Thursday, 6 March 2014

Article: Pakistan cricket and Govt

Sunday and Tuesday were the days when all Pakistani were happy. Pakistan Cricket team had won continuously two matches against India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh public fully supported our team against India.It was joyful and encouraging but it proved another thing too that it is the Govt not the  public who is prejudicial about Pakistan.
 Another interesting thing was that  Afridi proved himself fit and still Boom Boom. His performance was going down for months and people were protesting against him. Instead of annoying he worked very hard. After winning award of Man of the match he was not boosting of his capabilities. He was complementing Misbah the Captain who was giving way  senior players and encouraging them. Sikandar Bakht was also appreciating Captain who gave space to his players. He was remembering the days when  Imran khan also used to make the small players big and big the bigger by his stimulation. People were dancing,cheering and sharing sweets. I was thinking at that time that our Govt should have same spirit to settle down its problems. Too much ego,less work and shortage of  sincerity is destroying our institutions,performance and peace process too. Afridi's fair face was tanned due to tough training but light of happiness was blinking it.