Thursday, 16 October 2014

Article:How reforms will be possible

Individual improvement is essential  but  for big cause nation has to gather and have to  concentrate then change will come.As I have mentioned in an another article  that  we have  Assemblies which have feudal's in majority  they have  their own benefits different from public.So they never  permit  any  bill to pass that clashes with their  benefits. They  unite for their little  welfare like taxes,facilities like A.C in  their  luxury flats etc but they never unite for national cause like  reforms in education,agriculture and  election holding etc.That is why  Ayub Khan ,Bhutto and Zia ul Haq did  land n education reforms but they vanished  /lost their authority with their regime  because they were not  made part of law/constitution.Reason was that  these feudal MNA and MPA had not passed their bills.So it is necessity of time  to bring middle class  capable,brave and  most honest  people in Assemblies by vote power.Only then dream of welfare  state  can be true. Majority of middle class will Inshallah think  and do for the welfare of public and we will be able to  say ourselves free and really democratic people.
  Apart from all propaganda each individual have to decide him self  by studying minutely all  circumstances that who  can  take us out of that slavery of  Super powers as well as of  feudal.They  want civil war   so that they could suck our blood.