Saturday, 25 October 2014

Article:Junaid Jamshed

.Junaid Jamshed is an ally of Imran Khan.He admires his cause.He praises his courage,truthfulness and  consistency. He  emphasis on unity of  nation.He requests all politicians to join hands for  truth and for  welfare of nation. He has left pop singing he just recites Naats. He has dedicated  himself for Islam.He is continuously studying and preaching Islam. He  is continuously going abroad for preaching Islam. He is sad seeing his religious leaders quarreling at petty matters. He compares them with ordianary Christians and Jews who are ready to hear, understand and give space to others. He was told i an interview  just 14 people were  killed or martyred in  Saniha Model Town  the day before Tahir Qadri was reaching Pakistan from Canada...he started  weeping  in front of screen and he was  saying  whispering again and again  ..just  14 people  ..a sensitive person  like Omer R.A is  perplexed  in just suspect that  if a dog is kept thirsty or hungry he will be asked on the judgement day  but we are stubborn..or we should say we are lifeless  not sensing  cries of people suffering miseries and we are not able to  read the  orders of destiny written on the wall.