Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Article:Terror Tide in Pakistan

My heart is bleeding at martyrdom of 132 children.I feel myself dumb at this brutality.It is so unbearable loss that has moved every body who has heart and sense in it.
.This incident is unprecedented and  terrible.No word can remedy the loss.I'm unable t stop my tears.How can I say  the victims to  be patient. It is not a national  grief but it is attack on humanity.Children are innocent but an asset just like flowers or water.To attack them is  just like to  try to  damage  purity of divine nature.
What ever happened has  passed but its  effects will be long lasted . Parents can not  forget their  love ones for whole life.Whole nation will cherish their sacrifice. History will write  their name and deeds in golden words. We salute their parents too whom dear ones were martyred. We all should gather and should pay homage to that Principal  who was ordered by Terrorists to  quit but she refused to leave  her students in hands of death.
All of us should review our behavior at this time. It is not a time of raising slogans nor it is time for politicians to exchange jokes.It is time to hug,to weep  or to try to be  determined and patient. Some terrorists are hanged after this incidents but this is not enough.May be this action in so  much hurry will create more complications.This time all leadership should concentrate to control the situation. 
I wish  that all of us should turn a new leaf and start to live in a totally new way.I wish  that we should learn to forgive at least our Muslim brothers for the sake of Allah and Rasool believer.Would that  we  leave to decide of other's Iman or belief.Would that we remember the saying of Allah ''You have just to communicate the massage of right path,you are not responsible to take one to right way''. He again says in beginning of 3rd Para of Quran''No compulsion in Islam ''. 
It is very very tragic moment but it is also defining moment for us as all of us are on a decisive point ''do or die'' to get rid of self pity and self defense. All the sectors are more or less on one page. They really want to throw out the yoke of brutality. 
We have to be consistent. Inshallah! we'll reach the destination of peace and prosperity too. History tells when a nation is united and focused no power can  suppress it.
It is so necessary to use media to train public to face this terror tide. Govt,Army  ,Police  and public all sectors should be equipped on their level to secure our buds,our new generation.