Friday, 14 March 2014

Article:Basant and our Culture

Winter is coming to an end and spring is taking its place.New buds are blossoming and earth has covered with lush green grass.In Asia, Basant is celebrated in this season since centuries. Our Govt has banned it(though it is still celebrated locally)forgetting the fact that it is our tradition and part of our culture.Traditions have deep roots in people's hearts and show themselves in one or another way.As famous socialite Yousaf Sallah ud Din said that when Govt is weak to manage  the problems in a better way it tries to compensate by banning people enjoyments. This is not good.
   From centuries people of Asia come out in spring. They arrange fairs,dance,sing,eat and fly kites. During these days they cheer and shout with joy but no one dares to quarrel or  abuse other. There is unseen public pressure.Like  sportsmen they automatically learn to live in harmony. They respect others right. They share their joy and their possessions with each other. A bliss is every where which can never be bought from Mc Donald  etc.