Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Article :Role of Arabic

 I feel great agony when  here on google+ or in real world I feel communication problem with an Arab friend while I don't feel much hesitation in talking or giving my opinion to a English literate.
Arabic should be compulsory  subject  in all Muslim countries to communicate  well to each other.It  had been a great source of unity and  it can be even now a source of oneness and unity among Muslim.
 Arabic is one of most rich and ancient languages of the world. Arab poetry is  one of richest poetry in the world.It is rhythmic,highly emotional.Its metaphors are deep rooted with its culture.Arab used to say  Non -Arab dummy in comparing them in field of language
We can promote our trade and  culture in a better way if Muslims know how to speak or understand Arabic. .
After European domination over Muslim countries they banned Arabic.In Muslim Russian states like Uzbekistan and Qazakistan no Muslim was allowed to keep Quran written in Arabic.They were allowed to have Quran written in Roman manuscript. Muslim could not  this controversy cause in the beginning they know Arabic so they could understand Arabic even in roman alphabets. After one or two generations they were unable to understand its meaning.They love Quran till now but are unaware of  its teachings.   
In Spain' speaking Arabic and wearing Arabic dress was banned after European victory. Muslim real inhabitants were called Moors mean strangers. In English movies we can recognize a Spanish face by its Arabic  features though in English dress and speaking English. They were snubbed, and shooed and kept backward in each sphere of life. Instead of this contempt British didn't destroy Muslim's books of Science and medicine.They translated them in English and  these books laid foundations of great cultured and learned Britain.