Thursday, 20 February 2014

Article:Why to negotiate with Talibaan

Before invasion of Afghanistan by Russia, no one knew about Taaliban or Al Qaeda. On north west borders of Pakistan, people of FATA were living a peaceful life since 1947.They had affiliated themselves very warmly with Pakistan. They supported Quaid e Azam in freedom movement with full zeal.
 When Russia invaded Afghanistan, America persuaded Pakistan to request Muslim countries to support Afghanistan to defeat Russia. These foreigner fighters fought under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda. Local freedom fighter named themselves Talibaan.They all were fully supported financially by America.Aim was to stop Russia its approaching to Arabian sea and maintain balance of super powers. This strategy was successful. Communism got split into pieces all over the world.Russia faced worst economic crisis. USSR was divided into many states.It had to retreat from Afghanistan in 1978.
 Now game was the same but one main player was changed. America wanted to take control of the area but Talibaan Al-Qaedin were hinderance in its way.Taliban and Al-Qaedin who were heroes became villain. They were attacked and exiled from their own territories. They took refuge in Fata where they had strong relations. America and  its Ally Pakistan Govt didn't cared of citizen and attacked the cities of FATA again and again. Innocent killing of innocent citizens increased the number of Talibaan. Every one whose family was killed in American's attacks was part of Talibaan.
 History tells that  even Britain can never occupy tribes of  FATA and Afghanistan.Now after so long war America  is negotiating with Talibaan for some settlement then why not Pakistan?
 The thing is not that Pakistan should or should not negotiate.Important is that how much sincerity, privacy and dedication is involved in this process. Both parties should struggle hard for peace and cease fire.One point should be kept in mind that there are some groups in Talibaan and other powers too who don't like peace process and negotiation.
 It is condemnable killing of AFC workers by Talibaan but it is also shame ful that many accused persons are murdered in fake police counters without any court's trial and decision. Talibaan claim to enforce Shariat Law but they should know that killing one innocent is killing of whole humanity. They should try to demonstrate real face of Islam. Otherwise they would themselves damage their cause. Govt should also bring  all stake holders on one table before negotiation.It should also take its public in confidence in that important matter.