Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My stay at Bangla Dash

      My stay at Bang la Dash

  •  In 1971 Bang la Dash was a wing of Pakistan and was called East Pakistan.Many army workers of west wing were posted in East Pakistan.My father was also in army so he was posted there.Soon he managed to take us (my family) with him..
       East Pakistan is called a land of rivers as there is a river after every step.Land is loamy and favorable for producing fruit so jack fruit,litchi,mango,and banana trees were in abundance.and remaining land was covered with lush green spotless grass.
      Poverty prevailed every where.Teen age boys could be seen wandering naked as they had nothing to eat or wear.Men married a lady and after birth of five or six children fled away because they have no sources to support them.These women were compelled to work in homes at very low wages.This economic factor was so big that it became the main issue of their freedom movement.
       Our father took us every Sunday to some picnic point.One Sunday he hired a boat ,practiced with a boatman for a while and then took us to sail.In Bang la Dash land is,t sufficient for people so many people make their homes in boats.There were long ques of boat homes. These boats are more safe than mud huts during flood .When we moved ahead water became more clear .The day was dazzlingly clear and a pleasant breeze was blowing.Waves of water were dancing endlessly.Two kids were chasing us in their noka(a very little boat). They had born on waves so they were expert in rowing.They over took us again and again and laughed at our slow moving boat.We saw lotus flowers and tried to pluck them but their roots were in river bed so no one could be plucked.After half an hour we stayed at an little island ,ate snacks and took tea which our mother had prepared for us.These moments were of full relaxation and contentment.There was complete silence.We can hear the voice of breeze blowing.As evening was prevailing so back journey was started.Soon we came across boatman in his little boat he was worried about us.He tied his boat with ours and rowed back the boat at very high speed.We collected shells of beautiful designs from beach and came home.Father was tired very much so we(children of our neighbors who had accompanied us) massaged him.

        Bang la Dash has separated from Pakistan since 1971.They have worked very hard to develop their country and has left their old brother Pakistan far behind. People of old times still cherish those days when we had no borders