Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Article:Aymen Zawahiri...

In his youth,Aiman Zawahiri seems a genius surgeon in golden mustaches,clean shaved face and black framed glasses but the photo doesn't tell the whole story.Instead of playing in his childhood,he was of reading. He studied medicine. He liked books of Qutab Shaheed  very much. In 1966, when he was only 14 years old, he started planning to bring a revolution. He worked in Clinic in the day and in the evening struggled with underground freedom movements. He was sent to jail, released and exiled. In 1990,he founded Al-Qaeda.
 Among other ulamaa role of Abdullah Azaam is very prominent in withdrawing Russia from Afghanistan and naming this struggle jihad.Thousands of Doctors,Engineers and retired Army Officers and workers were giving their lives for the establishment of Islamic state in Afghanistan.Aymen was one of them.When he came to fight the battle of end of the time,he brought with him Osama bin Ladin.Osama was a 6feet 3inches high,simple but sincere Muslim. He was very near to royal family of Saudi Arabia.Osama spoke against Shah on giving permission America to use Saudi territory for attacking Muslim countries like Iraq. Shah Fahd got annoyed at this statement.His friends and princes persuaded to apologize Shah but he didn't do so and left his country. I n the beginning,he was against Saudi Govt but in Zwahiri's company,he decided to fight against America,Both motivated the multi-national Army in Afghanistan. Both established a network against America.