Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Article:Why I love Kashmir...

I often ask my self  why I love Kashmir so much.I have so much answers.I like to share some of them.
In Kashmir has 80%population is Muslim. During partition in 1947,Kashmir was divided in two parts  Occupied (as we say it) Kashmir and Azad Kashmir1st one was handed over to India ( It has Muslims in majority in Kashmir valley while in Jumu Hindu and Buddh dominate Muslims )and the second one became  integral part of ours.
   Kashmir is  heaven on earth. Kashmiris are our brothers and sisters.They are struggling for their  freedom.They are facing hard ships and even giving their lives for their cause. Many families have to go on exile. My grandfather also went with mujahiddins to help Kashmiries in their freedom struggle. I am grown up with  growing love for Kashmir. It is a land of my dreams. world's best Saffron grows here. Its fields are filled with Tulip's flowers in Spring and  its air  is sick with fragrance of Saffron in Autumn.
 I love Kashmir cause  our History,culture is approximately same. Many family in Punjab are  Kashmiri in origin.They have relatives in Occupied or in Azad Kashmir. During spinning thread in long days and curdling  milk  Kashmiri and Punjabi women used to sing Bulley Shah, Mian M Bakhsh and Hibba Khatoon. Hundreds karvan started their journey from Kashmir and  settled in Punjab.
 Though Kashmir is at about 3 hours drive from Rawalpindi but  our timings are same.Sun sets in both  areas at same time and  voice of  moazzan rises at same time.(specially Maghrib Azan)
Source of all rivers of Pakistan is Kashmir. Our longest border is connected with Kashmir. And most important, our hearts beat with Kashmiri brothers and sisters.