Thursday, 6 February 2014

Article: Vision of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal about Kashmir

Allama Iqbal says,
ahl e jahan kehta hein Kashmir ha jannat
jannat kisi kaffir ko mili ha na mila giiii
Allama Iqbal was a kashmiri and had great concern with Kashmir.He wrote many poems about Kashmir.He raised fund, traveled a lot for Kashmir cause and induced his friends to struggle for it.
  In Kashmir 85% population was Muslim at that time so Quaid e Azam believed that Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan. In 1944, he spent two and half months in Kashmir. He had close relation with Kashmiri freedom fighter and leader Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas and trust him very much.He advised Ghulam Abbas to learn Kashmiri language to be near to all Kashmiri people because he belonged to Jammu and did not how to speak Kashmiri language. He was so confident of having Kashmir with Pakistan that he was planning to spend his last days in Srinagar. He was corresponding many people for this purpose and had selected a house boat too.
 In July 1948,India broke through Kashmir borders and occupied big area including Ponch, Mir Pur, Uri-Sector etc. When Quaid e Azam was informed he was at death bed and Pakistan Army was just taking its form. He did not hesitate and ordered Pak Army to advance to Kashmir and pull back India to its territory.Pakistan Army has no comparison with Indian Army in number as well as in weapons but it had conviction of its leader and support of Kashmiri public. So it defeated Indian Army in many encounters and recaptured most of its occupied area.