Friday, 7 November 2014


Allah says in sura e ahzab ''refrain  from presumptions ..cause many presumptions are sins...when you hear a news  ..confirm it ...''
Pakistani Christian couple burning  in allegation of blasphemy is no1 news of Pakistan No doubt this act is  shameful...especially when a wage dispute is related with this news. People didn't  bother to confirm the reality.They were  illiterate and  from workers class  they were inflamed by  culprits. No doubt  it is need of time to review  the law of  blasphemy too. .. Here people of all  spheres of life are condemning it and protesting against it.We should hope that
truth will win inshallah.
Let me say that killing and torturing of innocent people is condemn able at all levels regard less it is christian or Muslim ,Pakistani or American, Afia  Saddiqui or Shama Masih or Shehzad Masih...all of us are against brutality. Would that people may have confirmed that what is reality.Even if Sharma had  burnt some papers of Quran(while her relatives say she didn't) it is not  a crime. Osman Ghani R.A  burnt all copies of Quran except  the original Quran written in Nabi pak S.A.W supervision to safe ummah from dispute.
 It was occurred due to absence of la writ.Where was police ,ministers,chief minister and PM when Mosques were  announcing   them  convicted.Accident took place after many  hours.In 21st century when we know about which is happening in America,Africa  now.