Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Article:Imran strategy

A new tide of awareness is seen in youth  in these days.Young common youth and intellectuals are anxious about their country and want to do for the betterment of their country.Many of them have leadership qualities like Junaid Jamshed.Imran is approaching them instead of spoiling himself by following Zardari and Nawaz remains.
He is approaching people of all spheres of life like minorities,disables or oppressed
celebrating Diwali with Pakistani Hindus  


Imran had never an intention to derail  this so called democracy.He wanted to create an awareness in public.He wanted to show his determination for a better change and he is succeeded.Two month continuously sit-in is not an ordinary jalsa. People loose interest.Man like Qadri leaves his place but Imran is here after 2 and half months.He had said that he has came to play long inning so he is relax like he is in his home.He is not  panic.He plays his cards like  a master and exposes the rot system gradually.
He gives call after some days to some specific group and shares their grieves and joys like special people,like Hindu minority.I didn't know that Hindus are here in so much no.His politics is different from traditional politics.He addresses people as he is talking to his friends.