Friday, 28 February 2014

nazm.in charon deshaom mein...

in charon deshaon mein
saree kehkshaon mein
ik sarab behta ha
tera naam rehta ha
neeli neeli hawaon mein
shabnmi ghtaon mein
ik saroor behta ha
tera naam rehta ha
tummah khabar ha nhi
k too hi too ha hr kahin
ma nahi kahin nhi

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Poem:hwaien rukh palat...

Hwaien rukh palat k ayii hein
kuch ghtaein bhi sath layi hein
hr ghta  mein teri sahar ka sa rang
shbnmi fza mein tera gaal ka dhang
gul hein khilna k lyaa bataab
chalki parti ha kohistanii jooa aab
zikr tera sarv o chinaar krta hein
yaad tujha pnchi mera yaar krta hein

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Article:Aymen Zawahiri...

In his youth,Aiman Zawahiri seems a genius surgeon in golden mustaches,clean shaved face and black framed glasses but the photo doesn't tell the whole story.Instead of playing in his childhood,he was of reading. He studied medicine. He liked books of Qutab Shaheed  very much. In 1966, when he was only 14 years old, he started planning to bring a revolution. He worked in Clinic in the day and in the evening struggled with underground freedom movements. He was sent to jail, released and exiled. In 1990,he founded Al-Qaeda.
 Among other ulamaa role of Abdullah Azaam is very prominent in withdrawing Russia from Afghanistan and naming this struggle jihad.Thousands of Doctors,Engineers and retired Army Officers and workers were giving their lives for the establishment of Islamic state in Afghanistan.Aymen was one of them.When he came to fight the battle of end of the time,he brought with him Osama bin Ladin.Osama was a 6feet 3inches high,simple but sincere Muslim. He was very near to royal family of Saudi Arabia.Osama spoke against Shah on giving permission America to use Saudi territory for attacking Muslim countries like Iraq. Shah Fahd got annoyed at this statement.His friends and princes persuaded to apologize Shah but he didn't do so and left his country. I n the beginning,he was against Saudi Govt but in Zwahiri's company,he decided to fight against America,Both motivated the multi-national Army in Afghanistan. Both established a network against America.  

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nazm:teri yaad hi mri zindgi...

teri yaad hi meri zindgi....
tera zikr baes e tabindgi...
k jahan hoo ma ...
wahan tera siwa koi nhi...
mera ham nashin...
mera ham nashin..
ya tera karam ya teri ataa...
ma na socha  kbhi ayaan na hoo...
koi mera mn ki tapish ko...
koi meri aah e sard ko...
na sun saka na jan la k.....
ya hein teri amantein....
pr kia kroo k ya chingarian...
tera hijr mein tera wasl mein.....
kuch es trah sa bharak uthien.....
k nkl k kunj e qalb sa....
kbhi aa k rukh pa chamak uthien....
kbhi ashq bn k tapak gyiii....
kbhi haal tujh pa ayaan huaa
kbhhi ahl e jahan ko khabr huyii

Monday, 24 February 2014

2 shier:tujh ko dekhta to...

waqt ki dhol na dnya hi bdal dali hateri ankhon ma wohi geet sjaoo kasa

Saturday, 22 February 2014

nazm:badlti rut ka...

badlti rut ka khumar sa
ya chandni ka ghubaar sa
tara hr ghari intzar saa
  mjha la chala na phir whin
  jahan ham mila tha ham nashin

ghazal:kis trah jeena..

kis trah jeena es baras tara hijr ka mara
hm tari tamna ma snam dil hara jigr haraa
marna ka qabila k sudma tha pr ya ghum
jis lmha too maarka mein apni sippar haray

Nazm:tari yad k sbb...

ik tare yaad k sbab
es jahan e mun o too k andar
ik aalm e hoo sa rehta hay
ofaq paar shaam dhalay
tari deed ki shabnam utarti hay
shafaq gulnar krti hay
dil e barbad ko ik baar phir
shadaab o abad karti hay
khil uthta hein ykayk gulaab saray
chamk uthtay hein weeran sraab saray

Nazm:For my sis...

in bhoor se kali raton ma
vo chupka chupka kehti ha
ya dnya andha sagar ha
jaha jeevan nadyia behti ha
apna praya sab ka gham ko
hans khail ka hr dam sehti ha
in bhoor se kali raton ma
vo chupka chupka kehti ha

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Article:Why to negotiate with Talibaan

Before invasion of Afghanistan by Russia, no one knew about Taaliban or Al Qaeda. On north west borders of Pakistan, people of FATA were living a peaceful life since 1947.They had affiliated themselves very warmly with Pakistan. They supported Quaid e Azam in freedom movement with full zeal.
 When Russia invaded Afghanistan, America persuaded Pakistan to request Muslim countries to support Afghanistan to defeat Russia. These foreigner fighters fought under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda. Local freedom fighter named themselves Talibaan.They all were fully supported financially by America.Aim was to stop Russia its approaching to Arabian sea and maintain balance of super powers. This strategy was successful. Communism got split into pieces all over the world.Russia faced worst economic crisis. USSR was divided into many states.It had to retreat from Afghanistan in 1978.
 Now game was the same but one main player was changed. America wanted to take control of the area but Talibaan Al-Qaedin were hinderance in its way.Taliban and Al-Qaedin who were heroes became villain. They were attacked and exiled from their own territories. They took refuge in Fata where they had strong relations. America and  its Ally Pakistan Govt didn't cared of citizen and attacked the cities of FATA again and again. Innocent killing of innocent citizens increased the number of Talibaan. Every one whose family was killed in American's attacks was part of Talibaan.
 History tells that  even Britain can never occupy tribes of  FATA and Afghanistan.Now after so long war America  is negotiating with Talibaan for some settlement then why not Pakistan?
 The thing is not that Pakistan should or should not negotiate.Important is that how much sincerity, privacy and dedication is involved in this process. Both parties should struggle hard for peace and cease fire.One point should be kept in mind that there are some groups in Talibaan and other powers too who don't like peace process and negotiation.
 It is condemnable killing of AFC workers by Talibaan but it is also shame ful that many accused persons are murdered in fake police counters without any court's trial and decision. Talibaan claim to enforce Shariat Law but they should know that killing one innocent is killing of whole humanity. They should try to demonstrate real face of Islam. Otherwise they would themselves damage their cause. Govt should also bring  all stake holders on one table before negotiation.It should also take its public in confidence in that important matter. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

nazm: mohabbat ma nakami...

mohabbat ma nakami par
kise b nashaad kami par
jb mn ulajh kar reh jaya
kisi sa kuch na keh paya
to itna tum smjh leina
zmeen k jo kinara ha
innah hm mila nhi skta
kisee rootha huaa dil ko
hm khud mna nhi skta
bs us k izn sa pehla
ik us k hkm sa pehla

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nazm: Aa yousaf e kinaan....

Aa yousaf e Kinaan
tairay liya prashan
maray zamin asman
Aa yousaf e Kinaan
  mn mohni soort tary
  mn bhaoni batein
  tehzib o mrawat ki
  hr aan madaratein
  shokhi bhari chnchl se
  bataab teri ghatein
        ab phir sa vo rut aya
        too badli ki trah chaya
        mjh may yoo mil jaya
        jaisay rait or paani     

Article:Nikkah and changing Environment

 Apparently, it is so common issue that we think there is no need to ponder upon it or  some times parents visualize  Nikkah as a taboo not good to discuss with our children. In schools and Colleges religious part of syllabus is shrinking day by day. So most of our youth doesn't know Nikkah's religious aspects very well. Do you ever think that due to new technologies and changes of time,  this Issue is becoming so much alarming. Young girls and boys have access to  each other in Schools,Colleges and Offices etc. Before 14 February, in newspaper and on Internet Flower day and chocolate day are celebrated deliberately to divert youth's attention to Valentine Day. Hotels have special plans for this day. A research tells that this day has become the 2nd big festival of the world. May be this an exaggeration but this is  a fact that west and commercial world is giving this sin a boost.
 Another nuisance Mobile has created a new world of acquaintance for them. So they decide about themselves blindly. Sometimes their decision are not matured and some time due to less understanding with parents they commit such sins of whom remedy is impossible.
  Mind it, that Islam is the only religion which encourages marriage. It forbids free mixing of two sexes without a proper relation. Quran says:
''when there are two persons (man and woman)alone third is satan.''
 It advises its followers by different means to marry and have real satisfaction. It gives proper reasons in its favor.
Research tells that in these days,boys and girls are entering to such agreements some times face to face and some times on mobiles without witnesses,without any Imam/Qazi and without permission of girl's wali/father and they call it Nikkah.This happens due to ignorance and some time boys try to deceive girls. At the name of nikkah they involve girls in sin. So many other confusions and soosiety crisis create in this process. Muhammad s.a.w said:
  ''There is no marriage except with a guardian'' (Tirmidhi)
If you follow Imam Abu Hanifa, Then wali is not compulsory but 2 witnesses is needed.

If Imam Shafi'i, then wali is needed along with two witnesses. Marriage is void without wali according to Shafi'i
Narrated by Abu Hurayrah
Allah's Messenger (saws) said, "A woman may not give another woman in marriage, nor may she give herself in marriage;For the immoral woman is the one who gives herself in marriage''. 
 Then she could ask other male members of her family from father's side to be her wali. If still they deny with no reason whatsoever, then an imam or qazi or etc can act as her wali.
As the world has become a global village so interaction between people of different rigion and different religion is also common. Sometimes interaction develops in understanding and afterward in decision of marry making. Here our religion has a limitation. A non-muslim have to accept Islam if she or he wants to marry a Muslim or a Mulimah.
Allah (SWT) said: "And do not marry your womenfolk to disbelieving men until they believe. A believing slave is better that a polytheist even though the latter may please you . . ."
and also "Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire" (Al Baqarah)
If any couple has unintentionally missed any one of these condition they should do nikkah again properly and pray to Allah may he forgive them.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

poem: When i saw in your eyes.......

When I saw in your eyes...
then I came to know...
what is paradise ....
When I saw in your eyes...
I learned ...
how to sympathize....
In your eyes, were fountains of love....
and softness in your words....
was cozy like a dove  ...
When I saw in your eyes..
I approached the spiritual skies...
When I saw in your eyes...
then I came to know....
how a moth dares to go towards light...
and how easily dies...  


Friday, 7 February 2014

Ghazl: wqt jo beet...

wqt jo beet gyaa usaa mor k laoo kaisa
waada jo bhool gyia usaa yaad dilaoo kaisa
ab tera saath aadat bhi  nahin mjboori ha
kis trah door rhoo tuj sa hath na aoon kaisa
waqt ki dhool na dnyia hi badal dali ha
teri ankhon ma wohi geet sajaoo kaisa

Nazm:Subha dam...

Subha dam
jab surmyii andhera ho
ofaq k hath sa door abhi sawaira ho
ya jamadat o nibatat o havanat
ya fzaya bseet mein phaili huii kainat
apna wajood kho bethti ha
aur yoo lgta ha
ik tera paikr e hazeen ha
ik  merii rooh e saudayii ha
too mera sath ha
jaisa merii parchayii ha
ak ithlati huyii badli
jisa sath ura layii haa
ik sahil ha teraa deis
ka ak terii purwayii ha
phir sa bhar jata hein terii furqat ka dagh
dil e muztir hua jata ha bagh bagh

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Article:Travel...I was lost.

Snow fall in Muree
There was so beauty that i felt lost my self  in a new world of prevailing beauty every where.I have visited Muree many times in summers as well as in winters as it is not far away from my city  but this time it exposed before me in a complete different angle.
We left for Muree at 9 A.M. My family was accompanying me. Before getting there, we could see snow every where in patches. It was like a beautiful print on  a snow leopard.
As we advanced to Mall road, cold stormy wind was
blowing and soon snow began to fall. It was in form of tiny pellets like white pearls dropping on hairs,collars, branches and mountains. Atmosphere was getting foggier with the passage of every minute. People were rushing towards shops to buy caps, gloves and mufflers etc. Hotels were crowded too as it was holiday and groups of students, friends, couples and families can be seen every where walking,chatting,taking snaps  and throwing snow on each other.  We were also doing same thing. There were many snow men made by people and by hotels management so we made a snow lady. It had Pine branch arms,Pine leaves hair, red lips with red paper and bottle like figure. We had lunch at Usmania Restaurant and then came out for hiking. In the way,we took tea,hot chocolate and ice cream from different places to keep ourselves warm. My niece and my son had a ride on horse. We left for home at 5.30 P.M. As we were coming out of city we were feeling lost, lost in the world of beauty. Slow but Constant snowing had turned the whole atmosphere in sheer crystal. Branches of the trees were looking like arches loaded with snow and leaves had thin layer of snow till their ends. They looked like open palms of a prayerer and snow dropping like love of a beloved. Earth was covered with thick shield of snow.It was slippery and hard to walk but I was ready to slip and die for that moment. There were two colors,white  and black very little.Two street boys were lighting fire with some papers to get warmth. My niece gave them her gloves and some money too. People were excitedly roaming,taking pictures but they were silent captured by the magic of beauty. We stayed there for a while and then left for to fulfill again our worldly desires.

Article: Vision of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal about Kashmir

Allama Iqbal says,
ahl e jahan kehta hein Kashmir ha jannat
jannat kisi kaffir ko mili ha na mila giiii
Allama Iqbal was a kashmiri and had great concern with Kashmir.He wrote many poems about Kashmir.He raised fund, traveled a lot for Kashmir cause and induced his friends to struggle for it.
  In Kashmir 85% population was Muslim at that time so Quaid e Azam believed that Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan. In 1944, he spent two and half months in Kashmir. He had close relation with Kashmiri freedom fighter and leader Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas and trust him very much.He advised Ghulam Abbas to learn Kashmiri language to be near to all Kashmiri people because he belonged to Jammu and did not how to speak Kashmiri language. He was so confident of having Kashmir with Pakistan that he was planning to spend his last days in Srinagar. He was corresponding many people for this purpose and had selected a house boat too.
 In July 1948,India broke through Kashmir borders and occupied big area including Ponch, Mir Pur, Uri-Sector etc. When Quaid e Azam was informed he was at death bed and Pakistan Army was just taking its form. He did not hesitate and ordered Pak Army to advance to Kashmir and pull back India to its territory.Pakistan Army has no comparison with Indian Army in number as well as in weapons but it had conviction of its leader and support of Kashmiri public. So it defeated Indian Army in many encounters and recaptured most of its occupied area.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Article:Kashmir Day

Our government is free of the duty by announcing holiday on 5 February and we celebrate Kashmir day by sleeping more and going to picnics. Is this enough?  Is this duty of political party or public to  mobilize issue of Kashmir?
Our constitution says that Kashmiri people will decide whether they have to affiliate themselves to Pakistan or India .After that relation between Kashmir and Pakistan will be resolved according to the wishes of Kashmir.It is a tough task that demands consistency, sincerity  and courage of government which lacks so much.Instead of this,from Musharraf to Nawaz all leaders are trying to see this issue according to their own benefits. No doubt Kashmir issue is linked not only with so broad boarders with us and most of rivers flowing from Kashmir to us but it is strongly connected with terrorism Issue too. India keeps its pressure on other places like Karachi and Peshawar to turn us away from Kashmir and Afghanistan. We as nation should understand this fact and our Government should also sit with real stake holders
and concentrate on this issue.

Article: Mujib,Bhutto and Imran Khan

After Quaid e Azam two personalities who influenced Pakistan history very much are Bhutto and Mujib. They not only changed Geography but also the history of this area.Both were dynamic personalities.Both were patriotic and well wisher of their fellows.Both had struggle hard to change their present scenario. In their regime,they tried to press  media and their opponents but History is very cruel.It is exposing their deeds  and blunders as well. Here we take a bird's eye view of their political life and then we will will try to judge Imran Khan's struggle who ha gradually making a strong space in Pakistan politics.
 Before partition, Mujib was active member of Muslim League. He actively participated in freedom movement, In 1948, he fought practically with Hindus in Colcatta.He supported Fatima Jinnah in election in1964. When Ayub Khan alleged Fatima Jinnah of rigging he opposed him severely. In 1956,he formed Awami League ,left govt ministry and concentrated on organizing his party. In election 1970,Awami League took majority. President yahya Khan should invite Mujib but he didn't do this because of Bhutto's pressure and started army action on 25th March,1971at midnight.Unfortunately,Army could not differentiate between offensives and public. Not millions as bengali say but thousands were killed and many women were raped. Mujib was arrested but his followers declared of formation of Bangladesh.Soon he was released because Pak-Army was defeated by Army of Indian gorilla and took over his  office as president. In the beginning he did well but soon opportunists circled him tight.He banned all newspapers except those were published under Govt. This Mujib with whom Bengalies had struggled for freedom gradually inclined towards India and made many amendments  to make his country secular. He also tried to make its government self centered.This annoyed public and Army and he was murdered with his familly in a Army cue.
   Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a world class genius.He had depth of  knowledge in History and Politics.He possessed qualities of a best leader.He had ability to dive right down to the crux of matters very quickly.He was sincere to his people and did a lot for them.He was bold to take his nation yo new horizons of peace and progress.He started Atomic processing.He encouraged Afghani student leader Gulbdin Hikmat Yar to stand against communism.He struggled hard to bring Muslim of different nations at one table.He had one weakness .He loved power bitterly and could not even imagine to leave it. His opportunists also told him that he is only savior on the earth. So in 1977 election he tried to win election by rigging.This step became a main cause of his down fall.All parties agitated and public was annoyed.This situation encouraged his favorite Army Chief General Zia ul Haq to enforce Martial law. He also alleged Bhutto to kill a politician and by decision of court trial Bhutto was  hanged in-spite of  many protests and appeals.
Now we see Imran Khan former Cricket star emerging very swiftly on political horizons. He is also very popular. He has dynamic  personality. He can mobilize public opinion.He has great sense to understand his people's sentiments and problems. He has also vision to take his nation to  right path but he lacks good capable and consistent team.
 Every one knows that Flattering is killer of our abilities. Problem is that when we have power, people flatter us ,we can't free from it like a fly in a Web. When we are fully aware of its demerits the time of action has gone. Imran Khan is also at this stage.Although he denies but  near to him tell that he is  plunged into such Politicians who are themselves pieces of Super power's Chess. May Allah bless him a sharp vision,courage,firm faith and such followers who could stand by him through thick and thin and may Allah save him from the the selfish and killer opportunists and he may succeed to take his nation to the destination of being a self-sufficient and progressive country.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ghazal: ak dhoka...

Ak dhoka rha ha khana ko
ak dard baqi abhi mitana ko
teri nigah murham teri batein shbnam
hein hunar yad tujha boht dl lbhana ko
too na ana ha ub aur phir nahi jana
ak waada ha baqi abhi nibhana ko
kbhi rehna bohat paas kbhi chala jana
ya b andaz e mohabat ha mjha stana ko

Monday, 3 February 2014

Ghazal : makhmalin hay marghzar..

makhmalin ha sabzazar  tum nhi ho..
mushkboo ha marghzar
tum nhi ho..
mudt k baad aj sawan khub barsa ha...
dil bi hua ha ashq baar tum nhi ho..
too nhi to hm ko nhi koi shay aziz
jata hein sooya daar k tum nhi ho...
ya saath choota q tera hath choota q..
hm hi hein qasoorvaar tum nhi ho..
vo chahtein murwto madarat ab kaha...
tum sa hein hazar yaar pr tum nahin ho...