashmir and Azad Kashmir1st one was handed over to India ( It has Muslims in majority in Kashmir valley while in Jumu Hindu and Buddh dominate Muslims )and the second one became  integral part of ours.
   Kashmir is  heaven on earth. Kashmiris are our brothers and sisters.They are struggling for their  freedom.They are facing hard ships and even giving their lives for their cause. Many families have to go on exile. My grandfather also went with mujahiddins to help Kashmiries in their freedom struggle. I am grown up with  growing love for Kashmir. It is a land of my dreams. world's best Saffron grows here. Its fields are filled with Tulip's flowers in Spring and  its air  is sick with fragrance of Saffron in Autumn.
 I love Kashmir cause  our History,culture is approximately same. Many family in Punjab are  Kashmiri in origin.They have relatives in Occupied or in Azad Kashmir. During spinning thread in long days and curdling  milk  Kashmiri and Punjabi women used to sing Bulley Shah, Mian M Bakhsh and Hibba Khatoon. Hundreds karvan started their journey from Kashmir and  settled in Punjab.
 Though Kashmir is at about 3 hours drive from Rawalpindi but  our timings are same.Sun sets in both  areas at same time and  voice of  moazzan rises at same time.(specially Maghrib Azan)
Source of all rivers of Pakistan is Kashmir. Our longest border is connected with Kashmir. And most important, our hearts beat with Kashmiri brothers and sisters. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

poem:Every body once or more...

Every body once or more
is enchanted by
love's shore
every body once or more
is haunted by love's door
every body once or more
wants to go to love's core
every body once or more

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Article :Role of Arabic

 I feel great agony when  here on google+ or in real world I feel communication problem with an Arab friend while I don't feel much hesitation in talking or giving my opinion to a English literate.
Arabic should be compulsory  subject  in all Muslim countries to communicate  well to each other.It  had been a great source of unity and  it can be even now a source of oneness and unity among Muslim.
 Arabic is one of most rich and ancient languages of the world. Arab poetry is  one of richest poetry in the world.It is rhythmic,highly emotional.Its metaphors are deep rooted with its culture.Arab used to say  Non -Arab dummy in comparing them in field of language
We can promote our trade and  culture in a better way if Muslims know how to speak or understand Arabic. .
After European domination over Muslim countries they banned Arabic.In Muslim Russian states like Uzbekistan and Qazakistan no Muslim was allowed to keep Quran written in Arabic.They were allowed to have Quran written in Roman manuscript. Muslim could not  this controversy cause in the beginning they know Arabic so they could understand Arabic even in roman alphabets. After one or two generations they were unable to understand its meaning.They love Quran till now but are unaware of  its teachings.   
In Spain' speaking Arabic and wearing Arabic dress was banned after European victory. Muslim real inhabitants were called Moors mean strangers. In English movies we can recognize a Spanish face by its Arabic  features though in English dress and speaking English. They were snubbed, and shooed and kept backward in each sphere of life. Instead of this contempt British didn't destroy Muslim's books of Science and medicine.They translated them in English and  these books laid foundations of great cultured and learned Britain. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

poem:Nothing is nice with out you

Horizon is violet,crimson and blue
flowers are wet with evening dew
moon is glittering through shoots of bamboo
nothing is nice dear with out you

pigeons are flying near cloudy hills
fishes are lazy an d opening their gills
bottom of valley isilled with daffodils
with out you O my love!
I am going to be kill  !!!

Saturday, 8 November 2014


sun bholay piaa
moraa dharkay jiaa
tu nay kia kia
aray kia kia
  sooni sooni ya bahein
  bus tujh ko hi chahein
  hur pul ya nigahein
  dekhein teri hi rahein
  aa k tu hi bta kasaa jadu kia
  sun bholay piaa
  moraa dharkay jia
    purwaa pagal ho k
    teri aur chalay
    charta din b tera
teray naam dhalay
    es dil may jalay
    bus teraa hi diaa
    sun bholy piaa
    moraa dharkay jiaa
    tu nay kia kia
    aray kia kiaa!!! 

Friday, 7 November 2014


Allah says in sura e ahzab ''refrain  from presumptions ..cause many presumptions are sins...when you hear a news  ..confirm it ...''
Pakistani Christian couple burning  in allegation of blasphemy is no1 news of Pakistan No doubt this act is  shameful...especially when a wage dispute is related with this news. People didn't  bother to confirm the reality.They were  illiterate and  from workers class  they were inflamed by  culprits. No doubt  it is need of time to review  the law of  blasphemy too. .. Here people of all  spheres of life are condemning it and protesting against it.We should hope that
truth will win inshallah.
Let me say that killing and torturing of innocent people is condemn able at all levels regard less it is christian or Muslim ,Pakistani or American, Afia  Saddiqui or Shama Masih or Shehzad Masih...all of us are against brutality. Would that people may have confirmed that what is reality.Even if Sharma had  burnt some papers of Quran(while her relatives say she didn't) it is not  a crime. Osman Ghani R.A  burnt all copies of Quran except  the original Quran written in Nabi pak S.A.W supervision to safe ummah from dispute.
 It was occurred due to absence of la writ.Where was police ,ministers,chief minister and PM when Mosques were  announcing   them  convicted.Accident took place after many  hours.In 21st century when we know about which is happening in America,Africa  now.

Poem:Bare foot

I am bare foot
in the valley of love
like a skinny dove
in the stormy night
no fire no light
with out enough cloth
I feel like a moth

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Poem:you are my gem or sapphire

you  are in every thing
you are on the leaves of spring
you are in the  dove's wing
when she flies and deeply sings
with you
my heart's bell rings

you are my inner fire
you are an increasing desire
you are my gem or sapphire
with you I feel myself
higher and higher!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Article:Imran strategy

A new tide of awareness is seen in youth  in these days.Young common youth and intellectuals are anxious about their country and want to do for the betterment of their country.Many of them have leadership qualities like Junaid Jamshed.Imran is approaching them instead of spoiling himself by following Zardari and Nawaz remains.
He is approaching people of all spheres of life like minorities,disables or oppressed
celebrating Diwali with Pakistani Hindus  


Imran had never an intention to derail  this so called democracy.He wanted to create an awareness in public.He wanted to show his determination for a better change and he is succeeded.Two month continuously sit-in is not an ordinary jalsa. People loose interest.Man like Qadri leaves his place but Imran is here after 2 and half months.He had said that he has came to play long inning so he is relax like he is in his home.He is not  panic.He plays his cards like  a master and exposes the rot system gradually.
He gives call after some days to some specific group and shares their grieves and joys like special people,like Hindu minority.I didn't know that Hindus are here in so much no.His politics is different from traditional politics.He addresses people as he is talking to his friends.