Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Article:Kashmir Day

Our government is free of the duty by announcing holiday on 5 February and we celebrate Kashmir day by sleeping more and going to picnics. Is this enough?  Is this duty of political party or public to  mobilize issue of Kashmir?
Our constitution says that Kashmiri people will decide whether they have to affiliate themselves to Pakistan or India .After that relation between Kashmir and Pakistan will be resolved according to the wishes of Kashmir.It is a tough task that demands consistency, sincerity  and courage of government which lacks so much.Instead of this,from Musharraf to Nawaz all leaders are trying to see this issue according to their own benefits. No doubt Kashmir issue is linked not only with so broad boarders with us and most of rivers flowing from Kashmir to us but it is strongly connected with terrorism Issue too. India keeps its pressure on other places like Karachi and Peshawar to turn us away from Kashmir and Afghanistan. We as nation should understand this fact and our Government should also sit with real stake holders
and concentrate on this issue.