Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Article: Mujib,Bhutto and Imran Khan

After Quaid e Azam two personalities who influenced Pakistan history very much are Bhutto and Mujib. They not only changed Geography but also the history of this area.Both were dynamic personalities.Both were patriotic and well wisher of their fellows.Both had struggle hard to change their present scenario. In their regime,they tried to press  media and their opponents but History is very cruel.It is exposing their deeds  and blunders as well. Here we take a bird's eye view of their political life and then we will will try to judge Imran Khan's struggle who ha gradually making a strong space in Pakistan politics.
 Before partition, Mujib was active member of Muslim League. He actively participated in freedom movement, In 1948, he fought practically with Hindus in Colcatta.He supported Fatima Jinnah in election in1964. When Ayub Khan alleged Fatima Jinnah of rigging he opposed him severely. In 1956,he formed Awami League ,left govt ministry and concentrated on organizing his party. In election 1970,Awami League took majority. President yahya Khan should invite Mujib but he didn't do this because of Bhutto's pressure and started army action on 25th March,1971at midnight.Unfortunately,Army could not differentiate between offensives and public. Not millions as bengali say but thousands were killed and many women were raped. Mujib was arrested but his followers declared of formation of Bangladesh.Soon he was released because Pak-Army was defeated by Army of Indian gorilla and took over his  office as president. In the beginning he did well but soon opportunists circled him tight.He banned all newspapers except those were published under Govt. This Mujib with whom Bengalies had struggled for freedom gradually inclined towards India and made many amendments  to make his country secular. He also tried to make its government self centered.This annoyed public and Army and he was murdered with his familly in a Army cue.
   Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a world class genius.He had depth of  knowledge in History and Politics.He possessed qualities of a best leader.He had ability to dive right down to the crux of matters very quickly.He was sincere to his people and did a lot for them.He was bold to take his nation yo new horizons of peace and progress.He started Atomic processing.He encouraged Afghani student leader Gulbdin Hikmat Yar to stand against communism.He struggled hard to bring Muslim of different nations at one table.He had one weakness .He loved power bitterly and could not even imagine to leave it. His opportunists also told him that he is only savior on the earth. So in 1977 election he tried to win election by rigging.This step became a main cause of his down fall.All parties agitated and public was annoyed.This situation encouraged his favorite Army Chief General Zia ul Haq to enforce Martial law. He also alleged Bhutto to kill a politician and by decision of court trial Bhutto was  hanged in-spite of  many protests and appeals.
Now we see Imran Khan former Cricket star emerging very swiftly on political horizons. He is also very popular. He has dynamic  personality. He can mobilize public opinion.He has great sense to understand his people's sentiments and problems. He has also vision to take his nation to  right path but he lacks good capable and consistent team.
 Every one knows that Flattering is killer of our abilities. Problem is that when we have power, people flatter us ,we can't free from it like a fly in a Web. When we are fully aware of its demerits the time of action has gone. Imran Khan is also at this stage.Although he denies but  near to him tell that he is  plunged into such Politicians who are themselves pieces of Super power's Chess. May Allah bless him a sharp vision,courage,firm faith and such followers who could stand by him through thick and thin and may Allah save him from the the selfish and killer opportunists and he may succeed to take his nation to the destination of being a self-sufficient and progressive country.