Thursday, 6 February 2014

Article:Travel...I was lost.

Snow fall in Muree
There was so beauty that i felt lost my self  in a new world of prevailing beauty every where.I have visited Muree many times in summers as well as in winters as it is not far away from my city  but this time it exposed before me in a complete different angle.
We left for Muree at 9 A.M. My family was accompanying me. Before getting there, we could see snow every where in patches. It was like a beautiful print on  a snow leopard.
As we advanced to Mall road, cold stormy wind was
blowing and soon snow began to fall. It was in form of tiny pellets like white pearls dropping on hairs,collars, branches and mountains. Atmosphere was getting foggier with the passage of every minute. People were rushing towards shops to buy caps, gloves and mufflers etc. Hotels were crowded too as it was holiday and groups of students, friends, couples and families can be seen every where walking,chatting,taking snaps  and throwing snow on each other.  We were also doing same thing. There were many snow men made by people and by hotels management so we made a snow lady. It had Pine branch arms,Pine leaves hair, red lips with red paper and bottle like figure. We had lunch at Usmania Restaurant and then came out for hiking. In the way,we took tea,hot chocolate and ice cream from different places to keep ourselves warm. My niece and my son had a ride on horse. We left for home at 5.30 P.M. As we were coming out of city we were feeling lost, lost in the world of beauty. Slow but Constant snowing had turned the whole atmosphere in sheer crystal. Branches of the trees were looking like arches loaded with snow and leaves had thin layer of snow till their ends. They looked like open palms of a prayerer and snow dropping like love of a beloved. Earth was covered with thick shield of snow.It was slippery and hard to walk but I was ready to slip and die for that moment. There were two colors,white  and black very little.Two street boys were lighting fire with some papers to get warmth. My niece gave them her gloves and some money too. People were excitedly roaming,taking pictures but they were silent captured by the magic of beauty. We stayed there for a while and then left for to fulfill again our worldly desires.