Thursday, 9 October 2014

Poem:Prettiest bird

You are the prettiest bird
that has come from the valley of love and liberty
with a uniqueness and creativity
your songs are are taking us to a sublimation
to a world of determination
in the rain and in the storm
we  stand with you and feel no humiliation
your presence means tranquility and fertility
you are a sign of love,affection and fragility
your struggle is selfless,sincere
and full of humanity
you are old
but younger than youngster
with you fear flee away
and we have no care of any gangster
we know that it is our day
so we all cling
with you and your cause
you are not only king of Khans
but you are also king of hearts
we feel and have firm belief
that only you can bring
real change we need
we are ready to sacrifice any thing
for that dawn of real freedom that is coming near and nearer
and monsters of night are ready to disappear